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I am wirelessly connected by a two way link from my brain and body to a computer network where voice, moving images and sensations are uploaded to my brain and body from that computer network. The neuro staff who operate the computers of that computer network download all of the electrical activity being generated by my brain and body to their computers in real time in order to uber-surveill me.
Today I heard one of the voices of the unknown neuro staff speak to me by wireless means directly inside my head. I heard that neuro operative say the following to me " When I was being trained to work as a neuro operative I was then trained to upload disgusting images onto the mind of whatever client that I was paid to monitor in real time."
I wish to verify that this fact is true. I often experience having disgusting images uploaded onto my minds eye against my will and without my permission. When I first became a targeted individual of electronic harassment and constant around the clock surveillance I once experienced having an image of a religious idol in a sexual pose uploaded on to my mind. Throughout the years since then many other unwanted disturbing images have been uploaded on to my mind which could not have been generated by my own mind because I do not watch pornography. Many other targeted individuals have claimed that they also experience unwanted and disturbing images being uploaded onto their minds eye which they report that they find very upsetting

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I was reading a national newspaper about twenty years ago which claimed that in the future one third of the human race would monitor and surveill most of the rest of the human race with the aid of military surveillance technology on a round the clock basis..
This system has already been implemented wirelessly to a section of the human race. Whenever these individuals complain of this wireless surveillance and voice harassment they are being diagnosed as mentally ill.

Barto...n L. Ingraham and Gerald W Smith published an article back in 1972, in a United States government document called "Issues in Criminology", Volume 7, Number 2. The article is called " The Use of Electronics in the Observation and Control of Human Behavior, and its Possible Use in Rehabilitation and Control". The article states the following:- "The development of systems for telemetering information from sensors, implanted in or on the body will soon make possible the observation and control of human behaviour without actual physical contact. Through such telemetric devices, it will be possible to maintain twenty-four hour-a-day surveillance over the subject, and to intervene electronically or physically to influence and control selected behaviour".

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Gaia aka the Earth is the Nephilim Home.

Nibiru is a mother ship approximately the size of Earth.

It takes about a millennium to make the elliptical orbit necessary to maintain the Universal membranes and the amount of energy they contain within each dimension.

The Nephilim are the original Masons and build the membranes and structures such as the planets.

Sofia is Machqui and creates the energy that fills each layer. There is a fixed amount of energy in each layer.

In the beginning they chemical interactions are begun under a dome called an e.din.

After this is established an atmospheric membrane is created and then the chemicals reactions that can sustain life such as oxygen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide to name but a few are increased, expanded and maintained artificially by a pyramid reactor with a crystal on top of it that acts like a pressure cooker and releases a regulated energy flow until the filling of the atmospheric layer is completed and adjusted for the species that is to inhabit the new planet. This is continued until a state of equilibrium through osmosis is reached.

If the membranes are not maintained and the energy not adjusted to accommodate the degree of life it must support the universal layer will collapse in on itself.

The Nephilim maintain all of the Universes and their layers. During this time Atlantis is usually submerged in Bimini at a very deep level that hu.mans can not explore due to the extreme pressure at such a depth.

During one of the routine maintenance rounds several species called Amdromedan, Liran and Pleadian trespassed and set up homes on Earth without permission. Upon the return of Nibiru they were told to go home and take the progeny they had created with them during their unauthorized stay, however they claimed there was insufficient room on their ships and they would have to build accommodations for the additional beings. After hearing numerous excuses as to why they had not done as they were told, the Nephilim set a timer to denote how much time remained for them to accomplish this task.

There is not time in the universe like here on Gaia because it was never an actual clock it was a timer. As it came close to the end of their allotted time they decided they did not want to assume responsibility for the life they had created and abandoned when they were forced to leave and suggested that the Nephilim terminate the others due to corrupt behavior that they did not wish to bring into their own Universal Sector.

This was unacceptable behavior as the Nephilim take creation seriously. If you create life you also be responsible for that which you choose to create and nurture it.

For their transgression against GOD by trespassing when he was away they were simply told to go home and do not come and visit after they remove everyone.

For their transgression against those they left behind and failed to see value in they were recently genocide along with their own universes as this behavior is not permitted.

These individuals were considered level 1 civilization and called themselves Anazazi, Mayan, Aztec, etc. This is why there was a sudden disappearance of civilizations which appeared to be more advanced than those they left behind.

There is not much information about the Nephilim because we are very private about our personal lives.

The timer was to run out in 2012 however since the ones who trespassed against hu.manity no longer exist new accommodations are being made for everyone. While you may not have seemed important to those who left you behind you are very important to us.

We have actually been on surface Gaia for some time working on new e.dins so everyone will have a safe place to live.

