The dark new world order cabal attained ownership of a large amount of the worlds money and resources by using electronic mind control on those that they have been doing business with which effectively means that they have come by their finances and property by both illegal and immoral means and because of that situation we can take it off them again and distribute it among the rightful owners throughout the world. Who will volunteer to take them to a common law court and thereby rightfully gain back what they attained by illegal and immoral means?
By gaining control over what the dark new world order cabal now own and control we would also gain the right to disassemble and ban all HAARP phased arrays along with all microwave and millimetre wave transmitters and all other paraphernalia which is now being used to gain wireless control of our central nervous systems under patent number US6965816. The aforementioned patent outlines the capability of unknown criminal neural control operatives to take over, control and manage a human being through their central nervous system as well as to take over, control and manage other systems such as vehicles and airplanes. In my opinion, the dark new world order cabal wish to be able to control their fellow men, women and children of the world in hundreds of different ways including immobilising any of us who dared to ever question their ever growing false authority. By using your smart phone you can be programmed to accept values such as cruelty and intolerance as well as unquestioning belief in all information which comes through certain predesignated channels regardless of whether that information is true or false.
By wirelessly gaining access to the central nervous system of a human being or a selection of human beings unknown neuro scientists as well as neuro operatives can extract electrical impulses from the brain and central nervous system of the targeted human being and have them automatically translated into what that human being is thinking, saying, doing, feeling as well as intimate details about their bodily functions. This can be done to the targeted human being while said targeted human being is fully aware that they are being subjected to constant monitoring of their neural systems and while said targeted human being is actively complaining to anyone who will listen that this is occurring to them continually without end.

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