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Update: a couple more implants came out today. I was implanted again about an hour ago. Injection. From what I gather my implants are old technology. If they come out I might die, the perps don't know. They're considering letting them come out to test the theory. I got these implants in my brain in the 80's and 90's. The perps don't know if I'll live or die once I have no signal in my body. I have the necklace and other things that have been treated, to me it's worth the risk. I thought I should update you about this. It's important. Some of these older implants might kill you if they come out.

Be Strong Be Love

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Don't remove implants!

I've been doing some thinking and remembering things I've read. Removing these implants kills people. I'm stopping the treatment. It's been a year and six months, it might be too late for me. If you are on the silicea or tea removing these implants will kill you. Don't take the treatment. This is dangerous. I'm sorry for leading by example. Please consider my words.  

Be strong Be Love

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