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Mind Control News this week(Oct. 03 to 09, 2020)
1. This week the metamorphosis mind controller mapping me with someone who got the sagging lower lip, which caused me dripped while drinking; Also mapping someone who got the whistle-tooth, I can not close my mouth, serious harm to my appearance.
2. This week, the news focus on Trump's blood oxygen. I took a test, When mapping with different people, you got difference results from blood oxygen machine. Therefore, the test result of your blood oxygen may not your own data, but belong to someone who mapping you.
3. The metamorphosis mind controller mapping me with someone who got cataract in the eyes, which makes my vision blurred.
At the same time, I don’t know what the controller done on the brain-controlled machine. When I look far away, I feel a black cloud on my forehead, I can't relax my vision by open my eyes naturally.
4. Every night, when I fall asleep, the metamorphosis mind control key-in a old monster to my bed, used to misled stalker that I sleeping with him, and embarrassed me. The monster said that he was done for HK$100.
1. 本週變態控機賤人將下唇鬆弛下垂者同我合併,令我飲食時滴漏; 將哨牙者同我合併,令我口部不能合攏。
2. 本週特朗普血氧濃度問題成為傳媒焦點。當與不同人合併時,血氧機得出的結果會明顯地受合併者所影響,不同人合併得出不同的數據。所以你血氧機所測試結果,不一定屬於你的數據,可能是合併者的數據。
3. 變態控機賤人每天將我同白內障病患併眼睛,令我視覺模糊; 同時不知在腦控機上做了什麼手腳,當我遠望時,感覺到額頭有一片黑雲,有如泰山壓頂的感覺,沒法放寬視野。
4. 每晚睡覺時,變態控機賤人將老怪物用影像投影入我的睡床,令人錯覺以為我同老怪物睡在一起,以此令我失禮於人前。而老怪物辯稱是有人支付他每日HK$100而做此賤作。
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Mind Control space news this week( Sept. 19 to 25, 2020)

1. This week is UN General Assembly week, some people watch up in the brain-controlled space, although electronic harassment is still going on, but weakness. and the sleep deprivation was even worse.

2. This week, the metamorphosis mind controller still mapping me with someone who got tiny eyes, which makes my eyes deformed, and looks terrifying;

Also mapping with someone who got big chest, big belly, and wide shoulders with me, made my dressing shows unfit;

every time when I went out, the mind controller mapping me with someone who got joint pain and knee pain in the legs for mentally and physically abuse;

The most hateful thing is that when I wear a mask, mapping me with the patients who got bad breath, respiratory diseases, and irregular heart rhythms.

The metamorphosis mind controller used this cheap tricks to mentally and physically tortured the victims in long time, causing the victims to fell down, fracture, breathe difficulty and faint. Unfortunately, our government turn blind eyes, why?

腦控空間本週新聞(2020-09-19 至 2020-09-25)

1. 本週因為聯合國大會,腦控空間有人管理,未發覺有大事發生。間歇性電子武器摧殘仍在進行,只是力度減弱,而睡眠剥奪反而更甚。

2. 本週變態控機賤人仍然將眼睛很細者同我併樣貌,令我眼睛拉扯變形,樣貌極之恐怖;




變態控機賤人長期以此賤招精神虐待受害者,令受害者跌倒,骨折,呼吸困難而暈倒. 而我們政府卻視若無賭,冷血!

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Mind control space news this week (August 15 to 21, 2020)

1. This week, my father was recovery from the hospital. He was highly compliment for the all doctors, nurses and staffs, he have best care during hospital. I would like to show my appreciate to all of you .

But a fly in the ointment is that still no way to deal with microwave symptoms caused by brain control. My father for hospital because of a mild CVE in his left hand. It was suspected of being brain control technology which mapping with two other patients in same time.

At the later time, I being told that there are three people mapping together (including my father). One of them has been separated and the other one who got weak palm still mapping together, the fully recovery will still need the time until separated that mapping.

