Ok. im in the USA Rhode Island we got people here thet lie alot useing 2 meanings for workd and the repist are trying to look like there regular people using drug addics and drug dealers lieing to them to hide what they are doing to people around the new england this is the north east part of the United
States see there always sayng anubis is doing something and his wife some of these people will not disconnect from others implants they will not disconect. from people so they can act like it's one preson and then when others are connecting to them always saying someone is doing something dobule talking and stuff so if i do not come in contact with people that are chipped people then do come in contace with people around the world that's how they tryed to hide the story the rapist hide in other they should check there community and the missing persons list to check to see if they were chipped. these people are hide amungst others. some are using chips to make it look a different was and some do thing phisicly to people and try to abduct woman and children. so they use a chip to locate people and blame others for this they are agmungst you and the lie to others to hide what they did they some don't know others do and will not admit what there doing. some have a DNA chip and refuse to disconnect from other to blame them fr it. see they keep connecting back to people to make it look like it's one preson or 2 when it's so it's more then 100 people connecting to people spreading roumors and blaiming other so the sex offenders try to get away with it. what you forgot is sex offeders can also have this equiment. so they all blame 2 people or a few so where are the sex offends they figured they could not get cought becouse they use chips and use others chips.

I have called the United States Department Of Justice about the chips in R.I. Mass. And N.Y.

There are many types of implants and people never want to talk about it so thy hide the drugs and rapist themself. this is why some of these people are realy stupid for allowing these chips and machines to be used. by people hideing it all they allow this to happen.

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  • Coccine bugs are a way of getting chips into people they use a small nano chip and add it to the Cocine. this is why they drug dealers do not want to talk about it. but there only helping the rapist by hideing it all. there are manny types of chips. so what good it a chip if all of them are asshole and dlind to what goes on. RI is trying to hide there coccine dealers and idiots and people are abductiong people and some are drug smgglers and others a reppist a realy great state is it not

    look for providance, pawtucket, and centralfall and east providance you will fined the crack heads and stupid drug addicts. and the stupid assholes too worried about there drugs to stop the rappist so in RI crack and drugs become more important then public safty down town pawtucket there are aalot of chipped drug addicts check out Labor Ready also thy require no drug test and allow these low lifes to work there there into prostation drug sales messing with married peoples wives and drugs on job sights. this is not just pawtucket al the labor readys do not require a drug test. what a buisness anit it.
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