Case (9)

The British police force are being paid significant bonuses if they agree to use a still secret network to force their voices inside the heads of young offenders and even some non offenders with the use of still secret but common place internal technology. This irregular situation came about through an internal agreement with the British government, including Tony Blair who may himself be under duress from the implantation of internal biochips inside his own body, in accompaniment with many other senior and junior politicians throughout Britain and Northern Ireland. Young offenders are being both illegally and immorally implanted with WBANs which are wirelessly enabled body area networks, which include the capability of the British police and a number of other networks to read the thoughts of said young offenders and others and to reply to those thoughts in real time. This illegal implantation of WBANs is meant for eventual electronic enslavement of everybody thoughout the world except for the would-be enslavers who are currently unknown but who undoubtedly belong to secret societies.  Some innocent human beings are now being forced to hear more than one thousand unwanted voices coming from inside their own heads in any given week, so that said British police can earn bonus payments along with their salaries. This system aught to be disabled, disassembled and banned immediately

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This Full Length Research Paper has been published in Academic Journals

Soleilmavis’ case summary on mind control torture and abuse 

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF]   pp. 27 - 30                 

Journal of Law and Conflict Resolution Vol. 4(2), pp. 27-30, February 2012

Available online at
DOI: 10.5897/JLCR11.024
ISSN 2006-9804 ©2012 Academic Journals



One of the twenty-first century’s greatest violations of human rights is the proliferation of mind control technologies and their accompanying abuse and torture. The author, Soleilmavis Liu, is one of thousands of innocent victims across the globe, who has become an activist for their freedom. Mind control technologies are weapons which use electromagnetic waves to hijack a person’s brain and nervous system and subvert an individual's sense of control over their own thinking, behavior, emotions or decision making. This article is a brief introduction to these technologies and one of its victims, Soleilmavis Liu. Soleilmavis’ work is to expose mind control technologies and their torturous abuses and to urge governments worldwide to investigate and halt these egregious violations of human rights. Keywords: Mind control technology; Directed energy weapons; Human Rights; Torture; Abuse.


Keywords:Mind control technology; Directed energy weapons; Human Rights; Torture; Abuse


1.       Introduction

Soleilmavis is a Chinese citizen, born and raised in China, who was first attacked in December, 2001 when she was studying for a Master’s Degree in Australia. At the time she was unfamiliar with remote electromagnetic weapons which can control thinking, behavior, emotions or decision making by attacking the brain and nervous system. Eventually, she would come to learn of these technologies that are being secretly used or covered by governments worldwide to control and harass the populace.

This article will briefly introduce mind control weapons, Soleilmavis’ case summary, and Soleilmavis’ work to expose mind control weapons abuse torture. Soleilmavis’ case summary and her work will hopefully bring more public awareness to the use of mind control weapons, abuses and tortures.


2.       Brief introduction of Mind Control Technologies

Mind control technologies are weapons which use electronic microchip implants, nanotechnologies, microwaves and /or electromagnetic waves to subvert an individual's sense of control over their own thinking, behavior, emotions or decision making by attacking the brain and nervous system.  The development of these methods and technologies has a long history.


2.1  Nazi Wonder Drug

     Nazi researchers used concentration camp inmates to test a cocaine-based "wonder drug" they hoped would enhance the performance of German troops. [1]


2.2  Mk-ultra, America's Central Intelligence Agency mind control project.

There is an overwhelming body of evidence that confirms the existence of Mk-ultra, America's Central Intelligence Agency mind control project. MORE than 250 people who claim they were “brainwashing” victims of America’s Central Intelligence Agency were set to win a multimilliondollar legal battle for compensation. Nine had already each received $67,000 (£33,500) compensation from the spy agency, which had admitted setting-up an operation codenamed MK-Ultra during the Cold War (Parker, 2007). [2]


2.3  Implantable electronic chip mind control

Many researchers, using nanotechnologies have developed implantable electronic chips that establish new nerve connections in the parts of the brain that control movement or even alter emotion and thought. Researchers at the University of Washington (UW) are working on an implantable electronic chip that may help establish new nerve connections in the part of the brain that controls movement. Their most recent study, to be published in the Nov. 2, 2006, edition of Nature, showed such a device can induce brain changes in monkeys lasting more than a week (Gray, 2006). [3]

On March 18, 2008, the Central Intelligence Agency responded in writing to a Larson Media Freedom of Information Act request. The document discloses that the CIA's use of biomedical intellectual property developed at the Alfred Mann Foundation, Second Sight LLC, Advanced Bionics, and under Naval Space Warfare (SPAWAR) contract #N6600106C8005 is "currently and properly classified pursuant to an executive order in the interest of national security" and applies to the CIA Director's "statutory obligation to protect from disclosure, intelligence sources and methods". The technology, developed under the DARPA programs of Tony Tether, Col. Geoffrey Ling and N.I.H programs of William Heetderks, has been protected as a Defense "Special Access Program"1 (SAP), which is the official terminology for a "black project". The research has resulted in implantable devices that are millimeter and sub-millimeter in size, can be surreptitiously implanted (and are fabricated in a manner that the devices cannot be detected or localized by clinical medical or radiology techniques), and provides a shocking amount of surveillance capability regarding a subject’s activities which may include visual and auditory biofeedback data.