Another shortcoming is that there is no way to distinguish the abnormal heart beat that caused by an electronic weapon attack, or a person who mapping with the patients of arrhythmia, or a real heart disease it self.

To place hopes on all the doctors, should addition to study and research about how to distinguish the real diseases or microwave symptoms caused by brain control technology, in case to avoid overdose.

After my father for home with weak palm, the metamorphosis mind controller took turns to mapping him with and other two prisoners, which was intended to weaken my father’s brain memory and influence his Investment decisions making.

We are the family but can not give a help, if make a pay for the brain-controller will only make things worse. We can only do will wait for the government to issue a law & order for the citizens as soon as possible, prohibiting electronic weapons from harassment, and prohibiting brain-controlled technology for mapping with the patients.

2. Declare that my facebook account will never participate in the election activities of any country or political party;

3. The mind controller keeps broadcasting some clips of women who being tortured in the brain-controlled space, misled the listeners that I am a victim in the clips. Made my friends worried, they cannot contacted me since that time I was in Canada. We understood that the cheap trick play by the the brain-controlled dog’s, the goal is archive to "the wolf is coming”. One day, when things really happen to me, no one believes it.

4. This week the metamorphosis mind controller continued sleeping deprivation, I slept only 2-4 hours per night.

5. This week, there is men being saved from inside tunnel in Hong Kong who was missing for three years, being tortured to high degree injured. In real life, another person who got his same appearance was always appeared in the public eyes. Who is the real one? Still not identified.

Refer to above case, how to protect our family are the important subject, someone suggested that in order to protect our family and avoid being missing or secretly replaced, we can use DNA tests for our family members, making it impossible for the brain-controlled dog taking start. As we known today we are in a new era of fast speed science and technology, and the knowlege of science and technology far exceeds our cognition, nothing is impossible, watch out your own family all the time to keep your family member safety all the time.

6. At 20th, The metamorphosis mind controller remote control electronic harassment to victims caused headache over 20 hours long. And the mind control machine was own by RTHK which under Hong Kong government. I have reported to Hong Kong police at 18:00 on 20th. Ref#ERC2008202069064.


1. 本週家父在瑪麗醫院,東華復康中心醫生和工作人員的悉心照顧下,已平安出院。家父對醫生,護士和工作人員的專業精神贊不絕口。在此向瑪麗醫院,和東華復康中心醫生和工作人員致與衷心感謝!

而美中不足的是,對於被腦控所引發的疾病仍束手無策。家父是因為左手輕微中風而入院,懷疑是被腦控,同另外兩位中風病患者併身體引起,據了解一共有三人併在一起(包括家父), 現已分離其中一位,仍需等待另一位手掌沒有力的病患分體才能完全恢復。





2. 聲明,本人facebook戶口絕不參與任何國家,政黨的選舉活動;

3. 控機賤人不停在腦控空間播放一些殘害女性的片段,意指我是受害者,因我人在加拿大,香港手機無法聯絡,令我朋友擔心,一而再再而三去報警救人。大家擔心腦控狗此舉最終目的是”狼來了”,有朝一日,當事情真的發生在我身上時,無人相信。

4. 本週變態控機賤人持續多天睡眠剥奪,每晚只睡2-4小時。

5. 本週腦控空間救出一位男士,被禁錮於香港地道三年,折磨到不似人形。而現實生活中,其相同樣貌的另一個人一直在公眾視線中出現,到底誰是真的?仍未鑑定。

有人教路,為保障家中長者平安,免被失蹤或被暗中換人,做子女的應定期陪伴做親子鑑定,令腦控狗無從下手。 同樣道理,作為家長的,想確保自己子女正統,也可用此方法。大家需知今時今日我們都處於快速高科技新世代,科技的進步遠遠超越我們的認知。

6. 20日,變態控機賤人又持續遙控電子武器令我頭痛將近20小時,而施害者居然是支香港政府薪酬的香港電台。我已於20日傍晚18:00時報警備案。報案編號:Ref#ERC2008202069064.

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