Gang stalking and Fair Game

Gang stalking and Fair Game are virtually identical. The psychology behind the perpetrators is also similar. Both view those not under their control as the "enemy", and feel free to do any damage using any dirty tricks they find possible. And both only regard the law insofar as it would prejudice their actions. What is odd is that the authorities acknowledge the existence of Fair Game at the same time they deny the existence of gang stalking. A further oddity are the misinformation campaigns which blame every religious sect and philanthropic group under the sun as responsible for gang stalking - but go light on mentioning Scientology. Both Scientology and the gang stalking recruiters use mind control on their recruits. Scientologists also prioritised financial attacks on their Fair a Game targets and had tons of money to beat of legal actions in the courts with all the money they had leached off their recruits. And many take the view that Scientology was first and foremost a money making business, with religious beliefs a convenient cover and providing a methodology for brainwashing their recruits - just like gang stalking.
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