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                                       FREEDOM FIGHTERS FOR AMERICA
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Activities from July 21st 2016: This is a screen shot documentation of organized stalking in the City of New York and the borough of the Bronx. The notorious Fordham Shopping District. As I was walking along Fordham Road I came across these individuals. 
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Tyrone Dew TI is Homeless He Needs Your Help


Due to the nature of the crimes inflicting him, he has been forced out of his home and into the streets. But that has not discourage him from exposing these Targeted Individual crimes against humanity.

He is in need financial assistance so he can use the money to eat, shower and live some level of existence.

Your financial contributions should be sent to Paypal to the email address:

Thank you for your support and have a nice day.

Video: Where To Invade Next? Targeted Individual Awareness

Video 2: I Need Your Help. Please Help Me.

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Purchase Land For Homeless TIs


I am seeking your financial support to purchase land. The land will consist of 5 to more acres. We will use it as a safe haven for individuals who are being targeted with electronic harassment and organized gang stalking.

Electronic harassment is a form of torture that involves the use of micro-wave weapons. These weapons are experimental and there use is highly classified. However, they have been known to cause cancer and disabled a person inability to live a normal life. We have been in contact with the government about this problem, but it has been difficult to get them to stop.

Organized Gang Stalking are individuals who have been contracted by the United States government to carry out these illegal experiments. Their role is basically to assist and enforce instructions that is given to them, which includes gathering and reporting data to their superiors.

The land will house a garden and a place for the Targeted Individual to congregate without worrying about some of the harassment that we endure on a daily basis. In the later months, we will use the land to encourage economic independency by encouraging entrepreneurship, which is key to rebuilding our lives.

For instance, we plan to sell some of the produce that we grow to the public. And the other idea is raise awareness by making clothes that highlight our position.

If you believe in Human Rights and want to give us a chance to be whole again, will you consider a kind financial contribution today?

Any amount will be welcome ($1, $5, $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000) or more. Thank you for your cooperation and we hope we hear from you soon.

Please click this link to donate:

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August 2015 Journal


8-2 Around 6AM heart palpitation and irregular right arm movement. When I turned to the other side, arm palpitation stopped for a short period, but continued with less frequency. The distant between the viewer area is greater than the area I moved from in the beginning. This clarifies what I already knew the attacks are being made by single individuals carrying the technology. So this theory about satellite attacks is not true in this case. Most of all the attacks are person to person, This does not discount any satellite technology, but it is what is happening to me. I’m familiar with the area and where these criminal groups are working from. I have the name of the business, which I will not disclose at this time, but all info will be submitted to the authorities at a later time in my legal documents.

7/8-2 Throughout the month of July I been confronted with a persistant ear infection affecting my left ear. I can feel were they had embedded this technology (which can be done remotely), in the back of my ear. The technology affects the ability to hear and is down nearly 80 percent. I have tried health aids, but that has not help. Surgery will not be possible as it might allow this criminal organization to put more remote technology in my ear. This is just the ways it is at the moment. When you have this much infiltration, you have to live without heart, bad teeth, potential bad health and crime against humanity.

8-2 In the evening I heard someone in the area. Within 15 minutes of hearing them, the attacks increased. They were focused mainly to the face and head. It felt like electricity all over the body.

8-3  At around 5:30A energy was again turned up. In this situation, it felt like my body was vibrating.

8-3 Around 7:30P after experiencing computer problems initiated by the perpetrators, I accidentally formated my external hard drive. The purpose of formating was to make my SD memory readable. Because of this, I had to load a program that will assist in the recovery of these files. A recovery like this takes about 20 hours. This is just another example of being a Targeted Individual.

8-4 Throughout the night, the targeting was directed at my stomach and than my right foot and toes.

8- 6 Dollar Tree Store 336 N Eastern Blvd, Unit 1, Fayetteville, NC 28301
(910) 484-1388. Manager: Carlos. When I entered the store, it looked like it was recently stocked. I purchased Candy: Mary Jane, Graffiti Taffy and GoLightly Sugar Free Hard Candy Tropical Fruit. The GoLightly was sticky and wet, which meant that it had been sprayed before being rewrapped. This is typical with hard candy as their machines can’t embed this tech into hard candy unlike the other varieties. Also purchased Chewy Oat & Honey and Chewy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip – both made by Select Choice. TJ Farms Select Onin Rings/Broccoli Cuts, Pagasa Macaroni Elbow and Natural Select Snacks.

Food Lion #0367 342 Northeastern Blvd Ste 2 Fayetteville, NC 28301. Manager on duty Ernest. Several employees and non-employees stocking store. Several “customers” positioning themselves in my perimeter as I shopped. Purchased: Food Lion Brand IQF Chicken Wings, Eastern Peaches, Garlic and 5 pound bag of Red Grapefruit.

8-7 Upon consuming these products, noticeable contamination with GoLightly Hard Candy from Dollar Tree and Grapefruit from Food Lion. Attacks to the stomach, Feet increased.

8-7/8 Throughout the night attacks to the head, feet and stomach were felt. Also experienced a rapid heartbeat, which has been the norm for several weeks now.

8-8/9 Left ear crackling; the infection is still present.

8-10 Food Lion #1612 2071 Skibo Rd Fayetteville, NC Tele. No. 910-867-2454. Manager: Bill Vanwinkle. As I was shopping, I did not see the typical stocking that I see in these business, however, I did noticed some contamination with some of the products, which will be explain later. There was typical “customers” that were perp. One particular “customer” was seen near my bags as I was shopping. I seen this individual again as I was checking out. I had to move my bags several times. Anyway, I purchased Jumbo Turkey Franks from Jennie – O, frozen Corn, Peas, Green Beans from Birds Eye,  Frozen Black Eye Beans from PictSweet, Ball Park Beef Franks and Golden Hot Dog Buns, Kraft Original Barbecue Sauce, Oreo Cookies and My Essentials Enriched Long Grain White Rice. Items misplaced or stolen were Pork Country STY Ribs, Pork Neckbones, Turkey Drumbsticks and Food Lion Brand Cheddar Cheese.

8-10 Fresh Market 230 Glensford Dr, Fayetteville, NC 28314. Phone No.: 910 -867- 2588. Manager:  Due to lost receipt, I’m not aware, but it could be found in my credit card records. Memory tells me that I purchased bananas, yellow and regular peaches and Snikiddy eat your vegetables Tasty Veggie Chips with Sea Salt. As I was shopping I noticed several perpetrators positioning themselves in my perimeter. The purpose of these individuals coming into my space is to Transmit Directed Energy to my transplanted body. They all carry devices. Also noted is a specific store employee was right directly behind me. He was seen several times.

8-10 Because I was carrying a lot of bags, I could not keep up with everything. Items misplaced or stolen were Pork Country STY Ribs, Pork Neckbones, Turkey Drumbsticks and Food Lion Brand Cheddar Cheese. Between being forced to move to the front and getting off the bus is when these items disappeared, Before getting off the bus, one of the perpetrators rang the bell and rushed to the front of the bus as I got off. He could have used the back door. This is where these items were lost or taken. I was carrying a backpack, other groceries from Fresh Market and Food Lion and a box of new shoes. This made it 6 bags. The area of this bus stop consist of a manufacture business, and car and municipal depot. There is no residence or retail in this area. And the direction this individual was walking was towards downtown. I know this area enough to know that a person can walk to downtown using the street into the railroad tracks into down. The only reason this individual got off the bus is so he can hit me with Directed Energy as I was getting off the bus. And earlier during the targeting, at least one person gets off the bus when it was my stop. I don’t care where I got off. It is how their devices are configured.

8-10 I did not consume any of the products. In the past consuming the products lead to intensive targeting as the implanted technology is “new”. Also because the targeting I received on the bus leads to a more intensive form of targeting later. This is why I don’t eat the day I’m going to be in a close perimeter to people. All the food and rain water has some tech in it. The food and liquids brought from businesses is worse as it is more controlled.

8-11 Upon consuming the yellow peaches from Fresh Market, I was inflicted with diarrhea. I could literally feel the peach being pushed down to my abdomen. So it was heavy sprayed with chemical tech before it was put on the shelf. I did not have any problems like this with the other products from this business.

8-11/12 The Oreo Cookies and to some degree the Kraft Barbeque sauce had tech in it. Upon waking up from a nap, I was inflicted with a rapid heartbeat. Also, throughout the night into the morning I had symptoms that I didn’t had on the night of the 10th. These symptoms includes attacks to the mid-section, feet, legs and head.

8-13 Consumed Food Lion Brand White rice with Black Eye Peas and attacks to the head and stomach became more evident. Later in the night I can feel directed energy and face. And early in the morning I woke up to DE focused on my fingers. It was around 4:30A.

8-13 Persistent ear infection due to the targeting. The targeting consist of perpetrators remotely placing technology behind the ears and using DE to swell the ear canal. So now there is an extra layer of skin blocking the canal. The result: 80 percent hearing lost.

8-13/14 Throughout the day into the next day I was attempting to retrieve files that was accidentally formatted and the machine battery went out. This isn’t the first time a battery went out. Several months now even if the indicator will tell me that a battery is charging, it is not. The criminals manipulate the battery computer. Meanwhile, the main battery that is feed by solar panel dropped it charge rate and could no longer keep the computer on, Had the computer battery not been manipulated, it would have been able to kept the computer until the main battery was able to pick up a charge again. It was around 3A when the computer shut down. It takes 32 hours to retrieve deleted files from a 2 TB external hard drive. This does not include restoring files to the second drive, which is needed to retrieve files from the first drive.

8-14/15 Attacks to the left ear became evident after using hydrogen peroxide. It was particularly noticeable after waking up at 11:45 PM in the evening. The attacks continued to the next day, which included pulsing of my ear. The hydrogen peroxide was purchased at a Roses on 342 N Eastern Blvd #7, Fayetteville, NC 28301. The re-conditioned of products also includes cosmetics.

8-15/16  Did not consume anything the entire day, not even rain water. Device placed in location. Constant attacks to the mid-section. Attacks to other parts of the body minimum, which was restricted to legs.

8-16 After consuming the white rice I purchased from Food Lion, attacks to the stomach was immediate. Then felt tech behind my left ear, which reduce my hearing by 80 percent. I could feel the tech in my mouth as crystals. Later attacks to my head and face became more prevalent.

8-16/17 Numerous individuals walking in areas that I normally don’t see anyone. 100 percent are African American males. Increase traffic in areas not common at this time of day. It was around 9p when I started walking and now it is about 12:33 A. Lastly, as I was walking someone was spot almost directly behind me. This was around 12:15 A. This is very, very uncommon as this area is very rural. However, due to the nature of the stalking prevalence, it is common. I seen him again, but this time he was programing the towers in the area.

Also heard the sound of sensors being placed throughout the area. I talked about these sensors before as they make a peculiar sound that resembles a cricket, but it is very mechanical. Plus the sound is constant, it does not change in tone. There is a squeaking sound when they are first being placed.

8-16/17 Computer hacking. System would not connect to wifi. Had to roll it back, which the results were favorable.

