EMP Destroyed Implant

 I may have fried my implant. Using an EMP I made with information here: https://www.wikihow.com/Make-an-Electromagnetic-Pulse ; .  It's been a couple days. There are D.E.W's in my place so I am still being targeted. The discomfort is lessened though and I have no targeting outside my neighbourhood. My process was to put on my plastic based toque/beanie and place the coil over top. I then put aluminum foil over that to concentrate the EMP. I believe it fried the implant. The Lord told me to tell you this. I'm not always able to post on here. Try it out. I am in danger already, so be prepared should you do this. You may be in danger for destroying your implant. It's only been two days so still not sure if it worked or the perps are playing games. Worth a try at least.

Be strong. Be love.

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