Additionally, the devices are capable of delivering testosterone or any other biological agent.


2.4    Voice to Skull Technologies

Artificial microwave voice to skull transmission was successfully demonstrated by researcher Dr. Joseph Sharp in 1973, announced at a seminar from the University of Utah in 1974, and in a journal "American Psychologist" in March, 1975 issue, article title "Microwaves and Behavior" by Dr. Don Justesen (1975).  [4]

In 2002, the US Air Force Research Laboratory patented precisely such a device: a nonlethal weapon which includes (1) a neuro-electromagnetic device which broadcasts sound into the skull of persons or animals by way of pulse-modulated microwave radiation; and (2) a silent sound device which can transmit ultrasound (above human hearing) into the skull of mammals.

NOTE: The sound modulation may be voice or audio subliminal messages. One application of Voice to Skull uses is an electronic scarecrow to frighten birds in the vicinity of airports. Many mind control victims also claim to be harassed by Voice to Skull technologies ( ). [5]


2.5  Mind reading technologies

Researchers have shown a capability to read a subject’s mind by remotely measuring their brain activity. This technique can even extract information from individuals, who are unaware of themselves ( ) [6]


2.6  Microwave or electromagnetic mind control technologies

It is sometimes hard for victims to find evidence of microwave or electromagnetic mind control technology.  However, some news articles are starting to report the development of government mind control weapons (DiSalvo, 2011). [7] There is evidence that electromagnetic weapons have effects on the brain; including sleep disruption and behavior changes (Walonick, 1999). [8]


2.7   Patents of Mind Control Technologies

Patents also indicate the existence of mind control technologies. [9]



Soleilmavis is a Chinese citizen, born and raised in China, who was first attacked in December, 2001 when she was studying for a Master’s Degree in Australia. Noticeable effects started with some noises (whispering voices) which she heard from the floor below her. The other people who lived in the same house could not hear them. She then moved to a one-story house in January, 2002. The noise resounded, as if they were coming from the neighbors. Soon she started to experience a wide variety of symptoms.

3.1  Major symptoms:

Majority of the symptoms were; pain all over the body, stomach pain, toothaches, headaches, and leg and arm pains, she also had a few high fevers. All these symptoms would disappear without any medical treatment, or sometimes, a pain would persist, even if she had strong medication.

She went to the police in January, 2002 to report that someone was following her and using technology to read her thoughts. She told the police that their voices sounded as if they came from the neighbors. The police responded that it was illegal to use mind-reading technologies in Australia.

In February, 2002, she moved to a new one-story house. An increase in the symptoms was noted: diarrhea for almost a month, involuntary hand tremors, inability to stand firmly on her legs, alternation of cold and hot sensations, excessive perspiration, and more. As usual, the symptoms disappeared, without any medication.

On April 5 2002, she could not bear any more suffering, so she left Australia .However, even after she left, she still could hear those voices. She went to Hong Kong, Thailand, Shanghai and China, but the voices still sounded as if they came from the neighbors. The same symptoms came back all the time and her belongings were often stolen when she was not in her hotels.

In August, 2002, she went to New Zealand. Again, she experienced the same symptoms. In April 2003, she had already spent all her money, so she came back to China and stayed with her parents. She had more symptoms such as constipation, faece and piss incontinence and sexual harassment. Torturers started to prevent her from sleeping at night, or they would wake her up at midnight. Sometimes, the tormentors also forced her to sleep when she did not want to or they would force her to have "dreams". She knew those "dreams" were totally artificial and transmitted to her brain via an external medium, presumably through electromagnetic weapons. The principle was the same as with a silent sound device which could transmit sounds into a person's skull.

At the end of 2004, her tormentors forced her to have "dreams" every night. These people could use electromagnetic technologies to transmit their voices directly to her brain. They could make their voices sound as if they came from the neighbors or from a nearby person. They could also use their devices to morph the voices to sound like those of her friends or family members. Upon her return to China, the voices still sounded as if they came from neighbors, but she knew they were not her neighbors' voices. After 2005, they no longer used the "voice trick", although sometimes they even tried to make her believe that they were the TV announcers' voices.

Upon her return to China, the voices still sounded as if they came from neighbors, but she knew they were not her neighbors' voices. After 2005, they no longer used the "voice trick", although sometimes they even tried to make her believe that they were the TV announcers' voices.

She thought that they mostly used their own voices. When they started to torture and harass her in Australia, most of them only spoke in English. Only one or two spoke in Mandarin without any dialects. During the second month, more people who spoke in Mandarin joined them. They also asked whether she could speak Cantonese. Other victims said they could hear the voices speaking in Cantonese. Since leaving Australia, most of the voices were only in Mandarin. About ten people who spoke Mandarin had been torturing and harassing her 24/7 between May 2002 and April 2003. After April 2003, about ten Mandarin voices were used and only occasional voices were in English. She thought they might have employed more Mandarin-speaking people to join them.

During the past few years, their weapons have attacked her, no matter where she was; in every country, whether inside a house, underground, on a plane, on a ship, underwater, inside a car, on a mountaintop or anywhere.

3.2  Soleilmavis’ efforts of the past few years

For the past few years, Soleilmavis has been working hard to stop these fascist atrocities. She reported these crimes to the police when she was in Australia in January and February, 2002. She wrote letters to the United Nations after she left Australia.

