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Mind Control News this week (November 13 to 19, 2020)

1. According to reports, two persons with similar names as me in the brain control space were missing, and they both had the same deposit amount about 70 million were also reported missing too.

A lady named Choi Chiu Man connected to me by her brain sound, said she did not know why her bank account suddenly increased by 70 million. I asked her, can it be withdraw? She replied, trying to get 200 yuan, no problem. She said felt that she was in danger, if withdraw all paid back to me, can I save her life? My answer was that I can not guarantee her safety. I suggested her to contact the bank freeze the amount temperately and wait for investigation. Then I haven't heard her brain sounds for fews days.

2. The mind-controlled space bitch keeps spreading rumours, misled listeners to thought that they pay me a salary and give me financial support. And the strange thing was the perps beg my father for money, the reason was that my expenses for bought gifts to my father belonged to them. It was only a few hundred yuan, and my father had to pay them the equivalent amount of gift. Finally, my father paid them to avoid unbearable harassment. The perps said that was the evidence to prove the expenses was belong to them, what? What the hell they talking about?

The fact is the perps turn the up side down. I have been brain-controlled for more than 40 years, and all the benefits in space have been plundered by brain-controlled perps.

It is said that Stephen Chow used my name and ID number to register a company with Andy Lau about 30 years ago, without my knowledge and without my consent, and used the company to collect the benefits from the brain-controlled space, total earned up to 21 billion, three persons of each got 7 billion, but because I was under mind control without self awa, the 7 billion under my name was shared by Stephen Chow and Andy Lau, and kept blamed all the wrong to me, caused me being nuisance over 30 years long without reasons. According to Stephen Chow, they used my share to high rates load to the big bosses when they business were short cash flow temporarily, once they loan to big boss who forced them, and they both fail to got it back. Stephen Chow and Andy Lau used to bought fixed assets to kept the rest property on hand.

Above story all came from Stephen Chow and Andy Lau. I try to company registry department for searching by my name, but can’t found it, as said my name was replace my someone else later, and then the company was cancelled, the record was deleted in improper way. But the orginal documents was kept in some people hand show to me in mind control space by eyes.

I have never ever receive a penny from any people except from my father. My income mainly earned from my own job over 30 years, until I lost my job under secretly suppress of brain control perps, then my father gave me all support both spirit and financial. Now the metamorphosis perps said my own was they paid, how the barefaced lie they tell. In this case, I refuse to be raised, please let me go, keep me out of mind control space, why the perps disagreed? Finally the fact is that all the interest I earn in the space is enough to support the mind brain perps including their big brothers, so they refuse to realize me. How incompetent and mean their are, I was hard to imagine that the big brothers in the entertainment industry were as a beater for the big bosses, and finally fell into evil path where harm the innocent women for live. I believe they will get retribution and punishment soon.

3. Starting at 18:00 on the 18th of this week, the metamorphosis mind controller started to remotely control electronic harassment for headache over 43 hours until my post upload on the 20th. I have reported the case to the Hong Kong police at 04:00 on the 19th. Case number: Ref #ERC2011192086402.

At 18:30 on the 19th, a metamorphosis mind controller remote controlled electronic weapon attacked me caused comatose in the bathroom for about half hour, at the same time, they remote-controlled electronic weapon attacked my stomach for vomit because I did not eat all day, the electronic attacked caused seriously damage to my stomach to twitches,. Then it continued to cause me headaches. The perp sluts taking turns to inceptive voice to me, make me unable fall asleep. When I fell asleep for less than 10 minutes, I was being awakened, the metamorphosis perps used such cheap tricks to achieve the purpose of mental, physical and psychological torture.

The inceptive voice was suspected to be Liu Wai-hung, but some people said the Liu Wai-hung still in jail, the voice may belong to his brother Liu Wai-keung from the real estate industry. Because many staffs of real estate industry gathered in the brain-controlled space this week, as our known, the real estate company relies on developer hegemony, so they must follow the guidelines of developer hegemony as you know they are the land monopoly.

What is the ultimate goal they want to achieve? I don’t know, I guess may related to the Chief Executive's Policy which will publish at date Nov 26, 2020. We can wait until that date for sure.


