EMF (2)

Today I got a nugget of Shungite which is a black stone found in Russia. I placed in inside my cap close to the nape of my neck near my brain stem. Shungite is an EMF, microwave and nuclear shielding material and it balances the energy body that is a blueprint for the physical body.
I have worn it now for about two hours. I feel better than I have felt in many years.
I recommend all targeted individuals get some. I got mine on Amazon. It was less than fifteen Euros. Try and get the type of shungite which is labelled elite shungite. Purchase it in nugget form as shungite powder does not have the correct properties which are found in nugget form.
Shungite also cleans and purifies water.

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1)      Basics

Protection versus EMF can be divided in two different types

  • Absorption
  • Reflection

Absorption means that the incoming Microwaves (MW) are converted into heat. Especially ferrite is good to absorb MW. Examples for ferrite are the heads in your computer harddisk, paint in stealth technology, Video- and audiotapes (the tape itself has a layer of ferrite), magnets, grids in your microwaveoven. On conductors you often see a ring made of ferrite to avoid high frequency sounds. Water absorbs MW aswell. Bottles filled with water should absorb a small part of the radiation. A watersolution with some materials like graphitepowder or copperchips should be more efficient through the scattering of the waves. Some plastics will absorb a part of the MW.

With reflection you switch the direction of the incoming waves. Optimal for reflection are non-magnetic metals like:

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Lead
  • Nickel

You need to know that the perps often shoot from different directions (2 or 3 perps at the same time) and that it is possible, that you reflect the MW back onto yourself.

The metals should be earthed (Don’t play with your power sockets) to discharge some of the energy.  The material should be thick at least 1mm better 2mm otherwise the perps just shoot through them. This especially counts in situations where u don’t move like in your bed.

Anyway even with aluminiumfoil you can have a primitive shield that will have some effect. But be prepared that the perps won’t give up until they found a hole in your protection measures. You can keep those idiots busy for a while with it.  But be prepared that they are eager to make up for it and shoot stronger at you. Move around your shield while they are moving around to keep them busy.

Don’t give up and learn from your failures.

(to be continued)

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