Since 2005, she has written letters to the United Nations, researched the Internet about mind control weapons and acquired lots of good information. She found many victims all over the world who were going through the same nightmarish life as her.

After 2006, she more intensely researched mind control and directed-energy weapons. She kept in touch with other victims and exposed mind control and directed energy technologies torturing and harassing her through many channels worldwide. She and others in her network have written countless letters to government departments, social communities, human rights organizations, the media and the general public. But they did not get any help to stop the alleged human rights violation.

Soleilmavis has also sent letters to, and wishes to file lawsuits against the government who has covered up mind control weapons abuses and tortures. Soleilmavis and other victims have started a concerted campaign against secret mind control weapons/directed energy weapons abuse and torture. They are demanding an international investigation into these crimes which constitute immense violations of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights (  [10]



     The control and manipulation of a human brain is a terrifying possibility. Lieutenant Colonel Timothy L. Thomas, US Army (ret), published an article in the military journal Parameters which likens the mind as a new battlefield. He quotes a Russian army major in relation to weapons that affect the mind, “It is completely clear that the state which is first to create such weapons will achieve incomparable superiority." Thomas expresses concern about “information dominance” though he stops short of the moral implications (Thomas, 1998). [11]

Mr. Peter Phillips, Lew Brown and Bridget Thornton also have also raised high concern of human rights violations implemented with electromagnetic weapons in the article “US Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights”( Phillips et al., 2006). [12]

According to an anonymous Survey for Mind Control Victims (result on 19 Dec 2009), 71.29% of all victims had completed a college degree, with 13.86% of all victims attaining a Master or a Doctor degree. The possible reasons to became a target were:

  • Government Secret Human Experiments or Scientists Performing Secret Human Experiments supported by Government (58.11%);
  • Scientists Performing Secret Human Experiment (36.82%);
  • Government Secret War (33.45%);
  • Secret Political persecution (32.77%);
  • Terrorist violence (22.97%);
  • Misuse of weapons by government corruption (45.27%).  [13]

Currently, there are many victims who claim they are tortured and harassed by mind control and directed energy weapons, and the number of victims has been increasing. Victims of these weapons are often economically marginalized and therefore have very limited financial resources to buy testing equipment, so even if they are poisoned or get implanted or suffer from brutal electromagnetic weapons torture, for the most part, they cannot uncover the root causes or find someone willing to help them do so.

Many States’ Constitutions require the Government to protect the legitimate rights and interests of citizens; many countries had strict laws to ban torture; THIS UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS bans torture, cruel inhuman degrading treatment or punishment (Article 5); and everyone has the right to freedom of thought (Article 18). But the Government and public have ignored victims’ complaints for years—they did not help victims or sentence torturers according to law.


5.         Conclusions

It can be seen that mind control weapons are well developed and they are being used to torture and harass innocent citizens. Many victims are currently working in conjunction with Soleilmavis to start a worldwide campaign against secret mind control weapons/directed energy weapons abuse and torture.

In this research, the following conclusions were reached:

1) Many countries have developed various types of mind control methods: drugs, microchips, nanotechnologies and electromagnetic waves. Could these governments also introduce legislation to regulate the use of such weapons?

2) Effective laws and other measures from our governments need to be enacted to prevent the misuse

of such weapons.

3) In the event of misuse of such weapons, government intervention is required to protect the victims’ and prosecute torturers to the fullest extent of the law.

It is hoped that Soleilmavis’ case summary will bring about public awareness and solutions to mind control weapons abuse and torture.



[1] Nazi Wonder Drug, , 9/11/2002

[2] Mike Parker, CIA'S BOURNE IDENTITY PLOT (Mkultra),, July 8, 2007,     

[3] Leila Gray, Tiny electronic chip, interacting with the brain, modifies pathways for controlling movement, University of Washington News, Oct. 24, 2006  

[4] Dr. Don Justesen, Microwaves and Behavior, American Psychologist, March 1975,

[5] voice to skull devices  accessed 17 Aug 2011

[6] Harvard’s Buckner wins Alzheimer’s award for reading our minds, 2011 February 24  

[7] David DiSalvo, Five Big Developments in Neuroscience to Watch, Jun. 17 2011, Neuropsyched

[8] David S. Walonick, Effects of 6-10 Hz ELF on Brain Waves, September 10, 1999,

[9] Patents  accessed 17 Aug 2011

[10] Victims works accessed 17 Aug 2011

[11] Timothy L. Thomas, The Mind Has No Firewall, Parameters, Spring 1998, pp. 84-92.

[12] Peter Phillips, Lew Brown and Bridget Thornton, US Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights, December 2006,  

[13] An anonymous Survey for Mind Control Victims (result on 19 Dec 2009)



The Fact and evidence

I was controlled by remote Voice to Skull technologies and Mind Control technologies, and I was brought inside US Embassy in Hong Kong


Life of Soleilmavis in Brief Summary 


Soleilmavis Liu, Author of the book: “Twelve Years in the Grave – Mind Control with Electromagnetic Spectrums, the Invisible Modern Concentration Camp”, is helping the public understand voice-to-skull, and remote electromagnetic mind control technologies. Her book provides the sound facts and evidence about the secret abuse and torture with such technologies.


