I am tethered by a two way wireless link from bio particulates inside my body to a computer network, where all of the electrical activity which my body and brain generate on an ongoing basis is uploaded to a data processor and stored.   This data that my brain and body have generated on an ongoing basis is analysed by computer algorithms and  translated into daily activities such as how long I have slept, what exercise I have taken, type and quantity of food I have eaten, how many times I have visited the bathroom and much other information about me.  It is planned that in the future  algorithms would be used  to award or deduct  points to a social credit score system in my name based on my general behaviour, a large part of  which would be deduced from the electrical activity gathered in this way from my brain and body.  

By injecting extra false digital information into my body and brain via the two way wireless link which I am tethered to a computer network by, , criminal neuro operatives can now make me hear their voices against my will, see visions, and have virtual reality experiences without the need to wear a virtual reality helmet.  They can force the muscles of my face and neck to move against my will, which is something they do to me on an almost daily basis.  

 In the long term, this technological enslavement system is being planned for the whole human race, except for the new world order cabal of would be enslavers who do not plan to be part of the social credit score system themselves.  They will escape this system because they have not been registered at birth.  They do not come into contact with the police because they always travel by privately hired cars, buses and airplanes.  They never drive a vehicle themselves on public roads.  It is believed that they now own and control a large percentage of all of the money and resources on the earth and they are attempting to own it all through dishonesty.  They have placed themselves above the law.

The new world order cabal are afraid of the internet because it has no central focus of control.  They have flooded it with hoaxes in order to cover extreme advances in technology which they have been using against a selection of targeted individuals.  Some of these hoaxes are the demonic possession hoax, the near death experience hoax, the poltergeist hoax, the religious apparition hoax, the moving statue hoax, the extra terrestrial visitation hoax, the existence of satellites hoax, and a large  number of other hoaxes.

In order to stop the new world order cabal from having you and all of the people you care about from being linked against your will, from bio particulates inside your brain and body to a network of computers by wireless means, please canvas your neighbours to forceably demolish all cell phone towers in your area without the permission of the false authority of the state which is largely controlled by the new world order cabal by indirect means.   We do not know who the new world order cabal are because they have the capability of controlling senior statesmen and women by wireless remote means.   However, they now own and control the worlds money supply.  We must gain back the worlds money supply by any means possibly.   We may be able to select senior diplomats from each country to  negotiate with the shareholders of the federal reserve bank who sit on the board of most of the privately owned central banks of each country throughout the world. Please make representation with your national politicians in order to make this happen.    Please share this information widely. 

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