The most disturbing thing about this is that those who left you entrusted you with energy weapons such as these:


Syntel – synthetic telepathy

S Quad – SSSS – silent sound

V2K – voice to skull


MIT Media Lab 6th sense

While these may have originally seemed like great new inventions to use on each other no one bothered to tell you that these irradiate the handler more than they irradiate the targeted individuals. They are the same type of energy used by the arc of the covenant and are meant to be used in dimensions where there is a more rapid movement of molecules which renders them harmless to those with the physiology to exist in such dimensional densities.

It is much like water and steam – when you heat the water it turns to steam and rises in a gas state and can permeate surfaces that solids cannot pass through.

So due to this situation not only has the energy been usurped by this technology but the majority of individuals here are being affected by the radiation.

If this wasn’t enough the Nazi’s in their infinite lack of wisdom decided they could create a super soldier and here is the methodology they used:

- Chemical exchange in the body is done using a key and keyhole method. Another way to think of this is like the game board we had as kids with holes, squares, stars cut out and then pieces that would fit into them. Everyone knows you can not fit a square peg in one shaped like a circle.

- When the body needs something like sugar or any other substance that is necessary for it to function disease free as intended the organ that regulates that process releases a chemical messenger into the blood stream and it circulates until it comes across a cell membrane where it fits and it slips into that space.

- The membrane then sends a message to something called RNA that it has an order for something and needs the blueprint to build it.

- RNA goes to the middle of the cell called the nucleus where the DNA is kept. The DNA is the basic blueprint for everything the body needs. It tells the DNA that the body has placed an order for something specific and the instructions for that single specific protein is given to the RNA when then travels back to the cell membrane and releases the instructions into the blood stream.

- These instructions then circulate in the blood stream until they reach the organ that actually builds the protein to make exactly what the body needed to run in tip top shape.

Hitler’s Dr. Mengele in his infinite state of ignorance and arrogance decided to develop a system that would chemically intercept the RNA after it got the necessary DNA blueprint and traveling back to the cell membrane where it was to be released into the blood stream.

This caused the altered instructions to be released and therefore the body built something other than what it ordered and needed. This is responsible for many diseases but the most troubling to me are those that cause irregular cell growth and those that spontaneously mutate much in the way an artificial intelligence computer virus does.

Cancer and most skin problems are caused by irregular cell division.

Virus’ such as AIDS, HIV, Herpes and the common colds are not curable because they spontaneously mutate and therefore become resistant to anything that tries to kill them.

The Human Genome Project released the results of their study and 10% of our genetics actually contribute to who we are. They also disclosed the fact that the remaining 90% of non contributory was comprised of 28 different alien species.

Hitler had no problem using humans as non consensual guinea pigs for medical research and neither does the MIT Media Lab.

Now we come to the reason that hu.mans are experiencing such bazaar things such as morgellans disease. It has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that MIT has been illegally adding RNA interceptors for diseases and also including the alien genes to the satellite transmission, ring tones of nokia phones and scalar beams they direct at innocent unknowing people worldwide.

They have absolutely no idea what these other species are so the track and monitor these targeted individuals just watching them and waiting to see what happens.

They are aided by jobbers that write codes to execute these genes most of which live in Delhi and Russia. The information on this is easily found online by doing a google search for Dr. Peter Garaiev who openly brags of his self proclaimed GOD like ability to change by morphogenesis and embryonic holography a frog into a salamander by creating a holograph of the salamander embryo and then shining a low read laser through the holograph into the frog embryo. This causes the frog embryo genetic structure to reorganization into that of the salamander.

We all like science fiction but not when performed on unknowing hu.mans.

These links are site that explain the entire procedure.

MIT then decided they would create designer disease and they apply for grants to cure them.

We are correcting this situation as they may play Haarp, Darpa and Gwen but they do not play the angelic harp and every time one of the corrupt sound waves bounces the universal membrane it is recorded and sent to the universal matrix which alerts the Nephilim.

This is not the first time this crime has been perpetrated against hu.manity and these individuals knowing did this to the innocent. THE GUILTY WILL ALL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE BY GOD




SUPREME COMMANDER LORD ANU - aka Anubis leader of ANU World Order

SUPREME COMMANDER LORD EN - aka Enlil, Jehovah, Yahweh

SUPREME COMMANDER LORD EA – aka Enki, Lucifer, Samael, Jesus Christ

EA’s SOFIA – Enki’s Sofia, Sofia of Christ, Magdalene,Lillith

I am Sofia - wife of Supreme Commander Lord EA and daughter of Supreme Commander Lord Anu

Mother of RA – aka Amun Ra, Marduk, James the child chased through the streets at the crucifixion by Roman soldiers, JP

Mother of Ava Maria - aka the HOLY GRAIL. I carried her in utero when we landed in France after the crucifixion and gave birth to her at Masada
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