Many victims' stories

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Please join the civil lawsuit of Steve Ahmann........its free.........thank you...........bitte nehmen Sie an der Zivilklage von Steve Ahmann teil ist kostenlos..........



Civil Lawsuit - Steve Ahmann

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Please join the civil case of Steve Ahmann..........print out the CIVIL SUIT REVISION 14 + IN FORMA PAUPERIS fill it out and mail it to Steve Ahmann......the civil case is free....thank you.....

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LAS VEGAS, NV. 89169






Stephen Ahmann,       }                                         Case#__________ }

Guy Potter, Elisabeth Jane Buchanan et.  al.  }     }

Vs.     }         

The United States           }


Comes now plaintiffs to bring action against the defendant for the following reasons including but not limited to:



We, the plaintiffs, have been and/or are currently tortured by the defendant.


Our 8th amendment right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment has been violated by the defendant.


Even if the court refuses to acknowledge that the following does not clearly show we are victims of torture or refuses to define torture as a crime within the United States we are still victims of ongoing felony assaults a violation of US Code Chapter 7 of numerous accounts.

Some plaintiffs are outside US; however, the 1991 Torture Victim Protection Act (U.S. Code (Title 28, Part IV, Chapter 85, and Section 1350)) allows for torture victims to bring action in the United States District Court. 


For most of us, beginning on or about 2001 we, the plaintiffs, became the victims of Cointelpro-style tactics and/or other government operations and these activities have continued up to the present.  This includes tactics like organized psychological and physical operations.  Not all of us became victims in 2001.  For example, we have a whole new generation of victims who are experiencing this now that started recently.  Though our suffering is the same, they are at a different ‘stage’ of these operations. 

Because of this fact, it is apparent that these crimes will continue

unchecked until something is done. 

However the majority of us will state that these operations against us

became extremely obvious beginning in 2001 and have continued, in most cases, unabated to the present. 


We are victims of Cointelpro-style tactics and/or other government psychological and physical operations.  We all experience the same crimes.  We live in different states and have moved to many different states all with the same result. 

The criminal activities cross state/national lines.  Federal government agencies and employees participate; therefore, this falls under federal jurisdiction.


Our right to petition the government for grievances has been violated as in that keeping records of the crimes against us that have occurred for a decade or more is obstructed. Our homes are frequently broken into and journals, logs, and other evidence is stolen. 


Because of the defendant(s) actions it is extremely difficult to function in society making it extremely difficult to gather and keep evidence, keep employment or business, or maintain a place to live.  This violates our right to petition the government for grievances and basic rights to life and liberty. 


Because the defendant’s criminal actions affects the mind and body so badly it makes it very difficult to bring lawful action.  Our  situation is an emergency situation.  Our life, health, and well-being are always in jeopardy.  It is difficult to sleep, think, work, and generally function and live. 

Therefore, all papers are filed under extreme duress.  This is an emergency situation and we demand immediate relief.  These activities are killing us. 


Our right to the pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness has been violated as we are nearly perpetually stalked, harassed, intimidated, interrogated, humiliated, and threatened by the defendants employing an unknown communication device set at distorted volume over an extended period of time with the intent of causing physical pain and suffering, distraction, confusion, and exhaustion.     The combined effect of these perpetual assaults amount to torture.  Even while sleeping.  That date of occurrence would be on or about 2001 to the present for most of us.


The defendants falsely accuse of breaking laws as the reasoning behind this abuse and, even if were true, would fall under our
protection against cruel and unusual punishment.


The defendants, employing this high tech communication device interrogate us about private and embarrassing things like our sexual behavior and past.  They demand to know all kinds of private details. 

This is done to sexually humiliate. 

They also use it for blackmail. 


Uniformed police officers, FBI and all other government agencies that we have been in contact with participate in the Cointelpro-style activity and other physical and psychological operations...     We have moved many times to different parts of the country and since this follows across state lines it, obviously, is federal, but also employs local government personnel or their agents.  The tactics such as but not limited to: saying things about personal lives in public that only someone spying on us would know, gas lighting,   interfering with

attempts to talk with others/form relationships, interfering with normal activities such as working, sleeping, shopping, etc, street theatre, threats, intimidation, aggravated stalking, provoking, psychological anchoring,  negative NLP (neural linguistics

programming), and conspiracy.   Many of us also report seeing an usually high amount of military and/or law enforcement aircraft as well that ‘ buzz’ them or do other things to upset. 


Our right to petition the government for grievances has been violated.  As we try to obtain the services of assistance of counsel yet all attempts made to secure counsel are blocked by cointelpro-style tactic and/or other operations. 


All forms of communication are tampered/interfered with.  Including mail, email, phone calls.  This has greatly interfered with our right to petition the government for grievances.  As well as, untold amounts of losses. 


Our right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness has been violated by the defendants using an unknown communication device to employ a hypnotist  and/or some other kind of weapon(s ) to influence us.  We

are then made to see, believe, and forget all kinds of things over the

years.  Some of the things we have been hypnotized/manipulated to experience include but are not limited to:  feel paranoia; believe our thoughts were being read; to fall asleep/trance while at work, grocery shopping, or in public.  We have also felt excruciating chest pains,

pain in other areas, painful dizzy spells, and a feeling of suffocation or throat closing.  All of this was upon command from the defendants letting us know it was them that had the power to give us chest pains; dizzy spells, etc. while they laughed at our situation.  For many of us, these assaults and others like them occur multiple times per hour.


