jail (2)

The voices which I currently hear coming from inside my head were once heard by me to say the following  "  You are shouting down a live line to the inside of her head".

These wirelessly induced inner  voices have recently informed me that I am in shared bondage with several informational sources from around the world via the world wide web.

One wirelessly induced inner voice also informed me that he uses technology which is known as a sonar beam to transmit his voice down a live line to the inside of my head.   He accumulates data from studying me which he then stores on the hard drive of his computer.    My personal data which is stored on his hard drive gets picked up by a computer network at a time unbeknownst to the operative who steals my personal data from my brain and body.   He is sent all kinds of coupons which entitle him to free stuff by registered mail on a weekly basis.  He was first told about collecting data from real live human beings by wireless technology via email by a mate of his.  He asked to join up, not fully understanding where this was leading.  Now that this data is installed inside his personal computer he has nowhere  to go but straight to jail if he is found out.  He is attempting to help me Gretta Fahey,  from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Ireland, by giving me important information which would be helpful to the Claremorris Gardaí if I had the courage to return to them.  However, the last time I visited them they sent me for a psychiatric evaluation.  Death is preferable to incarceration in a psychiatric hospital so I can not risk it.

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MAYBE, just maybe, Jack Smith will be a man
and call off the local dogs who torture innocent
civilians with V2K (Voice to Skull, Voice Of God technology)
and microwave burn weapons that the DOJ passed down
from DOD to local governments.

These are similar to the microwave burn weapons that
will be used in LA jails for "non-lethal" prisoner control.
They are made by good old reliable Raytheon who
over charged the city $750,000.00 & will soon
come up with a hand held similar burn ray weapon.

This is done by and with the cooperation
of active local law enforcement or
private security (retired LE). I and
People like Dr Vaughan Bell (Mind Hacks) dismissed them
as paranoid schizophrenics, he was wrong.
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