8-17 Manage to find an area to sleep. Attacks to the feet was noticeable. The attacks to the feet subsided after sleeping on my stomach. I was laying on my back when this happen. Around 4A noticed noise in the area. Attacks to my stomach became more noticeable. When I positioned my stomach to the wall of the highway, attacks stops. I did feel attacks to my midsection, but it was minimum.

8-17 Big Lots Store #5310 Northgate Crossing 3915 Ramsey Street Fayetteville, NC 28311-7673 Telephone No: 910-488-6901. It was around 9:30a when I entered this store. Almost immediately I felt a pulsing signal directed at my head. At no time before did I feel such a signal. I also recognized The Manage (given name) Christy. I had seen her several times before. Usually, if I have shopped at a store in the past, the same people can be seen. Anyway, I purchased Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent (which I saw someone stocking the shelf). I had verbalized purchasing Detergent to myself earlier. Other item include Oatmeal Raisin Granola, Good Seasame Bran Stick, Gimbal Sour Jelly Beans, Marilan Lime Tartlets, Waymouth Honey Raisin Soynut, Donna Chiara Spaghetti, DI Nicola Penne Rigate, Chick O Stick, Tough Organic Green Tea with Mint, BC Alferdo 4 Serving Pasta, FF Soul Seasoning 8 oz., Garlic Seasoning 8oz., French Fry Seasoning, Fresh Finds Raspberry FR, and Dry Roasted Peanut Jar.

8-17 As I was walking towards Ollies, one of the employees of this establishment was text messaging on their cell phone. He was outside the store. Then when I proceeded towards the store entrance, he decided to walk into the store. I was directly behind him. When I diverted away from the store, he looked puzzled. He had GPS my location for directed energy attacks in the store.

8-17 After logging in the previous post, I went into Ollies on Ramsey Street (910) 822-3116 and purchased 4 items. These items were 4oz Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle, Nestle Crunch Thin Mints, Hot Tamales and Tide Laundry Detergent. When I went outside the store, I see the same employee. He was text messaging on his cell phone. He was wearing a name tag “DON”. It stated he was a supervisor manager. The sells person told me his name was Dawn. Anyway, if a supervisor manger would go to this extent to GPS your location, than it obvious the employees of the store will do the same thing. This also includes the restocking of re-conditioning food and liquid products for the illegal human experimentation that so many Targeting Individuals are familiar with.

8-17 Aldi store #72 3447 Ramsey Street, Fayetteville, NC 28311. Manager on duty was Jeff (I was told by a cashier, Kenneth, that he was told to not mentioned his name). This only tells me the intensitive of the infiltration that is happening in this business. As I was shopping I notice a young man that I have seen before placing “new” items on the shelf. Then later I seen him at as a cashier as I was checking out. This is typical to see employees ending their stocking duties after they see me on the line checking out. Purchased Breakfast Best Homestyle Wafflles, Fit&Active Whole Grain Waffles, Navel Oranges, Black Grapes, IQF Leg Quarters, Lentils, Honey Bear, Frozen Peas, Brown Rice, Happy Farms Deli Swiss Slice Cheese, Happy Farms Deli Mild Cheddar Slice Cheese, Onions, Bagged Broccoli, Vine Tomatoes, Frozen Corn, Parkview Smoked Sausage, Honey Trees Honey Flavored Syrup and Cauliflower.

8-17 When I got back to my location, I noticed the area has been saturated with smart dust technologies and other technologies used to aide these illegal experiments. This prompted me to pay special attention to cleaning the area. However, it only minimize the attacks to the body, which was the upper right arm joint and before sun down and 11:15P the face and head.

8-17/18 Most of the attacks were noise heard from the multiple sensors that was placed in the area. The sensors and smart dust particles allows the criminal organization to target me at a distance and with less people. It also gives them the benefit of being in a single location. But these Sensors and smart dust particles are second level attack mechanisms as the Pulsing devices are the primary modes used for attacking a subject (targeted individual).

8-18 As I consumed one of the purchases I made at Biglots, I could taste the tech in the produc. Then I immediately noticed my left ear clouding up. My left ear clouding up resulted in hearing lost. The product was Marilan Tortinhas Lime Tartlet. Also attacks to my righ arm became apparent. And then attacks o my left foot was noticeable in the form of signaling.

The technologies can be tasted in the food in the form of cystals and these crystals have a moveable sensation in the mouth. Also tasted technologies in the oranges that I purchased from Aldis. Now attacks to the right foot is apparent.

The criminals (referred as perpetrators) setup pulsing devices in the area. They are able to work off the signals that these pulsing devices produce. Then they can manipulate the technologies that is consumed in the body. This is via cell phones, which over 90 percent people have and have been setup with an organized GPS (Global Position Satellite) menu system. The GPS menu system represents points of targeting and anyone with a cellular phone can participate in the attacks on a targeted individual.

But these crimes would not be possible without the cooperation of businesses that restock reconditioned Food and Liquid products. Chem-trails, which have not happened in a while (on a large scale) is just an addition to the targeting, it is not the primary mode used.

After consuming the Good Sense Honey Roasted Soynuts, attacks to the right food big toe occurred.

8-18 The Bear Creek Country Kitchens Alfredo Pasta Mix that I purchased from Biglots was heavily contaminated with nano dust (smart dust – nano crystaline) technologies. It was mixed in with the chicken and broccoli meal. When I first ate it, the technologies in the food was not obvious, but after consuming for some 5 minutes, it became obvious. I’m aware of the perpetrators placing technologies in the area and how it can end up in my food. However, I’m also aware on how they can activate this technologies right after you start eating the food. This is why there is no one else complaining about it. For the perpetrator of these crimes, it is a perfect scheme for manipulating the detection system for identifying infected food.

8-18 Breakfast Best and Fit&Active Waffles that I purchased from Aldis was heavily contaminated with nano dust (smart dust – nano crystaline) technologies. The Honey Flavored Syrup was ok.

8-18/19 The night was very unusual. Unlike previous nights, the attacks were coming individuals from handheld pulsing devices. This is the method used when it is raining as the sensoring technology is less effective.  Attacks were minimum to the heart as it was elevated several times. Late in the morning, pulsing of my right foot was noticeable, but that quickly vanished when I moved around. Also, the sensoring technology could be heard generally in the area around the warehouse, which is the primary location where the criminal organization resides at.

8-19 Computer would not power on until it was plugged in. The battery indicator showed that the battery was almost dead. There is a separated computer that controls what the battery shows and regulates how the battery charges. This has all been manipulated using frequencies.

8-19 Second computer inoperable after attempting to update the bios. I had done this process many times before without problem. So until then, I will be minimizing my computer time until 2nd (or even 3rd machine) is purchased to minimize operation time. Until then, I wish you peace love and happiness, because the whole world needs a lot of it.

8-19 Difficulty on getting o yahoo and facebook. The INTERNET connection takes longer than usual.

8-19 Contamination in the grapes I purchased from Alds and the red hot tamales I purchased from Ollies.

8-20 When I woke up around 1:15a I felt extremely dehydrated. Other attacks included  slight rapid heartbeat.

8-20 Was woken around 7a. Strong rapid heartbeat. Felt directed energy directed at the head and feet. When I got up, attacks to these areas subsided.

8-20 Jelly beans purchased from Biglots! contaminated. This makes more than 90 percent of the products contaminated.

8-21 Woke up to loud sensors.

8-21 Raspberry cookies that I purchased from Biglots was heavily contaminated. It taste like a lot of crystallize nano tech in product.

8-21 In the late Afternoon, felt attacks to the middle-side of my head. It felt like a signal accessing technology attach to a specific part of my head.

8-21/22 Throughout the night into the early morning, I felt my entire right leg under attack. Then I felt energy directed at my head similar to earlier. When I woke up two hours later, it felt like my chest had a device attach to it. I had this tired feeling as if I hadn’t slept for days and urination increased during this period. When I went back to sleep again and woke up around 6a, attacks to the right side of my torso was very noticeable. It felt like a device was attach to this part of body.

8-22 As I pour the dry Macaroni in the a powdery substance filled the air. So as usual I took some rain water and clean the Macaroni several times, then I put the fire on. The next process is to get it hot enough so it would boil and than I clean it again to dissolve any left over reside from the last rinse. The ending result is a safer to eat over-cooked meal with less nano dust contamination. But lessening the affects of nano tech influence requires letting the food sitting over night. The dry Macaroni was purchased at a Dollar Tree store on Eastern Blvd in Fayetteville, NC.

Skipping a day of eating and drinking allows the body to recover from build up of nano tech (other technologies) influences. So at the end, the targeting is minimized.

8-23 Early in the morning I can feel nano tech particles in my mouth. This specifically happened when my side was turned in the opposite direction. When I reverse back to side I was sleeping, the sensations disappeared. The way to understand this is that the particles are placed in the targeted area. Because there is already technology in the targeted body that can be manipulated, perpetrators can then introduce technology to the target without putting it in their food or water.

8-23 As I stated earlier the Macaroni that I purchased from Dollar Tree had nano crystalline in it, but particularly the swiss cheese that I purchased from Alds had it too. The Swiss did not have the white lining in it, but the Cheddar (which was also part of the meal) did. It is very simple “mistakes” like this one that tells me that products are being tampered with. Whether it is for the purpose of illegal human experimentations or not, it is still against the law. But it is also against the law for the government to be involve in this criminal activity as well as ignoring the fact that both malicious food/liquid/water contamination is happening when it is brought to there attention.

8-24/25 Implant found blocking my left ear passage reducing my hearing to about 20 percent. In the night I felt implants in my upper arm joints. It felt like muscle moving against bone. But my arm was not moving. Sharp needle like pain directed at my elbows. In the morning, attacks to the legs and to some degree my head.

8-25 When I place a q-tip in my left ear, I came across a blockage. As I was investigating this blockage, the I hit what appeared to be a metal or plastic part. As I kept moving the q-tip across my inner ear, I can see it was attached my inner ear, which is covering the entire section that would allow hearing. The part refuse to lift up and it was not abrasive, it was hard and smooth.

It has been several weeks and about two months since this implant has been in my ear. When ever my ear is about to open up, I will feel and hear a pulsing sound in my ear. Water gets trapped in my ear, which complicates my hearing.

Later I put some garlic in my ear. I left it there for several hours. Then I applied Hydrogen Peroxide in my ear several times until the garlic was dissolved from my ear. After the garlic was dissolved from my ear something shocking happened. I heard a mechanical sound in left ear.

I never had this problem with implants in my ear (that I’m aware of). I have not had any surgery or my last visit to the doctor was over 10 years ago.So I assume the implants were placed in my food and than attached to my left ear.

8-25/26 Attacks of my ear throughout the night into the morning. The attacks was in the form of pulsing my left ear and the symptom was popping. Minimum attacks to my stomach, legs, head, elbows, arms and feet.

8-26 Constant attacks to my right and left foot. It feels like energy going through my feet.

8-27 Attacks to my feet after waking up around 1a. It felt like electrical current going through my feet. Other attacks were to the legs in the form of bee stings, which is a symptom after the attacks are applied.