 Our freedom of religion has been violated as the defendants used the unknown communication device to hurt us whenever we tried to  practice our religion.  We have been threatened about our religion, politics, and a host of other beliefs and informed by the defendants that we had to do what they wanted or they would increase their

criminal activities.  We, the plaintiffs come from a wide variety of religious and political areas and it would appear this could be another psychological operation, but we suffer from it all the same. 


Our freedom of speech has been violated by parties unknown to us as we are punished for saying or doing certain things by the defendant’s increased criminal actives and their threats to do so.  This includes threats of prosecution…most recently 6-3-2011 for preparing this suit. 

Some of us have been threatened for attempting to pursue legal remedy. We have been informed through an unknown communication device at about 11:00 pm that if we don’t drop this suit that the defendants would have people testify against us for made-up crimes. This is vindictive prosecution and is illegal.   Threats like this have been made to us countless times over the years. 


We are threatened often, making us fearful and unable to pursue life liberty or happiness. 

Some of the threats we have received include but are not limited to:

threats to kill us, poisoning us, arresting us and holding in jail forever,

stealing our possessions, gang-beating us up with baseball bats, shooting us, raping us, putting cameras in our home and putting compromising pictures of us on the internet, conspiring to defraud us by broadcasting this abuse and profiting from it, paying members opposite sex we encounter not to sleep with us, prosecute us civilly and/or criminally, paying people to harass us, running us out of the country, conspiring to continue to stalk, harass and threaten us and never stop.


Most of us have had numerous cars and other vehicles swerve, obviously pointed right at us, in attempt to intimidate us.  Many of us have been beat up and hospitalized many times.   Some have had entire gangs jump us and been hospitalized.   Since this was quite rare or never happened prior to this start date on or about 2001, these events coincide with the start of all the other operations and are perpetrated by the defendant.  


The defendants conduct a campaign of lies against us.  Almost all of us are victims of slander,  defamation of character, and libel; another aspect of Cointelpro-style tactics, and/or government psychological and physical operations, to isolate us to make sure no one knows

or helps us. This campaign of lies is very effective from the perception the public has to the integrity of the defendant.  

Also, many people think they are being instructed by an authority figure. 


The majority of us are victims of sexual abuse by the defendant a violation of 18 U.S.C. § 2241.

We are victims of the crime of provoking and conspiracy to provoke.   This is perpetrated by the defendant and started for the majority of plaintiffs on or around 2001 to the present. 


Combined these operation cause sleep deprivation, anxiety, panic, physical illness, stress, high blood pressure, and other physical and mental issues such as nervous breakdown.  Many of us have attempted suicide just to get the torture to stop.  Some of us have died. 


Those of us with children, and pets, or elderly family have had to watch as the defendants inflicted the same tortures on them.



I. Actual damages:

a.)   time off work is 10 years time/lost wages and income @ 100,000 per year per plaintiff is 1,000,000 USD


b.)    Hospitalization 30,000 per plaintiff average over 10 year period

c.)    Losses due to thefts and vandalization


d.)   Court costs


II. Pain and suffering


a.) physical pain suffered from torture for a ten year period   is 10 billion USD per plaintiff 


b.) isolation due to libel/slander campaign for 10 years is 10 billion USD per plaintiff

III. Punitive damages is 20.1 billion dollars per plaintiff

Total damages are 40.2 billion dollars per plaintiff.  We, also, petition
the court for an order to cease all the aforementioned.


So Stated under penalty of perjury
on this ______________ day of ____________, 20__

                                                                        ________________________       _________                                                       

________________________       __________

                                                                               ________________________     __________

                                                                                ________________________     _________


 Stephen Ahmann, Katherine Moore,   }                                Case#__ }

Starkeep Potter, Elisabeth Jane Buchanan  }   } 

                vs.            }       


The United States       }


                Motion to proceed in Forma Pauperis

                We, the undersigned plaintiffs, certify that we are too poor to pay for these proceedings.


 stated Under Penalty of Perjury on this _____ date of _____, 20__                                                                __________________________   _________                                                            __________________________   ________


__________________________    ________                                                           

_______________________   _________  



I, Steve Ahmann, swear that a copy of the forgoing has been delivered to the federal Courthouse at 333 S Las Vegas Blvd this ____ day of ____ 20__




All the informations you also find here.......see under documents..........alle Informationen findne Sie hier........bitte unter Dokumente nachsehen........danke/ thank you....



and here: here are the documents/ hier sind die Dokumente


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Please send your torture case summaries to Danish Institute for Human rights
Martin Lassen-Vernal,
I am planning to attend the Danish Foreign Affair meeting UN Universal Periodic review about Denmarks Human Right record - to criticise and draw their attention to the horrendous torture Im subjected to for prolonged time Directed Energy Weapons and Mind Control
The heading What is the Most Serious Human Rights problem in Denmark
thursday 23/9 l. 17.15 to. 20.15
Copenhagen Universitet, Center Lokale CSS 1.1.18
豷ter Farimagsgade 5, 1017 Copenhagen K
INVITATION Danish Institute Human Rights and and Danish Foreign Affairs opens doors to a series of hearings on Denmark's upcoming UN degree in human rights. The first two hearings will take place in Copenhagen and Aarhus - and you can give your input.
Posted by the editors

Next year, Denmark for the first time for the exam in the UN Human Rights Council. It happens during the so-called Universal Periodic review of the English shortened UPR.

