Coincidental waves such as those from cell phones and radio stations penetrate our bodies. Our bio-systems such as our heart beat intermodulates these signals. These co-incidental waves can then be retrieved from around the human body and the information therein can be used to read your heartbeat, your body temperature, your brain waves etc, and can be used to decipher what you are thinking.

Each human being generates alot of data so high speed computers are needed to target even one individual for real time thought and human body data analysis and for human body manipulation and modification. GPS signals need to be synchronised in order to achieve constant contact with the targeted subject. Cell phone towers are essential for GPS signal synchronisation. Brain damage or death can be caused on purpose in order to declare war on the human race.

This system leaves almost no connection to the culprits. It shorts the justice system and it goes around the constitution. The justice system does not understand advances in technology. For further information please check out the following link to a youtube video where the electronics engineer Dave Case is being interviewed by award winning online journalist Ramola D.


Neuro operatives are using data analysis of the electrical activity sourced from the brain stem of implanted victims of remote neural monitoring to decipher what the victim has said and done, even down to what the victim has eaten and how long they have slept on any given day. Wireless Body Area Networks known as WBANs are being implanted throughout the brains and bodies of unknowing individuals. Data is then being stolen from these illegally implanted individuals and it is being used for wide area data analysis of humanity for the purposes of using that data for the widespread control and enslavement of human kind in the future. This illegal surveillance via secretly implanting humans with WBANs is being conducted by a small sector of our fellow human beings who own and control extremely advanced technology which gives them a considerable advantage in the human technological enslavement process which is now occurring behind the scenes in our lives in what is known as a stealth war of attrition.  Demand the banning of wireless enabling capabilities urgently if you wish to live in freedom.

 The hoax of demonic possession as well as other hoaxes such as the hoax of an extra-terresterial presence and the hoax of near death experiences are all being generated by experiences which were actually created neuro weapons operatives. Stories of these hoaxes are being driven by criminals who wish to cover up the existence and vast capabilities of neuro weapons as well as the vast capabilities of other directed energy weapons.

 All worldwide date is currently being transmitted via undersea fibre optic cables. Most have concluded that the existence of satellites is a hoax. 

I myself am a victim of both in-home surveillance and psychological torture and remote neural manipulation for more than fifteen years.  I know many other Irish victims of this ongoing extreme form of wireless psychological  torture.  These individuals are from all over Ireland, including Cartron Estate, Sligo City, Blackrock, Co. Louth, Aghamore, Ballyhaunis, Leitrim Lower, Co. Leitrim, Six Mile Bridge, Co. Clare, Sallynoggin, Co. Dublin, Columbanus Place, Milltown, Dublin 14, and many others whose email addresses I am in possession of but I will not be any more specific about their identities.  We no longer look for help from the psychiatric community because they refuse to confront the reality of wirelessly enabled in-home surveillance and psychological torture which is being conducted via voice transmissions that are carried along  a two way continuous stream of low frequency electromagnetic energy from the brain of the non-consenting neuro weapons research subject to the computers of the criminals who are involved in this neuro research.   

For further information on recent developments in brain science please click on the following link to the work of Professor James Giordano of Georgetown University, Washington D.C.,

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