It's too late for me

I'm feeling rundown and overwhelmed.  I had a job interview and a callback for a second interview, was gaslighted during both of them.  Did you know that most salesmen/saleswomen are psychopaths?  Not the kind that go nuts and kill a bunch of people - they're the kind that have figured out how "normal" people act, and then use what they know to sell sell sell!  Anyway, I am feeling so hopeless.  Lots of talk on these sites but no real answers.  I'm facing the fact that I'll have to "admit" that I'm delusional about the electronic attacks and gang stalking, and that I need to be on meds (not one person believes me, at least any person that would make any difference in my situation).  I know I will never be allowed to obtain a job that allows me any independence away from my brothers house.  The best I would be able to get would be a minimum wage job.  So I'm seriously thinking about committing suicide.  I don't want the life that they want for me.  I don't want a life that's chosen for me.  I feel like I just woke up in the 17th or 18th century, when a woman was the property of a man!!!  All my life I heard how important it was for me to be independent.  I worked hard to obtain it, and now I know that they want dependence from me.  I'm giving up. 

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