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Silicea Alternative

 I've been taking silicea 30ch for a year now. In doing some research I found that it is extracted from the horsetail plant. I plan on harvesting some this summer and making it into a tea. For those of you who can't afford the medicine, you can try this. So far I am making progress. The implant is making its way out slowly. It's deep in there so it takes time. Last summer an antenna came to the surface of the skin. This thing looked like fiber optics. It resembles a very big hair root. For all I know it was, the perps seemed upset about that. They made me lose it. To me it looked like a root, the perps seemed to be concerned about it coming out. Maybe fiber optic antenna. I will be taking the rest of the silicea until summer comes and go harvest some horsetail. It seems I would get a more concentrated dose from the tea. That's all for now.

Be Strong. Be Love.

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Implants coming out

I thought I should post an update. On March 25th my implants started coming out. They've been coming out ever since. I have been taking silicea 30ch for about a year and four months, three on Sunday and another three on Wednesday. These things don't look like microchips. They look like hairs and small sticks. I had a couple big pieces come out, these things were big. It's possible to get these implants out. I think they're antennas, some kind of super conductive polymer. Well that's an update. Perps are fighting me hard the past two weeks. It's been brutal. I asked God for strength. This might be my last update. It's possible to remove these implants. 

Be strong. Be Love.

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EMP Destroyed Implant

 I may have fried my implant. Using an EMP I made with information here: ; .  It's been a couple days. There are D.E.W's in my place so I am still being targeted. The discomfort is lessened though and I have no targeting outside my neighbourhood. My process was to put on my plastic based toque/beanie and place the coil over top. I then put aluminum foil over that to concentrate the EMP. I believe it fried the implant. The Lord told me to tell you this. I'm not always able to post on here. Try it out. I am in danger already, so be prepared should you do this. You may be in danger for destroying your implant. It's only been two days so still not sure if it worked or the perps are playing games. Worth a try at least.

Be strong. Be love.

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 Hi, been a while. Still kickin'.

I discovered a new shielding fabric, plastic! I use a mosquito net over my head and have as much polyester on, including gloves, in overlapping layers. A plastic or just regular pup tent woukd work it seems. Plastic blocks the signal, not entirely in some cases but it does help quite a bit.

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1)      Basics

Protection versus EMF can be divided in two different types

  • Absorption
  • Reflection

Absorption means that the incoming Microwaves (MW) are converted into heat. Especially ferrite is good to absorb MW. Examples for ferrite are the heads in your computer harddisk, paint in stealth technology, Video- and audiotapes (the tape itself has a layer of ferrite), magnets, grids in your microwaveoven. On conductors you often see a ring made of ferrite to avoid high frequency sounds. Water absorbs MW aswell. Bottles filled with water should absorb a small part of the radiation. A watersolution with some materials like graphitepowder or copperchips should be more efficient through the scattering of the waves. Some plastics will absorb a part of the MW.

With reflection you switch the direction of the incoming waves. Optimal for reflection are non-magnetic metals like:

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Lead
  • Nickel

You need to know that the perps often shoot from different directions (2 or 3 perps at the same time) and that it is possible, that you reflect the MW back onto yourself.

The metals should be earthed (Don’t play with your power sockets) to discharge some of the energy.  The material should be thick at least 1mm better 2mm otherwise the perps just shoot through them. This especially counts in situations where u don’t move like in your bed.

Anyway even with aluminiumfoil you can have a primitive shield that will have some effect. But be prepared that the perps won’t give up until they found a hole in your protection measures. You can keep those idiots busy for a while with it.  But be prepared that they are eager to make up for it and shoot stronger at you. Move around your shield while they are moving around to keep them busy.

Don’t give up and learn from your failures.

(to be continued)

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#1078 Association Against The Abuse of Psychophysical Weapons / Barrie Trower

This is really good and answers a lot of questions. Thank You Deca.   Peter

    Date: Thursday, February 10, 2011, 11:34 AM

    Association Against The Abuse of Psychophysical Weapons / Barrie Trower

    Stutensee, Germany

    Swetlana Schunin and Waldemar Lotz,

    Tel: 0721 / 504 39 25

    The guy has no cell phone and no computer and his hand-written answers are a bit difficult to pair up with the respective questions.

    Hence, I have paired them all up below for my own benefit, if anyone is interested.

    by Deca:

    1. How can we protect ourselves from microwave radiation?

    Purchase a small microwave detector (audible), never carry a mobile phone, even switched off, never have a walkabout phone - even off, never have any wireless device. Screen your bed and chair with a thin metal (not foil) screen.

    2. Can Bluetooth blockers or mobile phone blockers protect us from electronic torture-radiation, etc.?

    No. The only real solution is to ¨jam¨ the signal but that can cause other complications from reflection and constructive interference.

    3. Have you already tried one out yourself? Maybe there are other microwave blockers that can helpus?

    As above. Personal or domestic (house) shielding is the only solution. Producing microwaves to ¨jam¨ microwaves may be more dangerous.

    4. Which devices could be used to measure the radiation?

    You could use a spectrometer but they can cost thousands of pounds and be very difficult to use. Simple detectors can be used, even hired from specialist people like ¨Powerwatch¨. They either flash little lights or ¨bleep¨ and cost around 100 pounds.

