Lately my Perp is burning radiation burns on my tongue. How am I supposed to EAT? He must be on DOPE again-a 30 year JUNKIE. Letting his friends on dope mess with the equip burning a CRATER on my tongue. THE PAIN that results is unbearable. What can I do. He needs INTENSIVE OUT-PATIENT TREATMENT DUAL DIAGNOSIS and weekly drug tests. I refuse to be a part of his network unless he seeks help and weekly Drug scans. I will not meet, or talk with him ever because of what he has done to me. If I am this important to his little network, then he will HAVE to go or DETOXED-weekly compliance DRUG TESTING. The PAIN is becoming intolerable. How can an oral surgeon help me when it is RADIATION BURNS-he cannot seem to stop on his own. We used to be best friends 1980 to 1987. I don't know why MARTY B. Bellevue, NE USA PERP is getting so much worse lately? 

Marty has actually said that the reason for this is because I refused to take a shower in the morning becaused he HURT me needlessly. This whole Very Extensive Research Project V.E.R.P. as he calls it would have "shaped" me if he had not resorted to OBEY HIM-OR ELSE PAIN MENTALITY. IT is NOT WORKING. 14 years of him now.

ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED! I keep my mouth SHUT about this EQUIPMENT. I know much more about this equipment than he does. Why is he DOPED UP using it. I could use it at 100 times the intelligense of him. I also have a current Advanced Class Amateur Radio License. I understand the frequency and modulation physics of this. WHY HIM? He is a High School DROPOUT with the IQ of 80  or so.

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