My brain is wirelessly fused to either a supercomputer or a computer network and I may or may not have become connected to the cerebral internet which is an enslavement and torture system and which I believe is meant for us all. I am a long term victim of non-consensual human experimentation and I am being sent voice commands through the wireless control system as well as pain, visual images, sensations and a wide variety of other unwanted experiences the worse of which is forced muscle movement.
Unfortunately my brain is now decoded to the extent that now it can be wirelessly linked into by many security personnel who work in the intelligence services who are further employed either directly or indirectly for dark Luciferian occultists. I believe that these dark occultists wish to enslave and torture the whole human race by wireless means by the use of wirelessly enabled brain weapons.
It is being claimed that computer to brain interface technology does not rely on the non-consensual human experimentation subject being implanted with a microchip but instead it is being claimed that the unique EMF brainwave print of the subject is connected to the computer to brain interface technology by a bi-directional stream of energy without the need for there being any technology inside the human subjects brain other than various inorganic compounds which may come through the food and water supply and which are deemed to be necessary for successful brain weapon testing. I am questioning parts of that narrative. Non-consensual implantation of human subjects with a wide variety of implants have been taking place illegally for the past one hundred years or more throughout many parts of the world in order to conduct wireless experimentation on them. The individuals who conduct the wirelessly enabled experimentation on the non consensual human subject do not wish us to examine the fact that they are breaking all known laws by the act of non-consensual implantation of human subjects so they may wrongly wish us to believe that no implants are necessary.
I am also questioning a second narrative. If satellites exist the signals which they would send from space would need to travel sixty five thousand miles through extreme conditions in order to relay digital signals to satellite dishes and telephone towers. No science exists that supports this situation. I know that nearly all signals are transmitted throughout the world via undersea fibre optic cables. I also know that many if not all of the voices of neuro scientists and other neuro operatives which I hear coming from inside my head due to the fact that I am non-consensually linked to a human control and enslavement network have American accents and use American terminology and they often mistakenly believe that I myself am an American citizen. However, I was born and reared in the Republic of Ireland and I have always lived in the Republic of Ireland and I have never visited the United States in my entire life. I long for the day when the Irish government directs the Irish military to sever all under sea fibre optic cables coming in to the Republic of Ireland in order that this act of severing may block unwanted digital signals containing voice commands and pain which come by wireless means into my brain and body.
Further to the above, law enforcement are now enforcing evil laws. Evil laws are being enacted on an almost daily basis. Law enforcers have been inculcated into the cult of false law enforcement to the extent that they are now unquestioningly obedient to a false hierarchical based chain of command which demands that they continue to enforce evil laws unquestioningly. Some examples of these laws are grossly unfair tax laws, laws which allow government staff to take children away from loving parents if or when said parents question their government about anything whatsoever, laws which allow murderers to remain uninvestigated under the false guise of protecting national security interests, laws which force psychiatrists to administer highly poisonous substances to in-patients in psychiatric hospitals which said patients are legally obliged to ingest and which makes them suffer with extreme side effects in almost all cases, laws which give rights to corporations as if they had the same rights as human beings, laws which leave legal guardians of children unprotected from criminal government agents, as well as any number of other equally evil laws.

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