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Executive Summary of the Executive Summary
“Government” wasn’t designed to protect life, liberty and property. It is a system, a technique used by intergenerational organized crime to rob and control society. The only reason anyone believes it is legitimate, desirable, or necessary is because they have been indoctrinated into the belief system from birth through mandatory government schools, control of private school curriculum through accreditation, scouting, military/police “training” and a propaganda system of six monopoly media companies running hundreds of subsidiaries to give the illusion of choice and diversity of opinion. Google/Facebook/Twitter/Reddit/ Meet-Up/Disqus further control perception on the DARPA Internet by creating a “propaganda matrix” that the system is legitimate while hiding and concealing the news outlets, websites, documentaries, and videos that are exposing the criminality of the system. The Good News You aren’t an “American” or a “Russian” or an “Israeli” just because you were born in one geographical area or another. You are a free and sentient human being who doesn’t owe your income or allegiance to any organized crime system using classicial, textbook unethically manipulative cult-indoctrination techniques on an unsuspecting public. Everything the “government” does could be provided by the free market and real charity or likely shouldn’t be done at all. Voluntaryism I.E. real freedom, has been the biggest secret that has been kept from society because it is the only political system that is fair for all. No one gets the “ring of power”.. No one gets to use violence or extortion on anyone else… Not even “government”. After you free your own mind from what was force fed you in your youth then free just 5 other people and then we

Techniques for controlling populations have been developed and honed by monarchies, despots, tyrants, and “democratic governments” for centuries. The U.S. government today does not remotely resemble or respect the ideals of the original republic, which the government school system still celebrates and pretends exists. It now parallels the same system that was used to control the tax slaves/ actual slaves in Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union and East Germany. In addition to sharing mechanisms of control and indoctrination, these governments are all illegitimate because it is impossible to delegate rights you don’t have personally to “representatives.” For example, If you don’t have the moral right to coerce money from your neighbor and redistribute it to others, then you can’t delegate that “right” to a “representative” — even if the majority agrees. Voting can’t change morality, and just because the mob wants to lynch black folks or rob Peter to pay Paul, it doesn’t mean those actions are legitimate by ‘virtue’ of the majority outnumbering its victims. Unfortunately, using violence to control society is organized crime, and the control system known as “government” has always been used to fleece the population. Those in power have tended to use the same techniques through history. They control educational institutions to perpetuate propaganda and indoctrinate the pseudo-religion of Statism into children. Statism is the propagandized belief in the necessity, desirability, and legitimacy of government. It is a mind control technique and pseudo-religion because there is no such thing as “government.” Introduction
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You can’t go to Washington D.C./ “Mecca” and touch “government!” You can touch buildings and people, but “government” is just an idea. It is a “supernatural entity” that promises to make the world a better place: to feed the poor, to protect the weak, and to provide for your retirement. It can even raise wages and lower prices at the same time! Is there nothing the State can’t do? Pursuant to government power, free children are brought up in mandatory schools believing that because they were born on this side or that side of an imaginary line (a border), they are “American” or “Canadian,” for example, and — by virtue of where they were born — now owe half their income in overt/covert taxes and inflation to organized crime using well-recognized “cult indoctrination” techniques and propaganda on them. Some cult members are so mind-controlled they even shave their heads and murder whomever the cult leaders tell them to or lock peaceful people in for-profit
prisons for victimless crimes. The idea that Americans are “free” when they are forced to pay as much as half their income in overt taxes, covert taxes, and inflation while putting up with the government’s myriad rules, regulations, monopolies and licensing schemes borders on ludicrous. “Americans” are victims of a multitrillion dollar con-game through which they have been indoctrinated and secretly propagandized into an artificial belief system that teaches them to be “tax-payers” and some to be “orderfollowers” to kill and enforce on their fellow tax slaves. It is a system based on lies, brainwashing, propaganda, and the immoral, poisonous idea that some people can be “delegated” the “authority” to rule others. The acceptance of the legitimacy of “authority” is the acceptance that you are a slave and must obey a master. The difference between a free man and a slave is that slaves can’t say: No.
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Real Freedom! - The alternative that is often paid lip service but rarely offered in government schools: It amounts to no masters, no slaves! One of the biggest secrets kept from public (government) school children is that the world is a self-organizing system that produces spontaneous order and that all the “services” provided by government — from protection to roads to charity — can be better provided by voluntary interaction, the free market, and real charity. Freedom doesn’t guarantee utopia, but it is the most moral alternative that unleashes the creativity and capital creation mechanisms of the market. Voluntaryism/anarchism are social movements that reject the artificially indoctrinated belief system of Statism in favor of true freedom and voluntary interactions between free people. It is the most moral of all the political systems in that it recognizes natural law and honors the NonAggression Principle (NAP), which posits that no individual or group of
individuals has the right to initiate violence and coercion against other human beings who are not aggressing against them — in other words, live and let live, unless someone is threatening your life or property. All other political philosophies (socialism, communism, monarchy, democracy, constitutional republicanism, etc.) allow a ruling class to engage in violence and coercion against the majority. Though these systems may even allow elections where the winning party is allowed to rob everyone in society to enact its stated political goals, elections amount to ritualistic theater (especially when they only represent a minority of the eligible voters and the winner was outnumbered by citizens who didn’t vote at all). In addition to the travesty that occurs when majority rule tramples the rights of the minority, elections are also easily rigged and controlled by moneyed interests to offer the illusion of control to the tax slaves who are ignorant/willfully ignorant of the ‘big con’.
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Nazi Germany US Government Current Soviet Union/Russia East Germany1933-1945 1776-Present 1922-1991 1949-1990Flag: Artificial Indoctrinated Holy Symbol - Flags evolved from war banners that war parties carried in battle. Symbolically, they are the same as the “colors” of crips, bloods, and other gangs. Today flags are used by organized crime governments to indoctrinate populations into the local flavor of Statism as a pseudo-religious artificial holy symbol. In the U.S., children are forced to pledge their allegiance with their hands over their hearts starting in kindergarten in mandatory schools. Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, military academies, and police/military training further reinforce this artificial reverence with artificial solemn rituals: how the holy flag should be folded, carried, saluted, buried, and ultimately revered. Organized crime’s media system reinforces this religiosity by product-placing the flag into hundreds of movies and television shows that becomes painfully obvious in this short video showing 469 “product placements” in just 12 Michael Bay movies. Hollywood propagandists frequently use a technique called “Anchoring” where they create a moment of high positive emotion (Matt Damon escaping Mars in the Martian) and then “Anchor” that exhilaration to the flag by immediately cutting to people on earth waving American flags
The above are some excerpts from a free ebook available online called "Understanding our Slavery" by Etienne de la Boetie. www.understandingourslavery.com

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