demonic possession (3)


A secret society covertly controls the world and they have being doing so for hundreds of years. Those who belong to that secret society wish to take away our ability to interpret reality objectively. They wish us to falsely believe that objective reality does not even exist. They wish to destroy our ability to think logically because they are attempting to take over the world and enslave us.
They have created at least twenty or thirty major hoaxes over the past many hundreds of years. The following are a list of some but not all of their hoaxes:- climate change, the spinning ball earth, space exploration, religious apparations, near death experiences, demonic possession, poltergeist activity.
Before they had brain weapon technology at their disposal they possibly used magic lanterns and actors to pull off their hoaxes. Now that brain weapon technology is in widepread use they are able to download approximately two thousand different experiences into any human brain which contains what is known as neural lace and they can also download experiences into any part of any human body which contains an intra-body nano-network.
Those of us who are being subjected to wirelessly enabled Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation over many years have experiences most if not all aspects of their brain weapon capabilities. The unwilling subject of Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation is wirelessly connected from self-replicating and self-assembling nano technology inside their brain and body to a computerized control system where data is both uploaded and downloaded to and from their brain and body.
That unwilling subject is made to hear sounds and voices, to see both still and moving images both in their minds and in locations around them, to feel pain, electric shock and other sensations throughout their bodies, including sexual abuse and they can also be subjected to fabricated smells and tastes. They can also have their muscles both immobilized and moved against their wills. Holograms can be made to appear close to them and sounds can be made to appear to come from both inside their heads and from other locations close to them. They can be locked inside virtual reality holds where sounds, visions, sensations and feelings can all be downloaded into their brains as the same time, making them believe that they are in a heaven or a hell without them being able to realise that they are simply locked inside a virtual reality hold. Because of these mostly unknown brain and body weapons capabilities, unknown secret agents have been using them to attempt to make us misinterpret reality. They have used their brain weapons to create and enhance many and varied hoaxes which have lead to worldwide misunderstandings on a wide scale.
The unknown secret agents have also manufactured many and varied mechancial robots of all shapes and sizes which contain nano technology both inside and outside their bodies. These mechanical robots can be externally wirelessly controlled to walk and talk. . They have been presented to members of the public as extra-terresterials and supernatural entities and as many other creatures.
Now, that we no longer believe in the many and varied hoaxes which they created for us we are able to interpret reality accurately again and we know without any doubt that objective reality exists now and always has done so.

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We live in a real natural world but because we now have nano material in our brains and bodies we can be locked inside a virtual reality hold at the will of those who control virtual reality. They can transmit voices, sounds, visions, sensations, and euphoria all at the same time by means of a neural link to the neural lace in our brains and to the self-replicating artificial nano-network in our bodies in order to make us believe we are in heaven and they can also allow us to see what is occurring on the other side of walls because smart dust is now everywhere which can be used as vantage points.
If you continue to believe that virtual reality experiences are supernatural occurrences or signs of mental illness then you are holding back the human race from solving this problem of being attacked by those who control brain weapons which generate non-consensual virtual reality experiences in us. We don't want these virtual reality experiences. Some of them are hellish and painful. Those who broadcast them into the brains of vulnerable people are evil beyond measure and are playing God with our lives.
In the following linked 2017 online video, the well-known American industrialist Elon Musk, when being interviewed about his neural technology company which is called Neuralink and is headquartered in the Pioneer Building in San Francisco, California, was asked if it would be necessary to put a microchip surgically into people's brains in order to link them to a computer system, he replied as follows "No. You can go through the veins and arteries and that provides a complete roadway to your neurons." In other words he was informing the world that neural lace is injectable and in order to pass the blood brain barrier it would have to be 35 nanometers or smaller. Here is the online link where he gave that information
The demonic possession hoax, religious apparation hoaxes and extra-terresterial hoaxes can easily be explained scientificially from the point of view of neural networks in our brains and by other scientific means. As a human race it is time we broke away from believing in superstition. We need to do so in order to fight against those who are manipulating us with endless hoaxes for the past number of decades, simply because they have advanced technology to fool us with.
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