8-27 – Attacks to my left foot and bee stings to my left leg after eating brown rice, split peas and sausage. I purchased the split peas and sausage from Aldis, but it was the rice, which I purchased from Biglots that consist of the larger amount of contaminants. The rice needed to be rise down with a larger amount of rain water. However, due to the lack of rain in the area, the rain water used to clean the rice was very limited.

8-27/28 Throughout the night into the morning I experienced a rapid heartbeat. The first rapid heartbeat was strong, but the second was mild in comparison. However, when I was woken the first time, the symptom was limited to my feet. The second time, the symptoms included energy directed to the side of my body I was laying on. Only a nearby pulsing device can produce this kind of sensation. I also felt tired, or like I haven’t slept for days. These symptoms quickly vanish when I get up and start moving around. Moreover, I was given a false dream, which occur every time I go to sleep. But this one had racial connotations in it.

8-28 Did not eat or consumed rain water entire day. Minimum attacks to the feet, legs and arms.

8-28/29 Attacks restricted to the right foot, but nothing like the previous night.

8-29 Hacking and interfering with the time and date mechanism on my computer, which interferes with logging onto Facebook and Yahoo email accounts. The hacking is associated with the targeting or reduced directed energy targeting to the body. When I don’t eat (FAST), the targeting drops significantly.

8-29/8-30 Attacks to the (upper regions of my ) left foot throughout the night into the morning of 2:30A. After banging my feet together for an hour, attacks to my left foot subsided. Attacks to the stomach could then be felt. As I was going back to sleep, attacks to the right foot became evident, but was not as directed as the left foot. Also felt attacks to the head later in the morning.

8-30 I’m upgrading to the Government Sponsored Stalking email service from the Yahoo email service. The purpose is to be able to manage email better, create a list serv for important TI announcements and filter spam much more accurately.

8-30 Constant attacks to the upper regions of my left foot throughout the day.

8-30/31 When I was woken I felt a slight elevation in heartbeat. I ate some kidney beans earlier. I did not have this symptom the previous nights.

8-31 Rain. Used this opportunity to clean the heavily contaminated brown rice I purchased from Big Lots! I also filled all my water bottles. I heard Donald Duck sound in the background. I usually hear this sound when it rains. This is the perpetrator devices that have been modified to put out this sound, instead of the popping sound that I use to hear.

8-31/9-1 Attacks to the right foot throughout the day into the night and the next day. Attacks to this area of my body involves continuous pulsing of the right regions of my right foot. When I hit my feet together, it interrupts the attacks temporary. When I get up, sometimes the attacks stop almost entire. However, when I go asleep and wake up, they return.

Summarize: This concludes the Journal for August 2015. During this month, the attacks were mainly directed at my left ear, which resulted to hearing lost. Until this time, although the attacks have subsided in this area of my body, hearing in my left ear is difficult. Also, due to the lack of rain in the area, I was forced to reside in the same area for an extended period of time. Staying in the same location presents it own unique problems, but having no clean water is just unacceptable. Leaving an area without a significant amount of water would mean that I would be subjected to drinking Tap water or buying bottle water. In the past I have tried drinking both of these options and they were both heavily contaminated. Systems are setup throughout the area to push chemicals and tech in the tap water. And bottle water, which are recently stocked on store shelves, have been reconditioned with the same substances. Although the rain water has tech in it, it is not as controlled. However, during heighten targeting, even the consumption of rain water is reduced. The reduction of rain water always means the reduction of food, because the rain water has help me recover from the consumption of contaminated food. Towards the end of the attacks to the feet have became more evident.

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Your Brain on Gang Stalking Conspiracy Theories

For this post, and maybe several more to follow, I'd like to take the time to talk about a little known subculture in the internet conspiracy theory world known as Targeted Individuals, or TI's for short.

 First, allow me to get you all up to date on the jargon used by them so that there isn't any misunderstanding later on. A Targeted Individual is a person who believes, for whatever reasons, that they are being targeted by a group of people who conspire to make their lives a living hell. They call these people Gang Stalkers or Organized Stalkers.

TI's usually believe that the gang stalkers are apart of an even bigger conspiracy involving the Illuminati, New World Order, CIA, NSA, Homeland Security, and so on. Some even believe that these stalkers are supernatural, and work for Satan personally.

A lot of them believe that the gang stalkers have access to exotic military grade weaponry capable of beaming voices into their heads, known as V2K (voice to skull ), or are "zapping" them with EMF, which stands for Electro Magnetic Frequency.

A few of them even suggest the use of aluminum foil on their heads as shielding from these weapons, even though an MIT study has proven that their protective head gear might in fact amplify some frequencies.

Some even go further than that, and deck the entire house with various metals and aluminum foil to protect themselves from electronic attack, like this individual known on youtube as Vulcan Wolverine.


Some targeted individuals even claim that a person wearing a certain color, or driving a certain color vehicle are paid by the powers that be to stalk them. Certain gestures like scratching your nose, coughing/sneezing, or yawning are believed to be tools of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).


video_object.png (scroll down to the all caps GANG STALKING = ORGANIZED MURDER part for more examples of alleged gang stalker tactics)

Targeted Individuals rarely, if ever, believe only in just this single conspiracy theory. A belief in a global conspiracy to rule the world is almost always a prerequisite to being a targeted individual. Experts have weighed in on how these communities reinforce each other's paranoid delusions.

Quote from the article: “The views of these belief systems are like a shark that has to be constantly fed,” Dr. Hoffman said. “If you don’t feed the delusion, sooner or later it will die out or diminish on its own accord. The key thing is that it needs to be repetitively reinforced.” And that is exactly what this conspiracy theory subculture does. They even go so far as to actively discourage others from seeking psychiatric help, because they believe that the psychiatric industry is in on the conspiracy.

At the 15:00 minute mark in this video He talks about how he is refusing to take the medication prescribed to him.





These screen shots come from the "Targeted Individuals International" group on Facebook, the very same group Myron May was a member of...

They refuse to acknowledge the most likely possibility is that there is a mental issue of some sort, and if they do actually acknowledge any issues, they only do so by claiming it was caused by the gang stalkers.


Trying to reason with targeted individuals can be extremely frustrating. They will claim that you are a gang stalker too if you call any of their claims into question, express doubt, or ask to see tangible proofs of the stalking taking place.


This can have a negative effect on the TI's relationships with family and friends. Because they believe that everyone is against them somehow, the ones who genuinely are concerned and want to help them as much as possible will be considered enemies.

 Trying to reason with them can often be counter-productive, and might lead to the TI burying themselves even further into paranoia, and might make them refuse to communicate with you further, making any attempt to help them nigh impossible unless you can prove they are a danger to themselves or others.

(testimonial from a person whose wife believes in gang stalking)

(a targeted individual talking about how his immediate family members were his gang stalkers under the employ of the local police)

Conspiracy theorists in general typically react to anyone doubting the theories in a similar way, accusing them of being paid agents/provocateurs and so on. The difference is, the conspiracy theorist is protecting their ideological beliefs, the targeted individual is protecting their paranoid delusional perceptions of reality.

Sometimes it is a lot easier to convince yourself that you are the target of a vast conspiracy, than it is to simply admit you might be wrong.

So how does a TI deal with their persecution delusions? Some handle it by going on the internet and joining the various online communities that focus on "supporting" targeted individuals. Some write blogs, some make videos, some make comic strips, some write e-books, and some make websites. There are also some who handle it in a completely unproductive manner that usually lands them in a bad situation, e.g. being committed to a mental institution.

Take this video for example.


He goes out into his front yard and begins shouting about how his neighbors are attacking him with stolen military equipment. The gentleman in question previous to making this video had a gun pulled on him by his neighbor for pulling similar stunts, and to be honest, I can't blame the neighbor for doing that.

I can't recall the exact videos, but this guy claimed before that he had been committed to a mental institution at least twice in the past. Some of these people can and WILL get violent, which I will show examples of later in this post.

Before I get into the meat of this post, I just want to make one thing clear. Gang stalking DOES exist, but not in the type of way these people are talking about. In the past, the KGB and the Stasi used similar tactics on their political opponents. COINTELPRO was also very similar. There is also work-place mobbing, members of street gangs who will harass, stalk, and kill former members, and generally spite filled people who don't like you and want to pick on you for some percieved slight against them.

 For instance, Christian Weston Chandler, an internet personality known for being a whacky autistic man with a heart of gold, was the target of a conspiracy organized by trolls to ruin his life.  (go do your research on him, this cwcki is an authority on all things Chrischan.

These are genuine instances where gang stalking has occured, and there is a plethora of evidence to back it up when it does happen. Except, the majority of the people making gang stalking claims now rarely, if ever, have proof that this is indeed happening to them. Somehow, through impressive mental gymnastics, the lack of evidence proves that powerful forces are seeing to it that evidence never sees the light of day.

If evidence surfaces that proves their claims wrong, they see this as further evidence that powerful forces are fabricating plausible, but still false, data. After all, these powerful forces control the media, government, and so on; obviously the truth will never see the light of day, right? "They" will invent and plant new evidence to make their accusers look discredited, or ridiculous, as if the TI's aren't doing that well enough on their own (e.g., the guy above shouting about his neighbors "zapping" him with electronic weaponry, or stuffing his shirts full of aluminum polyester)

With that said, meet Myron May. Myron May claimed he was a targeted individual. He belonged to a Facebook group named "Targeted Individuals International". He recently asked the group a question that SHOULD HAVE set off red flags for everyone in that group. He asked, "...has anyone here ever encouraged by your handler to kill with a promise of freedom?".


Apparently, not one person in that group thought that question was an odd one to ask. Soon after this he sent out various packages to people, and then after conducting his preparations, Myron May went to Florida State University with the intent to kill. He wounded three, and was killed by the police. One of the people he sent a package to was Renee Pittman Mitchell. She also considers herself to be a Targeted Individual. Hours before he opened fire at the Florida State University library,Myron May left a desperate voicemail for her with this plea: "I do not want to die in vain." She said that after their initial conversations, she became wary of Myron May, concerned that he might be what she called an "impostor." Instead of getting Myron May the appropriate help he needed, she instead let her paranoid delusion that he might be an "impostor" get the better of her judgement. Perhaps she could've prevented this somehow if she didn't assume that he was an impostor, rather than a person crying out for help. Included in the package she and nine others received, was a letter.

In this letter, he implied that he intended to die, and become a martyr for targeted individuals when he said, "Lastly, please whisper a prayer for my soul. I am still a believer and honestly feel there is no hope for me. Consequently, I am making a sacrifice so that others in my same position might have a chance at a normal, harassment-free life. I realize that my methods are not the best selection and probably will not be perceived as the selection of a Christ follower. But I have prayed incessantly for months to no avail. There are targeted individuals that have endured this torture for decades without any relief. And what targeted individuals need more than anything is media attention."

