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Hi everyone,

I once bought an ebook from the site and it was seriously

worth its money, but it seems that the site got hacked or something and its whole content is

just deleted.

I really wanna find that book again since it was a whole damn lot of good information

please let me know if you have it and can maybe send me a copy or whatever.

Also if you could find out her email address this would really help out.


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Getting in touch with other TI's

Hi, hoping to get a discussion going about email encryption, as ive not seen much talk of security precautions with people exchanging emails and phone numbers. Have browsed a few basic guides showing alotof options but assuming most people new to it, myself included prefer something with the least setup requirements, preferably minus the special passwords, have checked one out called Sendinc which has no setup requirements and very easy to use, others of a similar nature would be Hushmail and Jumbleme

These are web based encryption email providers, keeping all traffic within their own servers. With Sendinc users create a free account using their regular email address, emails are sent as notification keys to recipents regular email address, and the recipient just needs to log in to their own Sendinc account (or create one upon getting the notification) to access it. However its not so safe sending notification key emails to people who've yet to create an account cause perps whove hacked their email could beat them to the punch creating their own login passwords which is all thats necessary to create the account, so recommended to have recipients sign up before hand. 


Other things to keep in mind with Sendinc's free account are that they only keep emails 7 days, dont show recieved emails in the sites interface, only accessable via the notification key email, and to keep a copy of a recieved email need to download it to pdf. Also for some reason sent emails arent accessible to view later, theyre listed on the sites interface, but only show recipient and date, no content. Its a very minimalist service


Btw a somewhat useful way to check if others have logged into your gmail is checking the activity logs which show the last 10 IPs and times of access, but this feature also seems to automatically recheck once an hour if remained logged in all the time. Its at the bottom right of any gmail page where its got "Last account activity: xx minutes/hours/etc ago" and "Details" underneath

Anyway, curious to know what others have tried or think look good. Spotted Sendinc on howtogeek and noticed it also recommended by one of the contributing editors of Pcworld herehere, and here


And on a side note about webmail encryption addon/extensions, noticed most/all peacepink users whove linked to email use gmail, and howtogeek and makeuseof articles refer to a popular chrome extensions called "safegmail" but it doesnt appear to be available anymore, have seen another called "securegmail" which looks the same, but if going for webmail addon/extensions, the main recommendations at makeuseof looks to offer better solutions, except for Firefox users, Penango's current v2.4.3 isnt compatible with Firefox 2.2.0, so if thats upto date, keep an eye on this page to findout if it gets sorted with 2.4.4. Wanted to see if using that along with Comodo's "secure email certificate" would allow me to send regular unencrypted email from gmail with the added feature of the certificate proving itd come from my computer, without requiring recipients to install anything

Ps: theres also a couple of articles about creating better passwords here and here 


thanks for the likes :)

