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martes, 22 de enero de 2013

An idea (Greek ἰδέα, Eidos, 'I saw'

The inspiration of the mind is the art world's oldest, most evolved beings had as the current technology, with which penetrate the minds of people to create ideas .....images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRoRrQxylmQmolkgJxke2_R-Vl1KhR3xpIO6rBl6Vfsno4PNL6ddQOQO2YOur sacred grove is a well where the truth gets bored of it.And these teachers did, creating ideas to change behavior and encourage the monkey to be a creative challenge with which to improve their environment and their lives.

"">An idea (Greek ἰδέα, Eidos, 'I saw')

"">The mind "sees" is a transducer apparatus music and pictures but not words, the word has no nnguna unconscionable acceptance in the mind. No one understands anything. So to handle, with NLP is needed to reach a limit of consciousness palpebralAnd so what we argunentan sneurocientificos the word without reference mimic the parent has no effect on us.

"">Plato and his belief in the world of the idea before the matter  ">An idea (Greek ἰδέα, Eidos, 'I saw')

Castaneda think a bible on mind control and knowledge, which has yet to discover the world. "">The use keywords to encrypt the truth.   ">The term "see" means using the telemetry to know the truth, this is done only in the mental dimension, in that virtual space that gives the bioresonance superconsciousness quantified, or psychotronic.


   ">"The sleep of reason produces monsters"

"">For other uses of this term, see Idea (disambiguation).An idea (Greek ἰδέα, Eidos, 'I saw') is an image that exists or is in the mind. The human capacity to contemplate ideas is associated with the ability of reasoning, self-reflection, creativity and the ability to acquire and apply intellect. Ideas give rise to concepts, which are the basis of any scientific or philosophical knowledge.   ">However, in a popular sense, an idea can arise even in the absence of reflection, for example, to talk about the idea of ​​a person or a place.
It is clear that Plato was right in believing that the first was the idea. the brain is a device operating as an appliance. receive and obey orders. is a program sugeto homeostasis and obey. "">But even there.If an individual has an idea or inspiration of the wheel there is porqu ealguien has blown it with an image and feeling. With infrasound and only words the brain does not understand shit. The concepts for the brain are things extraterrestrial. Includes only the sounds, and images. "">Because the image to see the utility understands whatever.For example a caveman must carry stones, tired and hot, this annoyed porqu ene can do it fast, is a quantum physicist with one of these devices and teleports him some pictures and a wheeled cart carrying the stones, not the caveman "">understands is silly."">But this happens at a subconscious level and make us forget depolarizing neurons.That is, each epoch egregores, put the dream to create something chosen, and this recalls the idea, but can not remember the entry mechanism and verbal suggestion. ">Depolarize create a vacuum and forget caveman.

"">Platonic IdeasPlato formulated the "Theory of Ideas". ">This puts the ideas in the intelligible world, because according to him are the only source of true knowledge, being entities:"">Intangible"">Absolute"">Perfect"">Infinite"">Eternal"">Individual"">Immutable (unchanging)"">Independent of the physical world"">Their knowledge leads to universal truthThis theory suggests the existence of two separate but related worlds: first is imperfect and fleeting world of material things and on the other, the perfect and eternal world of ideas. Defend as ontological dualism (sensible world-intelligible world). ">From an epistemological point of view, the ideas could be defined as universal. # Ideas_plat.C3.B3nicas

So smart people drew on folk tales and mythology to convey this truth.and invented the fairies, goblins and demons that dreams help us or condemn us ...In Disney's Peter Pan Waltt is clearly seen as science is present in our lives to lead us to Neverland.It is clearly seen an atom.Look at the movie "Peter Pan" of Disney, there is a moment in which all fly, Peter sits on top of two white swans appears for a second and a flute in his hand, did not see that picture again, 0.19 minutesThe song says that your soul is a song ....The god Pan kidnaps you attention to an altered consciousness, time your mind is another to access the Never Land.Peter uses the music of the flute, to kidnap the children's attention, capture their psychic pulsion.
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