I can not imagine why none of the recipients of this letter didn't do or say anything to anyone about it. Whether the recipients, like Renee Pittman Mitchell, believed him to be an "impostor" or not, it should've been taken to the authorities. Renee Pittman Mitchell also hosts the public Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance conference calls on, and they had at least one show discussing Myron May and making excuses for what he did. I recommend listening to it if you have about 4-5 hours to kill.

The members of that group have now erected an "RIP Myron May" page, full of martyr worship by the targeted individual community. A large portion of them believe this event was an 'inside job', perpetrated by the very same people who are targeting them. They aren't alone in this belief, because now there is cross-pollination between the TI community and conspiracy theorist communities as a whole. If you type "Myron May" into the YouTube search bar, you will find that the majority of the videos in the results are conspiracy theory oriented. The only ones that aren't conspiracy oriented are the clips of news reports about the event. Before the dust has even settled, conspiracy theorists leapt on this like white on rice. And as usual, no evidence is provided, only speculation presented as if it were fact.


(Here's a drinking game, take a shot every time he makes a claim without providing evidence. On second thought, don't do it. You will 100% die from alcohol poisoning)

Myron May was also trying to start a law suit on behalf of the TI's in that group, which lead to the group believing that he was killed or "MK'd" (a reference to Project MK ULTRA) in order to stop the law suit from going forward. Never mind the fact that several people in the past have done the exact same thing, and didn't get killed ( Never mind the fact that he was trying to kill people when he got shot down by the police. No, it must be a conspiracy. Targeted Individuals never lash out violently or anything, right?


Meet exhibit A; "Richard" from Port Alberni, British Columbia.

Richard's current whereabouts are currently unknown, he has not posted to his youtube channel in over two years. He is, like most TI's, pretty unhinged in his videos. Even in the videos in which he appears calm, there seems to be a torrent of emotions boiling over under the surface.  Here, I link you to his recollection of events that occurred while he was out driving one day, and to make a long story short, ended in him grabbing a random person and screaming in their face about how he knows they are a stalker. This story was delivered across three videos, but every minute is worth watching if you want to gain insight into what he went through that day, and the events that transpired afterwards.




In these videos, he narrates as if it was aimed at his wife and children who seem to have left him after what occurred. He is trying to convince them he isn't crazy, despite what some "sick doctor" claims. This leads me to believe he was diagnosed with a mental illness, although he doesn't disclose what his diagnosis was. He tells the story of how he drove down a country road somewhere in Port Alberni looking for gang stalkers, and then began to chase down a person who drove passed him while talking on their mobile phone. According to Richard, using a mobile phone while driving was some kind of cue to let him know that the gang stalkers are watching him. The chase ends with the person parking at a co-op service station, and getting accosted by Richard for no apparent reason other than Richard is delusional, and talking on your phone while driving is some sort of underhanded persecution according to Richard's delusions. This is a violent lashing out that luckily didn't end up with someone getting seriously hurt or worse, however, it appears to have ended Richard's family life as he knew it, and understandably so. Unfortunately, events like these are a dime-a-dozen for "targets" who often perceive normal public behavior as some sort of persecution against themselves.

Meet exhibit B; Jason Rodriguez. Jason's story ends a lot worse than Richard's does, with 6 people shot, 1 person dead, and a life sentence behind bars for Jason. Jason claimed to have been gang stalked, and his main stalker went by code name "Sharptooth", who communicated with him via voices in his head.

Quote from the Orlando Sentinal's news article on Jason-

The defense's case relied on opinion, in the form of extensive expert testimony about what was going on inside Rodriguez's mind at the time of the gunfire.

Six forensic doctors testified, all with the same conclusion: Rodriguez suffered from paranoid schizophrenia at the time of the killings and wasn't able to know what he was doing was wrong.

In the words of Dr. Randy Otto, Rodriguez "believed that there was a conspiracy of many people working together to harm him and his family," which involved his former employers and law enforcement.

The paranoia centered on "sharp tooth," a voice Rodriguez heard that he believed was sending him "threatening and derogatory" messages, Otto said.

Added Dr. Jacquelyn Olander: "'Sharp tooth' had threatened him for years... Mr. Rodriguez reported that when he walked through that door into [RS&H], 'sharp tooth' was there with his followers."

In her closing argument, public defender Melissa Vickers argued the defense had proved Rodriguez legally insane.

"Six doctors, with over 100 years of experience, came in here and told you, number one, [Rodriguez had] paranoid schizophrenia, number two, he didn't know [what he did] was wrong," she said.

Williams, however, argued those opinions were "sloppy, incomplete... They're incomplete because they didn't consider the facts that you have heard," he told the jury.

Williams noted that Rodriguez left a threatening note and made a menacing gesture when RS&H fired him in 2007: "He pointed his finger... and pulled the proverbial trigger," the prosecutor said.

Williams argued Rodriguez's career had been in steady decline since he was fired, and he had hit rock bottom by Nov. 6, 2009. When his unemployment benefits didn't come as expected that day, he blamed RS&H, Williams said.

Rodriguez stalked the halls of RS&H, Williams said, "firing two at a time, pop pop.... walking along the hallway where his managers worked, the people responsible for his firing."

"Those, ladies and gentlemen, are the facts that you heard," Williams said.

Rodriguez, 44, remained stoic as the verdict was read. He faces life in prison at sentencing Dec. 18.

After the verdict, Beckford's family said that's the sentence they want: "I want him to spend life in prison for killing my innocent grandson," said Beckford's grandmother, Deleta Earle.

Said Beckford's mother, Icilda Cole: "He's a monster."

On to exhibit C; Aaron Alexis, the Navy Yard shooter. His story ended with 13 people dead, counting the victims he murdered, and himself. In case you don't remember, he believed, just like a lot of other targeted individuals, that he was under attack by low-frequency radio waves. He etched the words "end the torment!", "Not what ya'll say, better off this way!", and "MY E.L.F. WEAPON!" onto the barrel of his weapon. The clues about Alexis’s mental state and motivations come from inscriptions found on his Remington 870 shotgun and documents found on his electronic devices.

In one document, he wrote: “An ultra low frequency attack is what I’ve been subject to for the last three months, and to be perfectly honest, that is what has driven me to this.”

The police also claim to have computer disks and thumb drives that were found, the contents of which have not been released. I assume that it contained a lot of the same type of material about gang stalking and targeted individuals that Myron May was sending in his packages to his acquaintances.

Exhibit D; Benjamin Frankum. Benjamin Frankum broke into the house of Daniel Quelch, a 34 years old father of three, and stabbed Daniel 82 times in front of his children. He emerged almost naked from the house covered in blood just as Mrs Quelch returned home in her car. In the aftermath of the attack, Frankum is alleged to have claimed that he was from MI5 and had been ordered to carry out the killing because Daniel was a torturer.

In September 2001 Frankum was sectioned and admitted to an establishment in Brighton, where he was diagnosed as suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and auditory hallucinations, described as 'hearing of voices and delusional thoughts.'

'He suffered from bizarre behaviour and a lack of insight into his own condition.'

Mr Frankum had been in residential care until shortly before the attack.

He was discharged into the community on two occasions but had to be readmitted because he relapsed due to not taking his medication.

When he began to improve in June 2007 he was placed in supported accommodation in Littlehampton, West Sussex.

However, his condition began to concern his support worker and his family, and there was evidence that he had been attacked, that he was drinking alcohol and was not managing his money.

Then, it appeared he had still been taking his medication.

But when arrested and examined there was no evidence he had been taking the prescribed medicine.

Exhibit E; Tamerlan Tsarnev, one of the Boston bombers, thought to be motivated by radical Islamists, either directly or indirectly, in fact turns out to have been motivated by his mental illness according to the investigation conducted by the Boston Globe, link here. The article is quite lengthy, and would take up a large portion of this post to even summarize, but in it they refer to Tsarnev family acquaintances who suspected Tamerlan of having mental illness, and a doctor who suspected him of being schizophrenic. He apparently told his mother at one point that there were voices inside him, and that he felt as though he had two people living in his body.

His mother and father have been reported as having a history of visiting psychologists for therapy sessions, yet they never sought help for their son Tamerlan for his mental illness and allowed it to blossom within their son's mind. He and his family also believed that 911 was an inside job, that was perpetrated by the US government as a false flag attack in order to create the pretense to wage war against Muslims. This belief in conspiracy theories is important and relevant to this post, because most if not all targeted individuals believe in such conspiracy theories.

 There have been conspiracy theorists in the past who have committed violent crimes without being targeted individuals, Timothy McVeigh being the most notable. But when you combine it with the ultra paranoid belief that you are a targeted individual, which is predicated upon a paranoid belief in conspiracy theories, along with mental instability, the results can be deadly.

It begs the question, which came first? The conspiracy theory, or the mental illness? I shall pontificate more on the answer to this later.

Tamerlan also grew very close to a friend he met through his mother, named Don Larking. Don and Tamerlan attented mosque regularly together for several years. The following is an excerpt from the Boston Globe's report regarding Tamerlan's belief that he was being mind controlled. Pay attention, because this part is imperative to exhibit E.

As their relationship grew closer, Tamerlan confided in Larking his troubling secret about the voice inside his head. Tamerlan told him that he had been hearing the voice for some time, and that he had a theory of what might be afflicting him.

“He believed in majestic mind control, which is a way of breaking down a person and creating an alternative personality with which they must coexist,” explained Larking. “You can give a signal, a phrase or a gesture, and bring out the alternate personality and make them do things. Tamerlan thought someone might have done that to him.”

The person inside him, as Tamerlan described it to Larking, “was someone who wanted to control him to make him do something.”

In 2010, DEMOS think tank published a paper in which they discuss how conspiracy theories are used within the context of extremist ideology recruitment, and terrorism.

Tamerlan has been suspected of being linked to terrorist groups, or at the very least compelled by extremist muslim rhetoric. His internet history confirms as much. He and his brother Dzohkar, Don Larking, and their mother Zubeidat also believed in conspiracy theories. This ideological alchemy is strong enough to create killers, without mental illness even being a factor. If you consider possible schizophrenia into the mixture with absolutely nothing done about it, it would be quite surprising if that person didn't lash out violently at some point.

Another quote from the Globe report.

Larking, too, found his young friend changed in several ways on his return. Much more serious than he had been, Tamerlan insisted that Larking grow a beard, “to honor the prophet Mohammed.” Larking complied. He also pressed Larking to remove his wedding ring, saying that most Muslims did not wear gold, but Larking refused. The last time Larking and Tamerlan sat together in the rear of the mosque, Tamerlan once again mentioned the voices in his head. This time, as Larking recalled it, he seemed afraid.

“He said, ‘Someone is in my brain, telling me stuff to do,’ ” recalled Larking. “He said he was trying to ignore it but it was hard to do. Whatever it was he was being told to do, he didn’t want to do it.”

Sounds to me like he was an already mentally unstable individual made even more unstable by being indoctrinated by conspiracy theories and extremist Muslim rhetoric.

DEMOS think tank published a paper that went in great detail about the subject of extremists groups utilizing conspiracy theories as indoctrination and recruitment tools.