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Email America Campain 2013

EmailAmericaCampaign: For Immediate Release 4.30.2013
Contacts:, Derrick Robinson 513.568.1653, Deborah Anne Weber 760.702.7659, Lisa Becker 414.988.5404, Lorraine Thompson 508.888.2256, Cathy Meadows 707.720.7137, Gloria Welburn 610.659.9302, Millicent Black 931.446.2230, Abu Badru 410.644.2910, Nola Alexandra 202.306.6801, Cassandra Lewis 410.532.6223, James Lico 909.281.4306, Robert Newton 202.556.7747.Elvira Williams 561.302.8872
Americans Tortured in the U.S. by Directed Energy Weapons, Microwave Technologies and Organized Stalking have sent Complaints and Delivered Affidavits to Members of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee, Chair Diane Feinstein and Members of Congress
Innocent U.S. citizens are being tortured in their homes by Directed Energy Weapons (DEW,) Electromagnetic Frequencies, Microwave and other technologies designed for the U.S. military for purposes of war. This “no touch” torture is often combined with unprecedented 24/7 remote monitoring and organized stalking. Victims have delivered affidavits and have sent complaints to the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee and members of Congress.
Imagine being zapped in your home by invisible lasers that leave burns on your body or jolted awake each night for weeks or months at a time to the point of sleep deprivation. Americans are coming out in droves on the internet exposing these crimes and more. Google "targeted individuals" "organized stalking" "directed energy weapons victims" “microwave victims,” and “unwitting micro chipping” and discover a countless number of YouTube videos, blogs, websites, news articles and support groups describing the most egregious human rights violations in America since slavery.
Directed Energy Weapons
This handheld laser system can temporarily blind you.
8 yr. victim Ron Angell Fort Myers Shore, FL
Remote Directed Energy Weapons are also known as "soft-kill" weapons that degenerate cognitive health and internal organs. Innocent Americans are experiencing ringing in ears, loud electronic-sounding noises, amplified hearing or manufactured voices, seeing visual distortions, forced speech, involuntary body movements, sleep deprivation or uncontrollable sleep , nightmares, blurred vision, cramps, heating of body tissue, seizures and spasms, joint pain or excruciating pain in any part of the body, including heart attacks and other serious, medical conditions. Most have experienced remote sexual assaults.
“Nearly all victims are blindsided when they are hit with ‘no touch’ torture or hearing manufactured voices,” said Deborah Anne Weber, victim, whistleblower and former mental health professional. “This places an insurmountable burden upon innocent victims seeking help from medical professionals, law enforcement or even government agencies.”
“Victims reporting their experiences, even to loved ones, are often ignored or suffer additional consequences of being isolated, discredited or fallaciously labeled as schizophrenic, delusional or bi-polar,” said psychologist Cathy Meadows.
“Most Americans report they are first harassed through organized stalking which interferes with the ability to work and often leads to job loss, and personal and financial ruin. The victim usually becomes ostracized from family and friends and then the harassment moves to electronic torture in their homes.” said Gloria Welburn, victim and small business owner in Delaware County, PA.
Victims like Millicent Black of Mount Pleasant, TN, who are now on medical disability due to decades of torture, have volumes of journals, photographs, videos, audio recordings, medical records and radiographic studies of illegal implants inside their bodies. Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Lisa Becker has been tortured since 2001 targeted with Co-intelpro tactics, gang stalking and directed energy weapons. Just a week ago, Becker’s neighbor was told by two unknown men in suits to “steer clear” from her.
Victims report defense contractors, researchers at universities, ex-military personnel, factions within the US Government’s Military Industrial Complex and organized crime rings are currently using these weapons, along with chemical, nuclear and biological agents on innocent Americans, including children.
In 2011, former Louisville, KY mayoral candidate Connie Marshall and other victims gave testimony of daily torture before the President’s Commission for the Study of Biothical Issues. Nothing happened. Why? This is domestic terrorism and the government is not investigating. Why?
For three years Peter and Lorraine Thompson of Cape Cod, MA have been under surveillance, military aircraft harassment and stalked. They believe they have been placed into a research development program that tests Directed Energy Weapons and government frequencies. In the Washington, D.C. area, Cassandra Lewis, and Nola Alexandra both report their harassment and torture started after problems in the workplace. Robert Newton, former GS-7 auditor for the Naval Audit Service, Department of the Navy, became a victim of electronic torture after asking for workplace accommodations for a disability. Organized stalking has severely interfered with electrical engineer Abu Badru’s ability to earn a living. The Elkridge, MD resident is also a longtime victim of electronic harassment.
There are over 100 documented patents regarding this advanced technology dating back to the 1950’s.
“Numerous military personnel have titles reflecting they are in charge of this weaponry,” said Derrick Robinson, President of Freedom from Covert Harassment and Survellience (FFCHS), “However, there is no national dialogue and most of the American public does not know this technology exists, despite the trillions of taxpayer dollars poured into the industry over decades.”
We are grateful NBC-KMIR TV's investigative team reported that hundreds of people in Palm Springs, CA are hearing voices transmitted via microwave frequencies in a process called synthetic telepathy or voice-to-skull technology. Former Minnesota Governor, Jesse Ventura, aired an hour long segment on remote mind-control technology interviewing victims, and sharing a map of targeted individuals and their proximity to the locations of GWEN Towers. WGCL-TV, the CBS affiliate in Atlanta has also reported state legislators are secretly investigating the misuse of mind-control technology. In 2010, San Antonio’s KENS 5 aired an investigative piece on gang stalking.
While this press release is focusing on victims in America, the misuse of this technology has created a secret, global crisis with torture victims speaking out in most parts of the world. Icelandic Human Rights activists sent this video “Who is Elisa Lam?” to hopefully wake-up America.
Call to Action
*Victims are calling on the Media to start reporting Victim’s experiences. *Victims are calling on U.S.District Attorneys to prosecute these criminals. *Victims are calling on attorneys to help victims file lawsuits. *Victims are calling on public relations teams to educate the public. *Victims are calling on all human rights groups to take this issue to Congress. *Victims are calling on Congress to hold urgent, investigative hearings and pass emergency legislation to ban non-consensual human testing of all forms on civilians and military personnel which includes such weapons of psychotronic, electromagnetic devices and biological agents as well as the use of this weaponry for retaliation on “whistle-blowers” or hate crimes. *Victims are calling on Congress to ban all forms of this weaponry currently being sold on the internet. *Victims are calling on President Obama to utilize an executive order signed April 2012 declaring the prevention of mass atrocities and genocide a “core national security interest and core moral responsibility” while denying impunity in the United States. *Victims are calling on Intelligence Agencies to release lists of names of all current and deceased U.S. citizens who have been experimented on by this technology, purpose of the experimentation; names of Americans unwittingly micro chipped; as well as lists of defense contractors, researchers at universities, and government personnel who have access to these weapons. *Victims are calling on Congress to hold emergency, investigative hearings on Homeland Security Fusions Centers and to remove the names of innocent U.S. citizens from government watch lists who are victims of “organized stalking” and 24 hour surveillance who have been charged with no crimes. *Victims are calling for national dialogue on this weaponry, including current discussions in the neuroscience industry on future weapons.
YouTubeVideos: Former Royal Intelligence and Microwave Expert Dr. Barrie Trower Gloria Welburn’s testimony on Lawless America Who is Elisa Lam 1 hr documentary on mind control technology 1996 Congressional Hearings-CIA MK-ULTRA Mind Control Survivor Speaks Out
First they came for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up, because I wasn’t a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up, because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up, because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time there was no one left to speak up for me.
By Rev. Martin Niemoller, 1945
This press release is being sent to more than 100,000 members of the U.S. and International media, local, state and federal legislators, U.S. District Attorneys, attorneys, public relations firms; and International and U.S. human rights, environmental, constitutional, privacy, advocacy groups and others to create national dialogue on technology that has been covertly developed and hidden from the American public and is currently being used to torture U.S. citizens in America.
FFCHS – Email America Campaign and Press Release
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