I am a non-consensual and extremely unwilling neuro weapons test subject and I reside in the Republic of Ireland. I am wirelessly tethered to a network of computers from an implant combined with nano sensors which are inside both my brain and body. The technologically induced voices of neuro research operatives which are constantly being transmitted into the centre of my head by wireless means have informed me that they wish me to move into a purpose built unit complete ...with under-floor cables so that these cables would allow a supply of electricity to circulate around my head and body at all times in order to better analyse me for the purposes of scientific data analysis. I have a right of residence in my family home until I die so these unknown criminal neuro operatives are unable to have me forceably moved into a more appropriate scientifically suitable environment. These inner voices went on to say that a human being is far more likely to become a targeted individual if you live in an environment surrounded with a multitude of electrical activity on a constant basis.

Wireless enslavement of the human race is imminent if you do not wake up. The would-be enslavers have already wirelessly tethered hundreds of thousands of non-consensual and totally unwilling human beings across the world by means of secretly imbedding them with implanted microchips and programmable nano technology combined with a network of bio-sensors. Wireless signals are then sent to and from this network of computers to the neuro slaves. These wirelessly tethered humans constantly hear commands which are being transmitted inside their heads. They may also receive pain signals in the future if they refuse to obey these commands.

Some senior politicians throughour Ireland and the wider world may possibly be wirelessly tethered to a network of computers similar to myself. This can be the only logical explanation as to why the Irish government is allowing the installation of 5G millimeter wave technology throughout the Republic of Ireland. 5G millimtere wave technology is enabled to carry pain signals to human bodies.

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