The intention of the UPR is that all UN member states within a four-year period in consultation with other Council members yesterday in a dialogue about their human rights record. And the second May 2011 is thus Denmark's turn to take to task.

As a basis for this "UN exam" uses reports from the Council include the Danish government itself, civil society and from IMR. Precisely therefore hold Foreign and IMR a series of public hearings where all can freely participate and give their views on human rights in Denmark - and thus provide concrete contributions to the content of the Danish report.

Embossing debate
- This is a new opportunity to make its views known and to influence Denmark's future policy on human rights. We invite all happy to participate in this important process, which could ultimately act to improve human rights for every citizen, explains project manager at IMR, Lis Dhundale.

During the hearing, the Foreign Ministry's human rights ambassador, Arnold Skibsted, tell more about the UPR process and the government's priorities for preparing the report. Participants are then able to make their own assessment of the human rights challenges in Denmark. IMR's director, Jonas Christoffersen, will be moderator.

The issues being raised during the consultation will form part of the Government's preparation of the report. At a later stage there will be opportunity for written comment on the government's draft report will be sent in consultation at the Foreign Ministry website.
Read more…

Some suggestions on how to file a court case.

The followings are some suggestions from lawyers, We welcome more good suggestions, please leave your comments to this post.

Some suggestions from France lawyers

Summary report of Mr. Rudy (France) meeting with the lawyers in Paris

Only 3 lawyers turned up, the other 3 were held up at their offices at the last moment and briefly chatted with us on the phone.

1. They all know about the existence of various tecnological means which violate the fundamental human rights of innocent people , they know the existence of non lethal weapons and of highly sophisticated psychological pressures.

2. They do not have the slightest doubt about some governments' participation in influencing or even destroying the free will of some people.

3. They know that the exposure of such practices usually provokes sniggering and those who dare to complain are either made fun of or accused of paranoia.
Paranoia , of course, does exist and as it is characterized by an excessive mistrust of other people's acts or an excessive mistrust of power, it affects every social relationship and makes it possible to justify exclusion .

4. Utmost rigour and precision are therefore required when exposing the attacks on the victims' integrity, privacy and freedom of thought by invisible means. .
It is only by building up impeccable fact-files supported by official reports and scientific studies that public opinion worldwide can be sensitized and made aware of the problem.
It is only under these conditions of rigour and precision that the 3 lawyers present will agree to put the case for the defence.

The 3 lawyers all agreed on the following points:
Our difficulty is that we have practically no legal evidence of the attacks, so we have to make do with:
a) statistics
b) similarities in symptoms and experiences
c) similarities of torture cases
d) existence of weapons'patents
e) existence of the technology patents for the use of V2K
f) complicity of a number of psychiatrists worldwide
G) the highly probable involvement of many governments ( two lawyers referred to the example of helicopters and said that not many people can afford to maintain aircrafts. Flights are logged and the airspace they are in is recorded).
September 13, 2008
add 1 point: the 3 lawyers think that our first help should come from the parliamentarians, because they are the ones who make the laws.

Suggestions from Mr. Bob who have good knowledge on COINTELPRO

(1) the necessary evidence for bringing a lawsuit with Universal Jurisdiction is to pursue a winning legal strategy that begins with the reopening of a COINTELPRO investigation and
(2) the appointment of an independent special counsel with subpoena powers for obtaining classified government documents that show a specific harm to a specific person by a specific federal agent.


Instructions for preparing a COINTELPRO statement

About Greg’s lawsuit with Stein and Stein

From Bob S, JD, Retired Attorney

First, a Canadian law firm cannot represent in a Canadian court US citizens who have suffered harm in the US from a US federal agency. The Canadian court does not have jurisdiction over such a case, and Canadian lawyers are not authorized to undertake such representation in a US court.

Second, if the lawyers had agreed to take such a case, they would have written to greg explaining what they would try to do and for whom. Greg would send a copy of this letter instead of his own vague email.

Third, the MKULTRA evidence can't be used to prove CIA responsibility for new forms of experiments using entirely different technology today. We have no way of accessing new evidence of responsibility by ourselves or through an attorney or a private investigator. It can only be accessed by a congressional investigation or by an
appointed Independent Prosecutor. No legitimate attorney would make the false claim that a detective can get such classified evidence. If the detective could actually do this by some illegal means, he would be subject to severe criminal penalties.


Fourth, the claims of TI's are far too diversified to be lumped together in a class action law suit. Any attempt to do this would be dismissed by the court. No legitimate attorney would claim that a class action lawsuit would be an appropriate form of legal action for the TI situation.

Bob S, JD, Retired Attorney 

In a message dated 5/17/2011 6:40:15 A.

I just received another lawyers suggection on 24 May 2011,

Practices in US are not familiar to me. But basically location of court should follow the country of the victim. It is correct that US citizen can not go to court in Canada but must claim first all the processes in his home country. After that international courts are available based on international agreements or laws.

