hearing voices (2)


Here is a small selection of what extremely crude and frightening messages the anonymous evil doers who broadcast voices into my head by means of voice to skull technological capabilities, have been broadcasting into my head recently. All of the times and dates which I heard the messages were heard in Irish time which is also known as Grenwich Mean Time.
"We are banning her from writing to America." 4.25 pm 30th Nov. 22.
"Why don't you let her sleep." "Because we have a right to do anything we like to her without any regard for her wellbeing." 5.17 6th Dec. 22
"A miserable piece of shit." 5.55pm 6th Dec. 22.
"We wont allow bullies to tell us what we can and can not do."
"Go and wash yourself." I replied by saying the following "I don't like being nagged by unknown criminals who broadcast their voices or simulations of their voices inside my head which come from an unknown remote location, in a way that I can not block those voices so I am not going to wash myself at all today." (I live alone in a remote rural village and I don't meet anyone for days at a time and it makes little difference how often I wash myself on days that I am not going anywhere.)
"Open your shit box." 9.05 pm on 7th Dec. 22.
"Fear Mongering." 11.20 am on 8th Dec. 22 (That was said in reference to the fact that I often write to the Irish government and to the Irish media about what is happening to me. I write to them at least on a weekly basis and I sometimes write to them on a daily basis but I suspect that some of the emails I write to them are being blocked. I write the same letter to up to twenty email addresses at the same time, including all the local newspapers throughout Ireland and to many and varied politicians including members of the European Parliament and to members of the Oireachtas and to members of Mayo County Council and to Members of other County Councils and also to senior politicians and to press offices and to the President of Ireland and to many email addresses overseas.
"She has no anonymity. We all know who she is now." 11.05 am 8th Dec. 22.
"As soon as we bio-robotize her we will then get her to retract everything she said so far about psychiatry and nano technology. (The threat to bio-robotize me is not an idle threat because unknown others can wirelessly move many of my facial muscles against my will and without my permission whenever they wish, and I believe that they can do this because they can control nano technology which was introduced into my blood stream and has become embedded in my muscles, and they evil doers then move the nano technology which they appear to have wireless control over. )
"Licking her own hole" "It is disgusting, the smell off her vagina." 11.00 am on 8th Dec. 22 ( If the unknown evil doers who electronically harass me and who psychologically torture me are going to say extremely crude and uncalled for things to me I am then going to post them online in order to show the evil doers up.)

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I believe that the Ice bucket challenge in combination with the smart phone of the participant was deliberately created for the purposes of wirelessly conducted brain weapon research.

Every few weeks for many years I publish online a small sample of what the voices which I hear coming from inside my head say to me and about me. 
These voices are broadcast into my head by wireless means from unknown remote locations by anonymous cowards.
"Hostile to Religions and yet not one of us is not something we like"
"Stop wasting electricity." 8.22 am 18th Oct. 22
"An inventory of her home" 7.55 am 18th Oct 22
"There is a behavioural system involved."
"Why aren't you changing your sheets more often than every ten days." 3.40 pm 17 th Oct. 22
"She is banned from Amazon.co.uk. Her freedoms are restricted. She will be an outcast."
"My purpose is to stop her in every capacity." 4.pm 13th Oct 22
"We can get our misdeeds through as her misdeeds." 1.30 pm 13th Oct 22
"She is allowed to purchase on ebay but she can't purchase on a whim." 9.08 pm 13th Oct. 22.
"It is non-negotiable. You will do it or you will die." 1.48pm 14th Oct 22
"Get her sorted. We need to tie her down." 3pm on 18th Oct. 22.
"She will eat what I give her or else she will be beaten to death. 5.53pm on 18th Oct. 22.
"Find this woman and tell her to shut the fuck up. We have enough of her." 5.55pm approx on 18th Oct. 22
My name is Gretta Fahey and my postal address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland and a wireless crime is being committed against me and when I officially reported the matter I was not believed by officialdum.


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