Quote from the report:

Our analysis shows that conspiracy theories are widely prevalent across this extremist spectrum, despite the vast differences in the extremist ideologies themselves. For far right groups, the concept of Zionist Occupied Government (ZOG) – that a small cabal of Jews controls world governments – is central to both ideology and propaganda. For al-Qaeda and other radical Islamist groups, the conspiracy tends to be a generalised Judeo-Christian-Capitalist quest to destroy Islam.

Far left and anarchist groups propagate a Marxist-inspired bourgeois conspiracy of ‘international financiers’, or ‘global elites’, which they sometimes believe is leading toward a ‘New World Order’ of a unitary, totalitarian world government. Cults, on the other hand, tend to believe in conspiracies that are targeted against their specific group or movement. It is striking that there is considerable overlap and fusion between many of these conspiracies, even across groups that exist at opposite ends of the ideological spectrum.

I'm not going to say TI's are forming terrorist extremist groups, but they are a conspiracy theorist subculture that recruits people into their fold in a very similar way.

The Boston Bombers grew up in a family and atmosphere that encouraged the belief in absurd paranoid conspiracy theories, Tamerlan grew up with possible schizophrenia, and his parents encouraged him to stay mentally ill by choosing to ignore the problem and not get him help for any of it.

They encouraged the brothers to turn to the more radical and militant parts of the Islamic faith. These elements mixing in the same pot is a deadly concoction. It would only be a matter of time before a person like that lashes out and attempts to harm others or themselves.

Back to the Chicken or the Egg, Conspiracy Theory or Mental Illness, which came first question. 

When it comes to TI theories, its really hard to tell which came first. Some of these people who get interested in the gang stalking/targeted individual conspiracy theory usually start out as conspiracy theorist that might, on the surface, have nothing mentally wrong with him at all. They are just conspiracy hobbyists. But then, they gradually convince themselves over time that its true, and from that point on, everything negative in their day-to-day life is the fault of the "gang stalkers".

They slowly start to believe that every person who sneezes or coughs in public, or scratches their nose, or talks on their cell phone, or wears a red article of clothing, or drives anything red is automatically a gang stalker there to fuck your life up.  So the conspiratainment hobbyist doesn't do research and gets sucked in fairly easily into believing the claims of TI's. Paranoid schizophrenics that haven't been diagnosed yet also go onto the internet, seek out their symptoms, such as voices in the head, they most likely are going to be directed to some TI website discouraging them from getting help, because the doctors are gang stalkers too, and some other nonsense about v2k. Other TI's don't want to help you, they just want to recruit and indoctrinate you into joining their online mental institutions just so they can get attention and validation for their delusions.

One last exhibit. Exhibit F; Todd Giffen, advocate for the murder of innocent people on the behalf of Targeted Individuals. Just after the evens that happened with Myron May, a person in the very same Facebook group "Targeted Individuals International",  in which Myron asked if anyone had ever been encouraged by their "handler" to kill, someone else claiming to be a TI began advocating for Myron May's actions, and hoping there would be more. He believes the people that got shot by Myon deserved to die simply for being "peons" and "idiots" who have most likely never heard of gang stalking.

He posted this shit in the very same group Myron posted the just days after the shooting took place.




Not a single person in that group even so much as batted an eye at these posts besides myself. In fact, his statements were defended by others in the group. They didn't see anything wrong with him saying these things. One would think they would have a problem with this, considering Myron May was killed by police for attempting to kill others at FSU after posting about killing in this exact same group. But no, they were perfectly fine with it, and defended or made excuses for his actions.

The majority of TI's seem to literally believe that its impossible for a TI to EVER be capable of hurting themselves or others. They also think its impossible for a TI to actually have a mental disorder/illness. I think the exhibits I presented here prove that to be wrong. There is actually quite a bit I had to leave out, because this is an extremely lengthy post as it is.

Special thanks goes out to the members of Targeted Individuals International for inspiring this blog post, after seeing how willing they are to advocate and make excuses for Myron May's actions. Hopefully some of them are reading this and will snap out of their paranoid state before its too late. We need to work on preventing these people from hurting themselves or others, not encouraging them.

Read more…

My name is James Lico and I have been a targeted individual since August of 2010, after filing an EEOC charge against my employer. I am a full time human rights activist now, working against government sponsored human trafficking of people targeted by private military contractor handlers. What I am talking about is wireless electromagnetic torture aka "No Touch Torture". Private Military Contractors (PMC's) are doing this to thousands of Targeted Individuals (TI's)

please see my website and

thank you

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I take some of this information from this show with a grain of salt, but this is the most informative information that I have gotten to explain what and why this is happening. I still have my own theories as to who. But it is worth a listen if there is a need for you to know why you are a target, what is happening and why it happened so systemically. Click the link below.

The Program explained (podcast #7)

My link is not clickable for some reason for me, so I will post it again because I feel that you need to hear this information. I see why it is not clickable now, I will just give you the webpage. Go to the link and go down to past episodes and click on podcast #7 (The Program explained). The webpage to the audio file should come and immediately begin. If you have any problems getting to this page, let me know and I will send it to you.

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Is there a connection between these 4 things? Perhaps I should add a fifth - criminal police/ authorities.targets are not criminal. My theory is gang stalking is a huge criminal con game. The Targets are BAIT to recruit the real targets - ordinary working people with families and assets. The Recruits are recruited on the basis of lies into a cult where they will be subject to manipulation, mind control, indoctrination, with the object of fleecing them of all their assets - slowly, over time. The target bait is just a distraction to keep their focus off what is happening.Why target the elderly? It's an old con tricksters mantra - where there's old there's gold. The target bait also are stripped of their assets. They could be the targets of identity theft - a clever move which strips them of their assets and criminalises them in one move. And the defamation of character is for a purpose - it means their assets can be seized under asset forfeiture laws on no other basis than they have a "criminal lifestyle". No crime need ever be proved. And old people , who have spent a lifetime getting some resources together, trusting of authority and always vulnerable to swindlers - soft and lucrative targets.
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Book: "My Direct Voice Hearing vol.1" on sale.

 This book contains few months length typing up of the V2K conversation. They seemed to be engaged in the endless radio talking over threats, persuasions, and criminal investigations. 25 dollars. Over 11,000 words and 300 pages. It has the extra section "100 questions to the Direct Voice Hearing Speakers" and their replies.



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My V2K English book example

I've almost finishing typing my V2K transparent book in English. It should be the first V2K book typed by a TI. The length is over 100,000 words and the price would be around 15€. Interested?

November 29, 2013 21:32 (Medjugorje)

“I told you this is not good.”
“It's only for the Islams.”
“The Slavic teachers are so wealthy on the phonics and the UOP people are eager to follow your order.”

“There are true stories that they tried so hard and make it through. And this time we made it and we won against you.”
“Just see what we found out. You are Nazis.”
“I need to tell you something. Your faith is broken.”

“Oi, what to do with the Chinese mafia?”

“And Soka cults?”
“I think they are just the coincidence.”
“No, we can call the police immediately from now on.”
“We are paying for the money, bitch.”

“Our wealth surpassed the diplomats nowadays.”
“They can cancell the Moster's order legally.”
“There must be someone looking at everything all the time and it's you, right?”
“There is a person on the spotlight.”

“Who need warez?”
“They have Zenigata's claim and me.”
“There were Jewish population everywhere, right? What did they do with that?”
“There are homeless people out there and nothing to do with it.”
“Those homeless people had harassed in a different way than Jews. Period.”
“If you are married, everyone would be happy.”
“If you are still out there, we can pray for the priests to kick you out.”
“This is the millionaires' order.”
“We help each other for the Müstair, too.”
“We have the hub and the network of security.”
“Social insurance.”
“No more money, Jap.”
“I need to teach you a quite a good lesson today.”
“We need a Samurai bustard to be doing the Tobigeri thing. We filed the case of kissing incident also.”
“There is the dental floss issue. The teeth is yellow.”
“Wireless Lan, huh?”

“In a long run, our model is okey. And your model is a baby.”
“No more social check, chup.”
“Needle surgery was a mistake. It went through the nasal cavity nicht (not: German).”
“It could be replaced as well.”
“What a horror movie.”
“We made a mistake on the surgery and this woman would die soon.”
“Oh, dear!”
“There is a true story of Manga Michi (manga way: Japanese). One lesson and one retardity.”
“You never ever tried to follow Jesus. You are just hanging around and playing around for awhile in our church.”
“There are more serious people out there.”
“Ah, that's from the article.”
“Our lawyer is protecting the society and not the needle surgery mistake has nothing to do with it.”
“I don't think so.”
“We have a failure for the US president if 80% of people voting him for retire. Now, will he get a surgery failure in the same way? No.”
“Of course, that's a human error and the mistake has nothing to do with the life decision of the person's business or the lifestyle.”
“No more mocking.”
“We are sure she will be happy here than in Müstair now.”
“I know.”
“She is following Jehovas witness.”
“Do you know how much the Nichiren-women to repay?”
“It's not gonna hurt you at all. You are seriously taking the point into the right spot. Who is the Muslim?”
“There is a life threatening danger called COINTELPRO for her. She is socially assassinated all the time.”
“So the millionaires want to evict you soon from ...”
“If it is in the United States, it's easy.”

“We are seriously sorry for your mental disorder but we want a nice trip to Medjugorje.”
“I see.”
“So tomorrow, we call the security to check your bag contents.”
“Do you fart on the street? That's not good.”
“There is only one chance the victim is collected. She must be abussive.”
“No spotlight this time.”
“We don't like you filming.”
“Okay, there is a point. She can film anyone after the mass. That's right.”
“And it's not gonna be so easy to get out from jail.”
“We have the millionaire's club here and the United States is backing up for it.”
“I need to tell you this not in personally but through the lawyer's voice.”
“We can take your wallet for the education, of course.”
“If she shout for that, she gonna be..”
“I don't know. If she got money in the wallet and someone stole it already..”
“But the Mephistopheles can get you.”

“We have the Mephist, right?”
“I know you are hiding.”
“We are ready to take your watch, too.”
“I need your holy Bible to be mine.”
“Do you think this gonna work? We just approach you and try to talk to you indirectly.”
“The tricolor Leute (people: German) is here for the mental assistance.”
“I need someone who speaks the International marriage.”
“After the September 11th, we had the war. And we are securing the priests.”
“Then we can...”
“I know what you mean by it..”
“So, we steal the treasures when we want her to leave our village.”
“Yeah, the translator is hurt, too.”
“We know your limits. You are not matured.”

“And the Homeland Security is recruiting the guys from München.”
“We are assuring that she is a hate crime maker.”
“No more yellow badge, Jap.”
“We are legally collecting you.”
“Soka Gakkai cult is a trouble maker, too. Here in Tokyo, we have the Yamanote-sen killer and that's the Gakkai members.”
“We failed to protect you, but the millionaires' speech is important in München.”
“We are collecting you.”
“They are so terribly working forward in your case. We made the video like your body lying like an bow.. and..”
“We must be rich in future.”
“Not really retarded.”
“Tomorrow, we gonna take your camera.”
“We can do this, of course.”
“This is a coercive persuasion.”

