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1)      Basics

Protection versus EMF can be divided in two different types

  • Absorption
  • Reflection

Absorption means that the incoming Microwaves (MW) are converted into heat. Especially ferrite is good to absorb MW. Examples for ferrite are the heads in your computer harddisk, paint in stealth technology, Video- and audiotapes (the tape itself has a layer of ferrite), magnets, grids in your microwaveoven. On conductors you often see a ring made of ferrite to avoid high frequency sounds. Water absorbs MW aswell. Bottles filled with water should absorb a small part of the radiation. A watersolution with some materials like graphitepowder or copperchips should be more efficient through the scattering of the waves. Some plastics will absorb a part of the MW.

With reflection you switch the direction of the incoming waves. Optimal for reflection are non-magnetic metals like:

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Lead
  • Nickel

You need to know that the perps often shoot from different directions (2 or 3 perps at the same time) and that it is possible, that you reflect the MW back onto yourself.

The metals should be earthed (Don’t play with your power sockets) to discharge some of the energy.  The material should be thick at least 1mm better 2mm otherwise the perps just shoot through them. This especially counts in situations where u don’t move like in your bed.

Anyway even with aluminiumfoil you can have a primitive shield that will have some effect. But be prepared that the perps won’t give up until they found a hole in your protection measures. You can keep those idiots busy for a while with it.  But be prepared that they are eager to make up for it and shoot stronger at you. Move around your shield while they are moving around to keep them busy.

Don’t give up and learn from your failures.

(to be continued)

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There is no doubt that technology is being used against victims but why? What is not being understood is that the interconnected satanic occultists across the globe are using the principles of physics to manipulate matter, space and time. They, the government scientists of the world, had at one time discovered that "electromagnetic fields, radio waves and or microwaves" are able to "open up door ways" into parallel dimensions and into other worldly space continuum's. This is why there is such a push for all the electromagnetic and microwave technologies to be built up around us..."everywhere".

In effect, they are not only creating doorways but attempting to make the entire planet one big gateway, to where the veil between the parallel worlds will no longer exist, allowing other worldly beings (the demons) to enter into our world with ease, just as the bible predicted. The electromagnetic grid that is slowly encompassing our world, I believe, in theory,is affecting our global ecosystem and disturbing our planets natural magnetic fields. Research these three subjects below and you will put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Philadelphia Experiment;

Montauk Project;

Voodoo and Quantum Physics;

Paranormal, Spirits and Electromagnetic fields;

T.S. aka egy

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It's too late for me

I'm feeling rundown and overwhelmed.  I had a job interview and a callback for a second interview, was gaslighted during both of them.  Did you know that most salesmen/saleswomen are psychopaths?  Not the kind that go nuts and kill a bunch of people - they're the kind that have figured out how "normal" people act, and then use what they know to sell sell sell!  Anyway, I am feeling so hopeless.  Lots of talk on these sites but no real answers.  I'm facing the fact that I'll have to "admit" that I'm delusional about the electronic attacks and gang stalking, and that I need to be on meds (not one person believes me, at least any person that would make any difference in my situation).  I know I will never be allowed to obtain a job that allows me any independence away from my brothers house.  The best I would be able to get would be a minimum wage job.  So I'm seriously thinking about committing suicide.  I don't want the life that they want for me.  I don't want a life that's chosen for me.  I feel like I just woke up in the 17th or 18th century, when a woman was the property of a man!!!  All my life I heard how important it was for me to be independent.  I worked hard to obtain it, and now I know that they want dependence from me.  I'm giving up. 

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I've experimented, and you should too.  I just sandwiched garbage bags between a wet sheet and a dry sheet when I felt the jerky joint sensation, and it reduced the effect considerably. 


I know I read something on the internet where a man collected quart milk jugs and filled them with water, sealed them and lined the walls of his room with them.  WATER WILL GREATLY REDUCE THE EFFECTS OF THE MICROWAVES!!!! 

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Diffamation extrême!



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Science Channel Admits Microwaves Used In Mind Control  (Discovery Science Channel)  (6 minutes)



In another 2 youtube footages below, its proved that pre-recorded and computer processed brain waves of spiritual encounter can be used to manipulate subjects' minds into believing that there are presence of angels or God.

Dr Michael Persinger Experiment by Focusing Magnetic Waves On Specific Set of Cells In Right Temporal Lobe To Create Spiritual Sense In Subjects Or "God's presence"


The God Helmet - from "Through the Wormhole"  (5 minutes)

Michael Shermer Out of Body Experiment  (DR Michael Persinger's Experiment)  (10 minutes)



Here's another youtube footage broadcast in 2006, but could be helpful to some who haven't seen it. 

Mind Control : America's Secret War   (46 minutes)   (History Channel)

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