1. 據講,腦控空間有二位名字同我近似的人,相繼被失蹤,而她們的戶口都有相同數目是7,000萬也同告失蹤。有一位名字叫蔡昭墨的女士,用腦音問我,她不知為何戶口突然多了7,000萬,我問她是否能提取?她回答,嘗試去取200元,沒有問題。她感覺到自己有危險,問如將她戶口中的7,000萬交給我,是否可免去一死?我的答案是沒辦法保證她的安全,請她同銀行方面或警方聯絡,之後已有多天未聽到她的腦音。

2. 腦控空間賤人不停散播謠言,誤導聽者以為他們出薪金於我,養我。更甚者向家父乞討金錢,理由是我買禮物給父親的支出是他們所有,僅僅幾百元,需支付等值的銀碼予他們,家父因不堪滋騷而付款息事寧人,而賤人更猖獗的以此作為依據。


我嘗試到公司注冊處用我自己的名字查冊不果,據說之後他們用她人之名代替我的名,再之後公司取消了。 而在公司注冊處的公司資料被不當手段消失殆盡。我之所以相信此一事實,是有人將公司文件在腦控空間展示予我知曉,相信有很多人仍保留住公司注冊的文件以作日後證明。


3. 於本周18日18時開始,變態控機賤人開始遙控電子武器令我頭痛至此文章刊登,已超過43小時,我已於19號04:00向香港警方報案,案件編號:Ref#ERC2011192086402.

於19號18:30, 變態控機賤人遙控電子武器令我昏迷於洗手間約半小時,同時遙控電子武器攻擊我胃部,令我嘔吐,因我全天未進食,當被激胃時,所嘔吐的全是酸水致胃抽搐,對胃部造成難以彌補的傷害。然後更持續令我頭痛,有賤人輪流潛聲,令我不能入睡,當入睡不到10分鐘,又被潛聲喚醒,以此達到心身精神折磨的目的。

所潛聲音疑似廖偉雄等不知名人士,但有人說廖偉雄正在坐監,可能是他哥哥廖偉強地產界人士,因本周有多間地產界職員在腦控空間集結,他們的生意都是依賴地產霸權,所以必須聽從地產霸權的指引辦事,到底最終目的為何?目前仍未知道,估計同來緊 26號特首施政報告有關,大家拭目以待。

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Ming Control Space News this week (Sept. 26 to Oct. 02, 2020)

1. Remind everyone again, have the same Chinese and English names as mine bank A/C in Hong Kong, of cause with different ID numbers, as said, the same name account was used by brain-control perps for money laundering. The mind controller used my reputation to blackmail other people's money and deposit it into a money laundering account with my same name. If you are being blackmailed, please contact me ASAP.

2. The metamorphosis mind controller often exchanges my sense of hearing with someone who stay in high noise circumstance, which makes me being at high bass environment for a long time, seriously harm my sense of hearing and mental health.

3. Many victims as well as mine, when suffered electronic harassment, we will complain and blame to government, why the government did not taking any action against the mind control perps?

As our known, the chief executive sitting only 7 years, and the mind controllers are hereditary in long term, the officers will not put themselves at risky situation, they prefer wronged a victims than upset a narrow minded controller.

From the above, we understood that the facts of brain control have been secretly taking control in Hong Kong. Everyone knows that the controllers are the retired superintendents. They are already operating many years and now pass to their next generation, even the current police officers are afraid them sometimes.

The three branches of Hong Kong government, the executive, the legislature, the judiciary all manipulated by mind controllers, and the mind controllers all under money control which means they only listen to rich men, not victims as poor as mine.

How about Hong Kong’s future, we can not expect, we only can do is keep ourselves safe, keep our mind fresh everyday.

Today, everyone were focusing on the China-US disputed and seems to have forgotten the most importance thing is settle inside first. even forgot that the mind controllers own the mind control machines were made in Germany.

4.  Recently, there is a person who acted as chief executive of Hong Kong in the brain control space. She got a same voice as Chief Executive, but got difference though most of time. She was being Imperceptibly mind by Cuson Law, Ma Dingsheng, Leung Wei Hong, and Mak Chi Yung etc. In order to get rid of those who disagree with them, frame and set the victims up, misled the listener to making wrong decisions.


1. 再次提醒大家,香港銀行有同我相同中英文名,但不同身分證號碼銀行戶口存在,據說是腦控賤人用於洗黑錢的戶口。變態賤人利用我的名譽,勒索他人金錢後存入相同姓名的洗黑錢戶口。如您是被勒索者,請同我聯絡。

2. 變態控機賤人經常將我同處於高噪音者換聽覺,令我長期有如處於高音貝的環境,嚴重影響我的聽覺和精神健康。

3. 香港很多被腦控受害者,同我一樣,當被腦控賤人騷擾時,都會埋怨政府管治無能,任由腦控賤人無法無天。





4.  腦控空間近日有一位假扮香港特首的人,除聲音相似外,其它不值一提,她於腦控空間以特首之名,被羅啟新,馬鼎盛,梁雄偉,麥志鑫等人潛聲,以排斥異己,陷害和誤導被腦控的受害人。

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Mind Control space news this week( Sept. 19 to 25, 2020)

1. This week is UN General Assembly week, some people watch up in the brain-controlled space, although electronic harassment is still going on, but weakness. and the sleep deprivation was even worse.