“They have the arresting records for sure.”
“There is an International Criminal Court, but the judge says the Münchener police are great.”
“They work with the national security issues and no justice makers.”
“We have the people oppressed for sure. Now what should I do?”
“We want you to be evicted to your home town.”
“I need your wallet, too.”
“They are so eagerly disbanding your case now.”
“Their sentence is to bring you back to your town. Ni-hao (hello: Chinese) Leute (people: German) is surly pleased.”
“I need your drivers license back when you are in prison, so your sentence would be longer for sure.”
“We want you to take anything from us. And in return, we want you to be a million dollar lawsuit.”
“Gegen Stasi? What's that?”
“I hate the people from Turkey showing up here, too.”
“Shall I borrow your Katana?”
“Japan would be dead soon.”
“No more Hinomaru in Müstair.”
“If the German intelligence gets you, you are finished.”
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“No way!”
“I've heard she is right back in Medjugorje.”
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“We are legally aiding the Nazis.”
“The Chinese mafia part is richtig (right: German) if it means the Chain Gang. It refers the connection between the companies.”

“How big is the suitcase?”
“It was the same model as before.”

“Nothing new?”
“So far, I know she had a mental surgery and the surgical damage made her to be a bit confusion.”

“There are people out there hopeless and wanting to die.”
“We want a suicide bommer nicht (not: German) right in the church.”
“So, the scientists are donating the organs Forter (torture: German).”

“In case of a war breaks out, we are only following the orders by the millionaires.”
“We are seriously sorry about the Bill Gates Association.”
“We found the troupe and theolitically correct.”
“I need to know your name first, Jane Bauer.”
“How old are you? And the eternal license down.”
“We are pleased to sue you this time.”
“We found your blog.”
“There is no way out.”
“We feel sorry for sure.”
“I feel sorry for the Japanese embassy couple who came for informing about you as the Islamic religion.”
“I'm sure you are arrested by the second evening mass, the day after tomorrow.”
“We have the people who know you here.”
“I know Samurai is a monkey.”
“Japanese Samurai is not a wondering sheep but a wondering monkey, hahahahaha.”
“You are like a herpes, right?”

“You can't go up to the postlight because of your nationality and the life experience in the mental hospital.”

“So, you only drunk the mineral water for 2 weeks? That's a good one.”

“Our priests are really rich here. If you have an imagination of the Gates Association, we gonna give you some medicine.”
“We have some French nurse.”

“Actually, this theory is correct.”
“The Soka mafia would like you to be expelled from the church, not our church though.”
“We have the millionaires' messages here and there.”
“We cancel the scooter works.”
“The underaged are better for the preaching.”
“You are no longer arrested, only the preach is severe this time.”
“No way she posted that already?”
“I hate Allah due to the Muslim extremists.”
“Wow, that's a good one.”
“You will never go back to Japanese home.”
“What happened to you? She is now really a Islam hater.”
“This one is Ha Mosad's favorite.”
“Even you got a catchy information for Serbians.”
“Everyone wearing the similar clothes, right? So we don't go abroad and treat you like a foreigner here.”
“Only the mental disease part is a problem.”
“Who gonna make up a theory now? She is up to paradise for sure.”
“We found her writing very strange but now I understand. That's the world doing.”
“We found the top security officer of suicidal terrorist teaching. Hirohito is a possible one.”
“Now we have a problem, she hates Japanese style.”
“They got a wrong individual on the list and the officer is shoot to death by beheading.”
“No way!”
“We got it right. Too much suffering for her.”
“It was the guide from Japan. In Tokyo, more Chinese philosophers are accepted.”
“We are all arresting you. The survival game is over.”
“We have a better lifetime sentences for the wives of the Tenno (emperor: Japanese).”
“This tricolor color is great.”
“We are so healed right now.”
“I need you to be shut up and now leave.”

“There is a Islamic period on your record but that was a fake.”
“The officer thought you would accept the Islam without problem.”
“Ah... I seriously admire you to be a Christian. Now go home.”
“They want to scapegoat you for the future terrible attacks on us.”
“You have a natural long history of bagabond life.”
“It is unusual.”
“Then the cops are so intelligent on checking what happened to you.”
“We need a molester by now.”
“We cancel the confirmation of the church view.”
“We got a huge backed up file in the beginning. And that part is terrible. She collected so much data from us.”
“I don't think they are capable of escaping.”
“No way!”
“We have the trouble maker within us.”
“So, now you are no marked again. And back again. Peeeep!”

“We are now in total control of the society even within the stomach contents.”
“I hate this one, too.”
“There is no more of the Chinese mafia writing. Only Chain Gang is accepted.”
“That's about the Chinese ventures.”

“We will get the peace right back.”
“No civil militant here only the officers with brains.”
“There are Catholic vs. Israeli formula here also.”
“We have filed arrest.”
“That one goes with a millionaire's kid who did not obey our Catholic rule.”
“She got a mistreatment from us before and now we look childish not.”
“If something happens to our nation, you are not the one to be protected. Therefore, the millionaires will win against any criminal case from now on. This is the officers' rule.”
“UK is not a Nazis country yet, so don't spill it out.”
“There is NHK message sending going on. We have filed the case against Miyoko cancelled. How rude people are sometimes.”

“If her underwear went missing, we are responsible for sure, it says.”
“We don't want this kind of embarrassment spread out.”
“She talked about the millionaires' club.”

“And what about the drop and the abandoned door outside in Moster?”
“That one was made for the hidden trap for the new officers. They are called for the dispatch and then they walk through and the rest is the drop dead gorgeous Yukata.”

“You know what it means to be getting hurt?”
“I think this one is critical. Ni-hao is a criminal.”
“No, she does not say that.”
“I want you to shut up next time in the mass.”
“There is an obituary with an extended hanging.”
“There is a big controversy. The song with happy, happy, phrases. That one got a hidden message in it.”
“Just listen to it.”
“You now have an arrest order from the church office.”
“If you are so angry and aggressively accusing the military officers, they gonna church you for the mass murderer.”
“There are people who are arrested in this way here if the Pope is pleased.”
“And your website must be shut down ofter that. And we are out.”
“No more of the charge for the US drivers.”

“They did a crucial action against her. What happened to her legal rights?”
“There is no regal rights for her to stay safe without persecution.”
“If she has a higher educational goal than us, there is no way she is capable to handle the wallet theft after visiting the mass and one of the officer found it on the street as a safe depot for the hidden mic.”
“That's a computer mic.”
“I mean, Bill Gates made this joke against you. If you type them up, you are a paranoia.”
“There are special task forces come and get you if they are talking to you using the name of Bill Gates Associates.”
“We have a house rule here.”

“The regular people are arrested by murdering the people in front of the camera.”
“If you are just here for praying, the chain gang gonna make a suicidal bomber out from you and they gonna call an officer to take your...”
“We have a hub based on the UK's rule here.”
“We are not a Pais Bais. It was a way too unique for me.”
“Who said that?”
“Do you know Rama Kan?”
“The Muslims wanted the program to take someone out and the program will the millionaires to get the all property to be pocketed.”
“No way!”
“So, if you try to change your image, it's too late.”
“I want to tell you something. Can you quit smoking? Someone complained to the Soka police and now UK members are totally screwed about the naming of the chaing gang.”
“The first initiation is the rocket to the key.”
“The military girls are not that educated for sure.”
“I need to talk to your lawyer, too, in München if you have a severed record.”
“The person had no money.”
“Oh, my God.”
“If she is following the Islamic order, the military is capable of taking her down. But if she is a Muslim cheerleader...”
“I don't think it works. She is anti-Islam.”
“No way! This makes everything screwed. We need to recalculate.”
“There are things go wrong. For example, the empire is a person of small sheep.”
“We can't touch that.”
“I know how severe to be betrayed by the professors.”
“You know what, she needs her records.”
“I can imagine who would do what is unknown.”
“But there is a beginner time. We suppose to be begging for the sinfulness. In her case, she didn't take it. She had too much harassers around.”
“What should I do?”

“Is Chinese couple, ok?”
“No. Not at all. We are the one responsible for sending a wrong message to Himarayans.”
“I tell you Jesus, the stripper was not Miyoko.”
“I told you. It was a Japanese perpetrator who took off the pantie as a joke.”

“She is broke and aboard. What should I do?”
“No. She lives in a hotel here.”
“There are people out moron and Nigger was case officers, right?”
“And they must be assigned to a different jobs from now on.”
“What a story.”
“There are workless people who are looking for some free bedddings.”
“No way!”
“That's Müstair girls.”
“They got people who are from Hokekyo's clan.”
“There was the Tekondo girl who contacted to the owner. She said you are out of control.”
“No way!”
“The bill would be raising for sure.”
“I can assume that was a wrong step backwards. She is ganged and that would look like that.”
“I can imagine how the Husha speakers are now. They are all collected by the Nazis lawyers by sleeping around.”
“That's how the top officers think. If they are survivors, they should pick up the guns.”
“They don't really know, what meant to live in honor.”
“How to make a success? Take it with a possessive mind.”
“No mater light or black, it's all you get.”
“No more body reading.”
“The millionaire girl is dying.”
“How many people are reporting to the officers?”
“That's a normal promotion records for Miyoko's live camera.”
“UK camp for sure.”
“No body is listening.”
“You know what? We ignore her stories.”
“We just talk to her and she will be arrested for the sexual harassment on our kids, right?”
“That's the best for the Muslims.”
“Even for the women.”
“I do love that.”
“I think you should be holding a camera out and shouting.”
“Oh, what should I do? If she questions me back?”
“I need to take a photo of a baby, can you help me? Is this alright? Then we can call an officer.”
“Somebody can sit next to her and take her bag or something.”
“I need her room number immediately.”
“We might need an anatomical review.”
“We are seriously sorry for the nasal leek.”

“Ethnic gender gap is not really important. We just need a power horse and a lawyer.”
“Kissed on the tattoo, yuck!”
“We can do that.”
“Oh, yeah.”
“But the owners don't want.”
“There is no sign of the damage in the building.”
“What's the matter?”
“I found her bandage in her nose.”
“Oh, my.”
“And it was after the nose surgery.”
“What happened?”
“She got a cyst.”
“No complain.”
“We got a military order.”
“For the safety of the others, you are treated to..”
“Asylum seeker, huh?”
“No more.”
“I don't understand in English. Can you speak in German? Enough?”
“No. Croatian.”
“We could do that. But that is a defense team's total vacance for sure.”
“The vocational time is over.”
“There is a Noa's Ark Project by the power elites.”
“We take the millionaires' eggs and sperms.”
“We want you to be in. Just in case, Matsukiyo is dying.”
“The first scenario is better. Just a plain killer and the officers will tackle her down from the behind.”
“I can imagine. That is the USA's campus favorite tactics number one.”
“The military elite team win the match.”
“No more survival tips. Everything is taped, huh?”
“No more nose bleeding.”
“Oh, no. She is in the medical attention case.”
“If we make up a crime records like this way, we cannot bring her to the mental institution. It would be a matter of the unphilosophical leg opening carriers.”
“Oh, no. There is only one chance the theory is accepted. If she stabbed a person or something, the security will tackle her down.”
“Oh, no.”
“We are now assisting a fortress-type situation.”
“We have a Ni-hao's (hello: Chinese) Peeping Tom tool.”
“Oh, no. Is she typing up?”
“Yeah. She is typing everything up.”
“Help me. The owner is awake and worried about the canned mustered.”