Basically evidences in court are here in Europe under various laws but itself court case here makes evidences and even non public materials more public for the case parties. It is universal law to have a right to know what concerns person's own matters. Others it makes quite impossible to audience parties in the court.
Related to possible illegal medical-type experiments, these materials should be public for the person they concern, also because of the court case. But in practice i see it quite demanding to go and ask these materials for public view. Also I can not say about evidence's hand out practical protocols in different countries, I am sure those vary country to country too much. Class action, I am not familiar. I know somehow group's right to make a group suit.
Here in Europe group suit must be based on law that qualifies the case. All cases can not be group cases.

The route to court or solution in mind control cases seems to me out of the court exercise, but of course it would be ideal to take people behind to the crimes to the court. Lets see how this kind of cases can come to public knowledge for masses.


Law says non-US citizens can still sue in US cvourts for torture:

Is Torture Against the Law?

What Uncle Sam has to say about it.

According to an article in today's New York Times, the CIA is using "coercive interrogation methods" against some al-Qaida suspects. The piece notes that "defenders of the operation said the methods … did not violate American anti-torture statutes." What U.S. laws are they referring to?

The federal anti-torture statute is formally known as Title 18, Part I, Chapter 113C of the U.S. Code. The law consists of three sections (2340, 2340A, and 2340B), which define the crime of torture and prescribe harsh punishments for anyone—an American citizen or otherwise—who commits an act of torture outside of the United States. (Domestic incidents of torture are covered by state criminal statutes.) A person found guilty of committing torture faces up to 20 years in prison or even execution, if the torture in question resulted in a victim's death.

The law was added to the books in 1994, as part of the United States' efforts to ratify and comply with the United Nations Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (more simply known as the CAT). The treaty was adopted by the United Nations in 1984, but not ratified by the U.S. Congress until a decade later. The CAT mandates that all parties to the treaty "take effective legislative, administrative, judicial, or other measures to prevent acts of torture in any territory under its jurisdiction."

Another section of the U.S. Code (Title 28, Part IV, Chapter 85, Section 1350) also deals with the issue of torture. The so-called Torture Victim Protection Act of 1991 allows victims of torture, or the families of those who were killed through extrajudicial means, to sue their tormentors in U.S. courts, regardless of their citizenship or where the crime occurred.

Both of these anti-torture statutes include identical, albeit imprecise, definitions of what constitutes torture. Among the proscribed actions are "the intentional infliction or threatened infliction of severe physical pain or suffering"; the use of "mind-altering substances"; and threats against other people, presumably family members.

Despite its efforts to adhere to the directives of the CAT, the United States has recently grumbled over the United Nations' efforts to add an inspection regime to the treaty. In 2002, the United Nations added an "optional protocol" to the CAT, requiring signatories to permit surprise inspections of their prisons. The United States has so far refused to sign, contending that the inspections would infringe on states' rights.

Suggestions from Joan Farr Heffington, C.E.O.
Association for Honest Attorneys
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Lane, Derby, Kansas 67037
Ph: 316.788.0901
We have read some of the dialog going on between TIs and legal counsel concerning the Bioethics Commission and wanted to offer our opinion. If this email does not reach all the TIs on your list, please forward...

From all indications, this commission is only to give the appearance that they are doing something about the illegal surveillance/ targeting of innocent people. Our research and substantial evidence shows that the targeting of innocent people (in any form, whether it's by microwave surveillance/microchips/steroid cocktail mix IVs in the hospital) is the result
of National Security Letters (NSLs) that were legalized under the Patriot Act in 2001. Anyone with connections to a Washington insider or your state governor/attorney general can have one issued against a person at any time for any reason. We have evidence to show that NSLs were delivered to hospitals three times in 2007 in the Wichita, Kansas area by CIA  operatives/Blackwater contractors stationed at McConnell Air Force Base (read Case # 3 on our website under "Supporting Documents" - one woman was killed in the hospital using the steroid cocktail mix I.V.) NSLs are also delivered to banks if they want to get
into your bank account, and this also flags employers not to hire you. Our research shows that anyone who fights the system in any way has an NSL against them. When a 22-year old boy working out at McConnell was targeted with H1N1 in Oct. 2009, we pushed for a Congressional inquiry and a false lawsuit was brought against me (personally) by our state attorney general for practicing law without a license. They do not want us to keep showing people how to file their own lawsuits because they know that numerous pro se suits are the only thing that works - they overload the system. You can talk til you're blue in the face, but a lawsuit is a written record that forces them to respond (if they don't, you win by default judgment). A guide is on our website under "How to File a Federal Suit" with TI claims similar to Case # 3. You can take it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court by mail in three easy steps. Your best evidence is an affidavit from another TI who agrees with what happened to you, because it also happened to them. We have helped people with cases in the past and attached these as evidence, and this keeps the court from dismissing it as a frivolous suit. Don't let anyone tell you this is not good evidence - it is the BEST.
If what we are telling you is wrong, they wouldn't be trying so hard to put us out of business. But a top priority right now is to pressure your Congressmen/Senators to let the Patriot Act (or relevant portions) expire on May 27. Then they can no longer issue National Security Letters against innocent people. We also need a law in place, and that is why a
Congressional inquiry is needed. If enough lawsuits are threatened, this can force them to address the issue so it is covered by mainstream media, as it should be...

