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Looking for info on More Parasights i think i got a type of worm i may have more than one implant not sure could have 3 all togather. This was setup by a Pawtucket Cop in Rhode Island. I would like to tell my story lease read. read this alot of Swareing and anger over the years. i chose sweeden to post it in a safe place so the USA can not touch it and the sweedish secret police as there called may have read it already... I been contacting Goverments and Human rights people and need some input. im still looking for this cop and these people that started it you may hear me name Anubis and have a problem with that but i was lied to and was forced to protect my Wife Jennifer for year this cop and his scum friends set me up. with these people.

I need some info on who to contact about support groups and reporting stuff this page i made has most of the info on it ya i have some hostility issues with other people that art chipped and have been looking for some of them you may not like some of the words i have used but it has not pervoked them enough to walk up to me yet. these people are cowards. some of them talk alot and never shut up everything i say is turned into a lie by them and they think no one will ever find out i can name 3 basic locations of these people New England, New York and Florida. these are the first 3 regions they would most likely use my name or my voice. I learned the word ( T.I. ) Targed Indevidual not long ago. and never was able to talk to anyone other then this group of cowards. There all on a New England Frequencie.

This Cop I have been looking for is somewhere out there maybe he chipped more people maybe the ones I seek to find. There were a few cops and I go the police report on my web page with all the facts I was never convicted and i was chipped anyway. I never knew they just chipped people to be assholes. I was told it was Becouse of the Situation but i guess that was just an Excuse.
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See the clear types are solid clears to touch others when logged into achip and tuned in they can sometime feel. Ghost Clears that areinvisable you can not see. Real Clears resemble real people to make theclears look real. shadow clears to make a clear that looks like a shadowon the wall to belnd in. fake clears to make it look like your anotherperson. then there is spawning like a camra in a place to use a chip tobe connected to to watch others. and the other spawned things. also theability to look through the eyes see there called still shots. see thedifferent chip type some allow this. they also tryed to use some stuffto make DEW weapons and stuff and are useing LRAD and other machineslike computers to turn on and off chips with radio and an antenna it'show they program some chips. see some people thought they could stealthis and see it there stupid i was working on alot of this and also morebut they thought they could steal from me so now you know that it is

see when it started people did not get hurt untill they wanted to steal stuff and make money on it
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I was on the phone with my wife someone just tryed to lie about her and tryed to say she was saying something and tryed makeing it look like she said something and she did't say it when i asked ans there on 2 frequncies with 2 radios or whatever lieing to people saying she wants to do stuff the dose not she said she never said it ans there all lieing about shit trying to act like she wants to be a hooker so they can get away with what they did. she is not even wanting to talk to them they keep claiming there her familey these people are lowlife scum. they should get there self handed to the human rights people im working on that. they are trying to do this to try to get out of that they already did to us.
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Ok. im in the USA Rhode Island we got people here thet lie alot useing 2 meanings for workd and the repist are trying to look like there regular people using drug addics and drug dealers lieing to them to hide what they are doing to people around the new england this is the north east part of the United
States see there always sayng anubis is doing something and his wife some of these people will not disconnect from others implants they will not disconect. from people so they can act like it's one preson and then when others are connecting to them always saying someone is doing something dobule talking and stuff so if i do not come in contact with people that are chipped people then do come in contace with people around the world that's how they tryed to hide the story the rapist hide in other they should check there community and the missing persons list to check to see if they were chipped. these people are hide amungst others. some are using chips to make it look a different was and some do thing phisicly to people and try to abduct woman and children. so they use a chip to locate people and blame others for this they are agmungst you and the lie to others to hide what they did they some don't know others do and will not admit what there doing. some have a DNA chip and refuse to disconnect from other to blame them fr it. see they keep connecting back to people to make it look like it's one preson or 2 when it's so it's more then 100 people connecting to people spreading roumors and blaiming other so the sex offenders try to get away with it. what you forgot is sex offeders can also have this equiment. so they all blame 2 people or a few so where are the sex offends they figured they could not get cought becouse they use chips and use others chips.

I have called the United States Department Of Justice about the chips in R.I. Mass. And N.Y.

There are many types of implants and people never want to talk about it so thy hide the drugs and rapist themself. this is why some of these people are realy stupid for allowing these chips and machines to be used. by people hideing it all they allow this to happen.

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