“You know what it means? A Mustered gas.”

“Oh, no.”
“You know. Asking question openly is a good idea, but the UK girl is a bit tough for the suitcase damage to the lawyers.”
“I think she damaged our suitcase while we are in the same room. There was an inch screw driver...”

“What happened?”
“You are mental disease.”
“There are national drivers' license and some other special IDs in your belongings must be burned.”
“Simple bang.”
“What happened to the lawyer?”
“Who will bring the tattooed...”
“What an elegant woman or an gentleman.”
“We seriously admire you from the next mass.”
“If you are Miyoko, now is OK.”
“You have so much disadvantages in your life. She got almost killed sometimes and needed to shout for some assassins out there.”
“How come she was baptized in Egypt?”
“No idea. She is a freak sometimes but ultra ethically collect and super spy for the publishers.”
“No legal damage, no mark for sure.”
“Only the time she brings out camera is some suspicious people at the site.”

“What a tool!”
“That'd call a girl nitched.”
“Police officers do not like what you are writing.”
“They are all about our philosophical jokes and the special elite forces' tactics.”
“No. We don't want our grandchild to see it again. It is a tool for the persuasion of the mass.”
“You know why? We are charging you for the possible money laundering.”
“We must say that is ethically possible.”
“In your pocket, what else you got?”
“Wait a sec. It's not a common to lawsuit a woman from the old fascists.”
“You are immortal now.”
“As long as you stay in Müstair, Mother Teressa Leute (people: German) will come to the mass.”
“Notluf Geld (emergency money: German) making.”
“We have no more innings.”
“You will be hanged when you get back to Japan.”
“There is a small fly in Chiba doing the same scouting style.”
“What about the Japanese millionaires?”
“How I do it better?”

“Not this time. The old Pope is very polite now.”
“She is a very good poet and knows me very well.”
“You know who he is?”
“The old boss.”
“Then we shall make a confession out from the monitoring people.”
“UK people are so stupid. They can open her bag so often.”
“How much did the callgirl's mother get?”
“I need 3 trillion from the Miyoko's scandal.”
“I can imagine, but impossible. Why she got so much money in her pocket?”
“I don't want to know.”
“What is your job?”
“We can kill her. Just imagine a rocket going a wrong direction.”
“We have a story teller here for our scandal covering.”
“Only 10 days left, huh?”
“I think it is enough time for her to spend more time with lawyers.”
“In a security state, we have a big back bone of the lawyers who are reliable of our jocks.”
“How about this? Why don't you travel to China at least once?”
“Who cares? Only millionaires care about our reputation.”
“No, thank you. You criminal girl.”
“I need to say good-bye to your hope.”
“This is better, right?”
“We are all damaged from the military scandal from you.”
“Does it cost few millions?”
“A note computer gonna fried.”
“Nothing happens.”
“Aren't you the one with the Keroid woman? Or with the veggie woman?”

“There is a priest who is filed a case against you. She is a mentally sick and the millionaire's kids are seriously damaged to go through the therapistic wards.”
“Do you like to talk to the translator?”
“I can imagine this. Is she a moron? We are the perpetrators not. But we acted like that and she filmed.”
“I told you. This is a pattern, right?”
“There is a problem. We overcame the poverty. Now is a problem of the defamation. We are filing all the cases one by one. Each case is renewed by the each visit.”
“You are dismissed from the channeling. I don't want you to sell our stuffs.”

“I don't want to help you making money.”
“We are totally childish talking and now the rare book is created.”
“How often visit Medjugorje?”

“I warn you. If you film four digit of numbers, security would come and take you stripped off.”
“I know realized that we found the scissors here and there. All against you.”
“Do you know München? That's a crime city.”
“We got so many Pope's crew around.”
“Is this an al-Quaeda operation?”
“What should I do? People are now thinking that Goethe Institut lawyers are helping militia.”
“Ok. Roger.”
“I sank this much from heaven.”
“We had a honeymoon here sometimes. All the time, the Pope's friends are complaining about the notorious couples.”
“This is not right. You are double punched!”

“So, she brought Jap issues and made it hit on the one side.”
“Taking one eye out? That's Koran message.”
“We have a missile charger.”
“We can ask you to leave during the mass.”
“The priest gonna call you from the top of the stage.”
“We must be so serious.”
“There is an ethics you know. You shall be okay to film us as long as it is a safety matter.”
“They want to stab on the weakest point, right?””
“If you cannot work, just perished already!”

“That's the military officers' favorite.”
“Are you a chain gang?”
“We don't accept the mental disease person no matter what.”
“And the Tsurugi (sword: Japanese) issue is now back stabbed. The DOD people did a wrong message sending.”
“If the victim does not know, it is a big loss.”
“What does it mean to own a sword?”
“Don't you understand? Why do you need to type it up?”
“I failed this time. We called a wrong person a mental patient.”
“Look at her, she speaks a perfect Croatian.”
“Officer is taken away by now.”
“The doctor can make an in-home visit for sure.”
“I think that would be better for the Moster people. They don't wanna be filmed.”
“I know you. You are the prisoner from the Massachusetts.”
“That's the best joke for the university doctorate procedure.”
“When you are a Nazis, you must made a big mistake. You filmed a wrong person and it hinted the educational video here in Medjugorje.”
“There was a limit for the soft speech.”
“No camera, no matter what.”
“But what if someone is filmed... you gonna get a lawsuit.”
“Will this make sense?”
“I hate this kind of conversation filmed in the camera.”
“Oh, the running part.”
“Someone run around and decided to become a priest.”
“I cancel this miss.”

“There are people who are laughed at the rugby ground. But that is ok. They are the show players.”

“If they are the bullies, they gonna get you.”
“We missed you again, again, and again.”
“How many times should we tell you. You are no longer accepted as a Catholic.”
“It was a Japanese officer, Kengo.”
“There is a serious poverty among the military officers. So if you film them, they gonna steal your wife and...”
“Jesus Christ.”
“We cannot accept you here.”
“How come you came back again?”
“I just found you very offensive in front of the camera.”
“You know about terrorism.”
“Terrorist is you.”
“Ah, military exercise using the innocent individual.”
“Japan optical group is trying to buy some time with your camera.”
“It can be used as a camcoder.”
“Military camp for sure. It will give a suitcase money.”
“Oh, yes.”
“But how come she became a Targeted Individual?”
“I hit the wrong button and the bloody nose started.”
“So, don't worry about the bandage. It's gonna be okay.”
“I think so.”
“We must tell it openly. Japanese girl must be banned from this church.”
“It's a military officer's order.”
“Oh, no.”
“We have the US Air Force monitoring. They show the terrorists in dots.”
“It's a territorial order.”
“How those kids are terrorized?”
“They are demanding the suitcase and all the property.”
“Just like the Jewish time, huh?”
“No. It's legal. We need some etiquette to make them fried.”
“Cops got Jinja keisatu (Shinto shrine police: Japanese).”

“I'm afraid this would be a public persecution if you come to Moster.”
“I feel sorry about you.”
“We need an email address to settle the fee.”
“The cost for the mistreatment of the kids openly in front of us.”
“Ah, I see.”

“Like hitting on the girls' legs.”
“So, this is how we can bring the case to take your worries of getting caught.”
“You know, nothing is new.”

“There is no winning for you, right?”
“We have the radio and you may listen by yourself.”

“They are all aware of the police state.”
“UK got canceled the order by now. She filmed the right spot on the stage.”
“If the priest is so close to you, what makes you to be aware of the others?”
“That's the mental patient in foreign country.”
“Cop's bringing so much kids, right?”
“But she doesn't wanna go out with them.”
“So, that's a disadvantages for them.”
“To you, especially to you, the old woman in ….”
“Shall I call you a Japanese woman?”
“We will never ever make your way up in heaven.”
“I seriously know you. You are the Mother Teressa's special gratitude destroyer.”
“The parish priest thinks you to be a Bhiddhist for the sake of the Chinese millionaires.”
“When she came to our house, tell her that Allah is abandoned her.”

“This is the message from Korean. Why not Soka Gakkai?”
“We rethink your marriage and educational gap between us.”
“If you are listed for the multi-millionaires's abandoned list, your social life is finished.”
“Do you know how sad for the church workers?”
“It was you to be above in heaven. Now what? Everything is ruined.”

“It was as a matter of fact, teenager gangs' joke.”
“Now officers are playing rude for the serial killer game.”
“How can you do that much?”
“I first discharged her and then she will go wild. How about it?”
“Do you have a copy of her drivers' license?”
“No. It was perished.”

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 This early afternoon, I went to the garden of St. Francis. It was very quiet as there was only few people - a man with two kids and a coupe. A male worker was working. No one bothered me, so it was so peaceful. But when I was walking back to the church around 3pm, I saw some kids playing football on the garden at the house with homemade honey sign. Also the house left side of it got 4 or 5 kids standing at the fence holding the fence bars and all looking at the street. The couple left just before I left there and the woman was walking while the man took his car. These kids looking at the street tried to shout at me but I was walking on the other side of the street ignoring them as I thought these kids were asked to do some favor for attracting the passerby together for the false witness program as what the women with kids would do in the church for the gang stalking. I saw one small pebble was thrown in front of me by these damn naughty kids, but I ignored them. I don't know why those kids are in two gardens and few playing football and others just looking at the street. These kids without a ball could do something more than just checking the very quiet street only few cars passing par 5 minutes or less.

I offered a small blue candle at the grave of Fr. Slavko Barbarić on Feb 10th, and it was gone while the red big candle next to it was still there. I saw it since Feb 6th and I have no idea why mine was gone.

At the rosary prayer, there was an Asian woman with similar make-up like me and similar facial feature stood near me with her English speaking female friend. She left during the beginning of the mass, but she came back with the Asian woman who has been visiting the church from last month or before. I thought the second one as a perp as she and I were the only Asians regularly visiting the mass and she got similar facial feature and height as me. Well, if it is on the surveillance camera, I could be mistaken by the new Asian woman with the facial make-up. Here are these Asians' pictures.



You know, I got my balcony lights on sometimes when I came back from the church at night. Two times the living room light was on and one times the storage room light was on one time when I woke up at morning - I mean around noon as the V2K perps made me awake till around 4am till several days ago. They use the high-pitched tone like the ultrasound device at the eyeware store for keeping me awake also. I wonder what was going on with some Asian woman with similar height and similar facial feature from a bit far away view doing. I have no idea who is entering my room (police for the black back job?) and what was going on with the light. I hope it would be not these suspicious Asian women pretending to be me and doing something strange, especially in the balcony area where others can observe from far away. I hope no one in Mostar mistook them as me for the false witness on visiting mosques there. I have never been to a mosque in my life and only the mosque-like building I visited is the ex-mosque and ex-church museum in Istanbul to see the famous ancient Jesus mosaic. It would better to share their information before I would be listed as a Muslim. You know if some people wipe out mosques, there would be no more problem with Muslims nor Koran readers. I support Croats and I like the history of Herzog-Croats independence on the area here. I got even stalked by the suspicious Muslims in München. I think I corrected the perps who are probably working with the Muslims for the gang stalking to target the same individuals here. They would be the one trying to get the advantage of the local politics and pretend to be Muslim or Christians. I don't know why the local perps cannot take communion in the church but visiting there often.