2. This week, the metamorphosis mind controller still mapping me with someone who got tiny eyes, which makes my eyes deformed, and looks terrifying;

Also mapping with someone who got big chest, big belly, and wide shoulders with me, made my dressing shows unfit;

every time when I went out, the mind controller mapping me with someone who got joint pain and knee pain in the legs for mentally and physically abuse;

The most hateful thing is that when I wear a mask, mapping me with the patients who got bad breath, respiratory diseases, and irregular heart rhythms.

The metamorphosis mind controller used this cheap tricks to mentally and physically tortured the victims in long time, causing the victims to fell down, fracture, breathe difficulty and faint. Unfortunately, our government turn blind eyes, why?

腦控空間本週新聞(2020-09-19 至 2020-09-25)

1. 本週因為聯合國大會,腦控空間有人管理,未發覺有大事發生。間歇性電子武器摧殘仍在進行,只是力度減弱,而睡眠剥奪反而更甚。

2. 本週變態控機賤人仍然將眼睛很細者同我併樣貌,令我眼睛拉扯變形,樣貌極之恐怖;




變態控機賤人長期以此賤招精神虐待受害者,令受害者跌倒,骨折,呼吸困難而暈倒. 而我們政府卻視若無賭,冷血!

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Mind Control space news this week (July 18 to 24, 2020)

1. From the 21st of this week, the metamorphosis mind controller remote-controlled electronic harassed me for headaches more than 55 hours. I had already reported the case to the Hong Kong police at 3 am on the 22nd. The reference number is ERC2007222063435. However, as of the 23rd, the electronic harassment still continued, the police did not take any action, and the victims as well as me still being tortured. . .

As known the trouble makers were the staffs of Metro Finance FM104 , Joe Nieh and Ng Mat Take, fake Andy Lau and Lau Wei Man etc.

2. After back to Hong Kong, according to the government guidelines, I have to wear a mask or face shield. Since the weather was too hot, I chose to wear a face shield for protection that can cover my eyes. This unintentional move caused the perp who mapping me distort the vision when tracking in the brain-controlled space. I like it, the film of the mask shield will distort the tracker's vision.

But in the restaurants and shops, they are often asked to wear masks not mask shield, why? Tell me why, becaused the perp unable to tracking the target. They control the restaurants and shops to do so.

3. There is a elder in the brain-controlled space was killed, his identity was fraudulently used to sell his own property, and the funds were transferred away. The entire procedure, including the lawyer, the land Registry office, and the bank, were not noticed.

As above-mentioned professional organizations,the should strengthen identity authentication to ensure the safety of citizens' lives and property?

As a victim of targeted, how to arrange our own property in the later years, it is an important issue.

Avoiding being deceived and protect our own safety. The perp’s target most of the lonely elders who have no children, and a small number of them are those with children. for the no children one is so easy, just joint to their social life for tracing with fake care. For got the children one, they used misleading sentence and emotional manipulate to separated the children from the elderly, caused the distrust to each others, then isolated the elders, then the perp will able to taking control.

Warn to the elderly, should keep you mind clear all the times, don’t fall into the trap that set by brain-control perps. You should understood, when you being mind control, your emotions, behaviour, psychology will total under control, they will control what they want. So keep your mental health in positive thinking is very important.


1. 本週21日開始,變態控機賤人遙控電子武器持續令我頭痛超過55小時,我己於22日零晨三時,向香港警方報案,報案編號:ERC2007222063435。但至23日,電子武器摧殘仍在持續中,警方並沒有採取任何行動,被腦控受害者仍在受苦受難中。。。


2. 返香港後,依照政府指引,戴口罩或者面罩,因天氣太熱,我選擇戴面罩同時可保護眼睛,此無意之舉,令併我身體者在腦控空間用眼睛跟蹤目標時出現影像變形,原來面罩的膠片會令跟蹤者視覺變形。但不知何故,在食店,商鋪經常被要求戴口罩,感覺上戴面罩很不受歡迎。相信很多食店,商鋪都被腦控操控。

3. 腦控空間又有長者被死亡後,身份被冒用於物業變賣,資金轉走,整個過程,包括律師,田土廳,銀行都未被察覺。



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