"The answer to world peace is to eliminate arrogance."
Once passed in 2001, section 505 of the USA PATRIOT Act greatly expanded the use of the NSL, allowing their use in scrutiny of US residents, visitors, or US citizens who are
not suspects in any criminal investigation. It also granted the privilege to other federal agencies, presumably to allow the department of
Homeland Security the same ability to use NSLs. In January 2007 the New York Times reported that both the Pentagon and the CIA have been issuing National Security Letters.[6] The USA PATRIOT Act reauthorization statutes passed during the 109th Congress added specific penalties for non-compliance or disclosure.


 "How to File a Federal Suit" at
Case # 3 under "Supporting Documents" can be used as a template. 




Lawyers who know mind control abuses and tortures

Read more… by jame burgermeister of Austria- thank you so much Frau Burgermeister!! Danke, Grazi, Prego, Gracias, thank you, merci and the Constitution assign to people certain basic civic rights, such as the right to life, the right to free speech, the right to self defence. Another right, is the right to report a crime if there is enough evidence of one.Laws and the Constitution assign to people certain basic civic rights, such as the right to life, the right to free speech, the right to self defense.Flowing from these basic civic rights, is the right to report a crime if there is enough evidence of one, and also the right to see justice done, also in the case of mass vaccinations with the swine flu.On this website you will find the facts and information, you need to report the "swine flu" case to your local law enforcement.One advantage of reporting the crime to your local law enforcement is that they will be obliged to examine the material and so will be much less likely to assist in any forced mass vaccinations, knowing that the act ordered is unlawful.The law of a state is binding not only on a State but also on all individuals inside a State, no matter how high their position in government might be.Any member of government, however senior, who commits an act which constitutes a crime under the law is responsible for it and liable to punishment.When Presidents and Prime Ministers are not obliged to obey the law, it is called a dictatorship or totalitarian government. Don't be afraid to ask for everyone to be held accountable before the law, even the Prime Minister.
Read more… wrote: I have very good news about Sharon Jones. We won her freedom yesterday. Mayra's report is below. This is our first court victory. It proves that we can stop this kind of injustice to TI's by working together. I've heard stories of other TI's being put away, but I knew nothing about their cases until it was too late. When Mayra told me about Sharon, I vowed that I would not let this happen to her. With Mayra's help and with help from those TI's who wrote the letters I asked for, Sharon regained her freedom and avoided a fate that was to her worse than death. Working together, we literally saved Sharon's life. My thanks to everyone who participated, and Sharon wants me to convey here heartfelt thanks. This was more than a victory for a single TI. For the first time, the subject of DEW attacks was brought before a court. A psychiatrist had diagnosed Sharon as delusional, based on his mistaken assumption that the DEW attacks which she reported were impossible. The way to discredit this diagnosis was to prove that DEW attacks are very real and that they are being experienced every day by hundreds of people. We succeeded in doing this by means of my detailed explanation and by letters from a number of other TI's, stating their knowledge of the truth about DEW attacks. For the first time in modern TI history, a TI has prevailed in court. That is big news for all TI's! This is probably the first time that any TI has effectively opposed government powers in such a case. By the time a target reaches this point, she is so down and out that she can get no help from anyone. Sharon had reached this point of helplessness. They would have put her away if no one had come to her rescue. But Sharon was lucky. She had a good friend in Mayra. Mayra brought me into the case. I wrote a letter explaining the truth and brought in other TI's to write letters telling this same truth. Enough TI's joined in the "SAVING SHARON JONES PROJECT." Together, we enabled Sharon to win back her freedom. Those who participated can take great pride in what we have accomplished. Together we have produced the first known court victory in modern TI history. Working together, we SAVED SHARON JONES. Congratulations to all who contributed to this project, and most of all, congratulations to our TI survivor and winner, SHARON JONES! You may write to Sharon c/o Bob S wrote: Dear Bob, I want to give you the right you've earned to advise the community that YOU saved Sharon Jones. This has been a day in which many of us have cried for fear and for happiness. But what made us cried most it was all your selfless contribution to save Sharon. It was you and you campaign to save Sharon that actually saved her and she asked me to send you an email full of kisses, hugs, and love for what you've done for her. Carlosa brought Sharon your letter and some of the letters of support from some Tis. I think she printed the best ones but yours was on top. When Sharon read your letter she cried like a baby. She says she is infinitely grateful and she most go meet you. She also said that she'll make sure no one touches you because she'll forever be there to protect you. This morning I adamantly argued with Carlosa that Sharon was a person with a great economic need but was not mental. I also fought for her safety and reassurance she wouldn't be committed. She was upset because her email box was inundated by all those letter ;) I enjoyed that moment! You're campaign worked wonders. The judge was respectful and told her he wouldn't qualify her as incapacitated because he would have to label her and that would stay with her forever. So the judge decided to put her as a person in need. So, the guardian was appointed to assist her to find a new apt, to get her SS assistance, and to get appropriate medical help. The psychiatrist was not even called to talk. Sharon was allowed to address the court and told the judge she was implanted and she had the effects of such implantation. The judge was very sympathetic to her and didn't dispute the implants. You are the pioneer to leave on record our suffering with your letter. You have saved 2 Tis, ME and Sharon. You are our hero. more to come later. I'll see her tonight
Read more…