Ok, here is the video from today.



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Feb 24th, 2013 - perps at Medjugorje

- A boy sat near me and stairing me for a long time. Check out his body language.

- A synchronized coughing.

- 2 women with head coverings and the teen girl putting it on and off during the mass.

- Sudden feeling of hotness of my body, sweating of my face, dried mouth, and I was almost getting a faint.

- 2 men showed up when I arrived at th Blue Cross at 10pm.
Organized Stalkers Around Me - Feb 24th, 2013 at Medjugorje - The best home videos are here

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In St. James church, I often got sudden coughing and it seems other people often cough at the same time. I found the direction like right to the back and the people sit on vertical and horizontal line from me. Sometimes, the person next to me caught a sudden coughing instead of me. It seems artificial as I suddenly got itchy feeling to the left side of my Adam's apple. I wonder what makes others need to cough at such a timing.


After the mass, I saw an old man wearing a NYPD logo cap stood outside of the church. The people walking in front of me talking to him. I filmed them as it was so rare to see someone with NYPD logo here. The gang stalkers in my case often wear FBI, NYPD, NYFD logos for their identity. It sounds like how the insiders doing the COINTELPRO for the insider jobs like 911.
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As I thought, there were some parents with small children going up the Cross Mountain in the group prayer. It was a big group more than 50 people going together. I just got some gas problem on the way. It happened around the S-intestine area and made me uncomfortable. Also, I had some sudden active stomach and made me feel a bit to throw up. It was not that serious. While I was going up the mountain, there were some women with kids going near me. One occasion, I found a woman with a small girl tried to stand in front of me while we were praying at the station. I passed them during the end of the prayer and was climbing up. The small girl and the woman was walking behind me for quite a time. I thought they were the perpetrators, so I filmed them with the explanation. Later, there was a woman wearing a green jacket and a boy showing up and they tried to stand in front of me. So, I filmed the situation. I have no idea why the perps love to use their kids for harassing the Catholic TI like this. The V2K perps warned me of not to mess around with the certain people or they have the connection to Vatican for punishing me. Well, I am sure that they do not wanna know who are the ones related with Vatican and engaged in gang stalking. I'm helping the future victims to stay away from those perpetrators who can make up the story and are friends of police officers for the COINTELPRO. There were two elderly Asian man participating the group prayer. The shorter one looks like a Philipino and another Chinese or unknown but I saw him holding a prayer book with vertical lined letters possibly Chinese or Japanese.

During the rosary prayer at the church, some Asians came and an Asian woman sat on the same bench where I was. I saw some other Asians sat on the bench to the back. I think I saw the priest who did not read the Gospel yesterday were with those people. I moved to another bench while filming the woman who sat next to me. If she is a perp, she would just make a conversation with me for the information gathering to use it for the gang stalking.
After the mass, I saw the electronic billboard showing the masses tomorrow. At 9am, there would be "Chapel Japan     OSTL" and I assumed there would be a mass in Japanese. I have never seen a chapel named Japan here, so I think that is something to do with Japan for sure. The Asian people visiting from yesterday might be Japanese. If the priest is from Japan and is here for some covert operation like Thomas from Zürich at Goethe Institut, I can understand why he did not read the gospel yesterday while he held the red book. In such case, I am eager to share the Japanese people's pics here for my own safety.


Feb 15th, 2013 - Woman with Kids perps at the Cross Mountain - The best home videos are here

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After the second Korean group lleft on Tuesday, the new German group came. That pattern reminds me of the Korean tourists group showing up while I was under the small damages in 4U Hostel in Munich. At that time, my suitcase was damaged and the police rejected to file the case at the office on the corner of the Munich main train station. There was another woman also got a suitcase damage in the hostel also.

Well, just like my prediction of the tendency of the perps who want to shout prayers in foreign language, I got a woman sat right behind of me. She could sing Croatian songs including the long ones without problem. She seemed to be living here or visiting Medjugorje so frequently. Otherwise, people cannot remember all the songs. There should be a German group who supposed to take 9am German mass somewhere, but the normal Germans cannot sing Croatian songs so easily. There are cops in Munich who cannot even speak the high school level English. You can imagine the woman behind of me is a big exception. So, she was shouting the prayers in German while the friar was praying in Croatian through the mic from the alter. However, she joined singing Croatian songs during the pause of the rosary praying. I have no idea why she cannot memorize Croatian prayers to join the Croatian rosary praying. Anyway, I got someone praying in foreign language very loud and sitting behind of me so often.

There is an Asian woman who has been visiting the church before the first Korean group came. She seems to be the same height as I and have quite a similar facial features besides she looks more like Chinese and has shorter hair. Her information is in today's video.

If you watched my video about how I went up to the Cross Mountain to find the missing rosary part, you can remember the stranger hiding behind the trees on the beginning of the video. It's an Italian speaking elderly woman. She is quite active and attends the climbing events on Friday and Sunday all the time. However, she does not take the communion. I saw her leaving the church during the communion twice, and this time I filmed her leaving. Last time I saw her on my way home, I saw her walking into a house which had a Croatian youth group and locates on my way back to my place. I saw her yesterday night when I was heading to Namex to buy some foods. She was walking parallel to me and went into Pansion Nada, which is near Namex. I don't know if she is a long term visitor instead of a resident here.

The Virgin Mary statue had a strange sign today. It had "Lourdes" sign instead of "Medjugorje" and I took the picture of it. I don't know if it is for the special event for the church or not. It looked a bit funny when someone praying to the statue with "Lourdes" there.

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The perps are not willing to take communion.

I've been staying in Medjugorje for 1 month, so I got more information about these gang stalkers. They often stay in the church with me and often sit on my sides or around. However, they do not take communion. Here is the example of how the 2 men to my right started to join the line for the communion when I was filming. The perps often sit on my sides but not to move. And also, there is an Asian woman who I saw in the church since a month ago and she was using her camera yesterday just like I do.


Jan 16th, 2013 -Perps not willing to take the bread - The best home videos are here

9143077073?profile=originalAnd there is a Japanese mass for today. I did not attend the morning mass though. According to the German perps, they often said that Japanese Christians are very rare. I wonder if they are really Japanese or Koreans live in Japan - as I saw the Korean confession booth but no other Asian group than the one from few days ago. They look way too suspicious, right?

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I sometimes have times when I encounter so many parents with kids or young teens. They just happened to be around me but it happens almost anywhere I go. In Germany, I noticed the occurrence was the parents with kids stand to each other in about 20m distance. It's like how the Muslim beggars are sitting on the street around KFC in Karlsplatz in München. These parents with kids stand in such distance yet they just happened to be on every street like that way. When I walk on the street, these parents with kids often try to walk in front of me, so that their friend perps can observe the situation as if I'm following them for the child molester/pedophilia claim. Gang stalkers make a single person with no proper job respect in the society or the social status in the area as an easy target. They would claim that person is suspicious and try to harass the person. They might use their kids for the crime prevention reward or the compensation from the victimization. The teens are also recruited in the job for small money like few dollars/euros per hour. The reason is simple; they still don't have the sense of moral and ethics, they need money, surveillance and false witnessing are easy jobs comparing to the job opportunities at their age and skills. Not so many people can hang around long time on the street unless they are jobless or working as the plain clothes officers. The parents with kids are often a large family or a single parent with kids and they are likely to have some financial problem. The areas where the corruption is normal such as China, people do have the sense of reality with such dirty jobs.

The first few weeks, I did not have much trouble as a visitor. I'm finishing up my 'Gang Stalking in Churches' book during my stay. It would be a free PDF. I cannot sell my book so much, so I'm thinking to sacrifice my time and effort for the sample book. I might make a sample version with less pages free and the complete version priced.

This morning, I attended the morning mass. On my way, I saw a woman with a kid showing up from the left and started to work in front of me. I thought the perps might use parents with kids for the pedo/child-molester claim. The perps needs motivation and plans of what to investigate on their victim. The tendency here in Medjugorje is quite interesting, but they seemed to use the same strategies and claims they used before by other perps in other area. These conspiracies are added a bit by bit by other perps. For example, the Muslim conspiracy never made when I first visited Medjugorje in 2009. At that time, I was looking for the baptism opportunity and I asked Fr. Svet for the possibility. I ended up finding a church in Egypt where they had a Japanese woman working in the city got baptized a year before. The perps make up the claims for COINTELPRO and the victim is never treated as innocent from their conspiracies. So, when I saw the woman with a kid, I thought the perps would bring more parents with kids for the gang stalking.

Before the morning mass, I sat on the bench attached to the right side wall. I saw a young boy of the junior high age and he sat on the bench on the same line but his seat was behind the pillar near the VM statue. I saw him wearing a sweartshirt with US flag on it. Then I saw a woman with a small boy who sat at the back edge of the bench which I sat. The boy wore a trouser with a US flag on its right thigh. It seemed like the perps using the US flag for the psychological anchoring. If they use FBI or NYPD, it would be much easier.

At 2pm, there was an event to go to the hill where the Virgin Mary appeared in front of children. When I was climbing up at the very back of the group with a priest, I did not see anything strange. I did not see a kid with her mother till the 5th station. At the 5th station, we were praying the rosary and praying at the monument, a woman with a girl showed up from my left and they suddenly stood in front of me. The girl was holding a red umbrella and the woman had a purple one. It was a surprise to me as I did not see them on the sight till I saw them suddenly showed up from the side. I wanted to record the incident, but I was not sure if that was the only kid with the parents or some more showing up from behind. At the another station, I walked forward of the group to stay away from the kid with her parent. This time, the girl was following the priest and the girl started to pray Heil Mary with the mic after the prayer at the station. At her very young age, she could recite the rosary prayer. I'm not sure how many kids can do that, but I saw such strange thing at Casa Torfeld I, the refugee residence in Buchs, Aargau. At that time, 2 small girls invaded my room and started talking to me while I was reading my Bible. The smaller girl had a rosary hanging on her neck for the psychological anchoring while the older one was very quickly talking to me in English. I think that video is available on this blog, so you might be able to watch it or on YouTube.

At night, I went to the rosary prayer. I saw the group of middle age Asians, but they occupied the top left side benches. There was an event for the Franciscan Frama, the youth group, and the youngs were given the "T-shaped" pendants. It reminded me of the day of Hl. Korbenian in Freising. Kids received the Hl. Horbenian pendant from the group walking around in the church with the relic with the holy body. After the mass, some people were taking the picture of the young group participated in the fest, so I filmed that one for today's video blog. Indeed, there were lots of kids and teens showed up.
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