    5. How exactly does this technology function?

    They measure the frequency (number of waves) and amplitude (energy) of the waves. Not pulses or modulations – a spectrometer is needed for that.

    6. Though we all get certain types of hallucinations, nobody knows exactly how we are tormented. Can you describe how the criminals attack us?

    Yes. Microwave irradiation with the correct pulse frequencies can cause visual and audible hallucinations. Add to this, entrainment of the brain and you can induce severe mental illnesses that can fool psychiatrists. Effects can last weeks between irradiation attacks. It is very easy to do. You can be targeted all day and night to achieve the desired effect. If you go to the ¨h. e. s. e.¨ website, you should see a mathematical interpretation of how this occurs plus a flow chart. (h. e. s. e. is a German organization I think). They published some of my work. Please note at this point that I do not use or own a computer – just a fountain pen and bottle of ink.

    7. How do you think we could convince the police that radiation readings are abnormally high in victims´ apartments and houses?

    A legal measurement can only be made by an expert with a calibrated spectrometer over many days, weeks or months. Apart from being expensive – those irradiating you will soon learn of this and turn off their equipment. Hence, you will prove nothing. Hand-held devices are not accepted in court.

    8. Is it possible to make laser or microwave attacks audible or obvious?

    Yes, purchase a hand-held audible microwave detector.

    9. Can you send us pictures of microwave weapons or devices?

    Take a look out of your window! Any microwave mobile phone transmitter – any micro cell (picocell) in shops can be programmed by computer for this – as can any mobile phone you are carrying or using. Or any family member´s phone – even if it is totally off.

    10. How can it be medically proven that the affected person is actually irradiated?

    The best person for this is Professor Magda Havas

    of Toronto University. She has conducted blood tests in her laboratory which show microwave irradiation. I believe they are on her website. I spoke there earlier this year. My talk should be on her website. (Look for the text of my address to King Kgolo Kgfela of South Africa).

    11. Which blood and urine parameters clearly show that the affected person is irradiated?

    As above – Magda Havas website – basically the viscosity changes.

    12. Are there already devices in existence that measure body radiation?

    Yes: EEG – ECG machines – lie detectors – it really depends on which part of the electromagnetic spectrum you wish to detect. All waves from the body can be detected, even the smallest A-B-Delta-Theta brainwaves.

    13. Why are politicians too cowardly to address the issue unless they really get pushed?

    There are people ¨above¨ politicians – (who just really deal with simple domestic matters) – those above politicians make the real decisions. These people are not subjected to a ¨vote¨ every four or five years!

    14. Mr Trower, you speak with scientists and students but why not with doctors and lawyers?

    15. Who can we expect to get help from - the press, the justice system, or just from ordinary citizens?

    I have spoken to three legal firms in the last year: I even produced an 88 page document for one of them. The problem is with the Governments generally, all such cases, like this, where Government and Government scientists are complicit in illegal experiments or experimentation of population – they will stall and delay. Most cases take on average about fifty years to come to court. Hence, most cases fail due to the death of the victim. It is easy for Government lawyers to put the onus of medical proof onto the victim. Most doctors or consultants work for a department of health – which of course is a Government Department! If not, and they work privately, they still have to be registered with the Government. Hence, you will receive very little medical help. I have personally known three hospital consultants be threatened within four hours of talking up such cases. They all gave up and decided to keep their jobs!

    Finally, you asked if I could give a press interview. It is a lot easier for the press to meet me here because I have all my documents to hand.

    The biggest problem of course is proof. Even if you can prove you are being irradiated (which is doubtful), how do you prove who is responsible? Theoretically, it could be from as many as 150 different companies from as many countries. – not necessarily the country you are in. This is why microwaves are such perfect weapons.

    I could probably come to Germany but it would be very expensive. You would do better to pay for an investigative reporter to write an article which exposes this – provided you could publish it of course!

    I have been banned from contacting eight universities – which gives you an idea of Government power. Along with three death threats.

    You may wish to read my address to King Kgfela on Magda´s website. A lot of good work to do with this is referenced on it.


    I trained at the Governments Microwave Warfare establishment in 60's. I worked with the underwater bomb disposal unit, which used microwaves.
    In the 70's I helped de-brief spies trained in microwave warfare.

    My first degree is in Physics (I specialised in microwaves)
    My second degree is a research degree.
    I have a teaching diploma in human physiology.
    I teach advanced physics and mathematics at South Dartmoor College.

    Author of the Tetra Report for the Police Federation. I predicted the illnesses, which the officers now complain of.
    I predicted the illness's the residents now complain of.
    These are illness's that occurred before my report was published and cannot be psychosomatic.

    At a conference in Birmingham I said " This Government, Industry and Government Scientists will be responsible for more deaths (of civilians) in peace time
    than all the terrorist organizations ever." The evidence I have is showing this is correct. I put my money where my mouth is and stand my ground.

    Barrie Trower



    Posted by:

    Gerry Duffett

    3358-A McCowan Rd
    Scarborough Ontario
    Canada M1V 5P5,,
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