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A simple, minimally invasive procedure inserts nanobots (blood cell-sized devices) into the bodies of often unaware and non-consenting human beings. These microscopic machines are self-guided towards the neurons in their brain responsible for visual, auditory and other senses.
Whenever some evil neuro scientist or neuro operative wishes to force the non-consenting human being to experience a virtual reality hell they can remotely have the nanobots move into place suppressing all of the inputs coming from the real senses and replacing them with signals corresponding to the virtual environment. In that way the non-consenting human being can be forced to experience a virtual reality hell. I have been forced to experience virtual realities against my will over many years of being a non-consenting victim of wireless remote controlled research.
This technology which is now inside our brains and bodies can be used to force our muscles to be moved against our wills by wireless external means. Some individuals have experienced whole body take over where they have been forced to walk or talk against their wills. I myself have experienced external wireless takeover of my facial and neck muscles as well as external takeover of my vocal cords where some unknown neuro operative was enabled to speak through my mouth against my will and without my permission.
Police and psychiatrists can no longer stay in a state of denial about this capability because we have at least two easy proofs that this is happening to us. We shine an inexpensive ultra violet light into our eyes and our pupils manifest as fluorescent green. We place small neodynium magnets against our faces and they stick to our faces because of the various technologies inside our faces. If non-linear junction detectors were made available to us we would be able to ascertain where the signals which cause us such extreme distress were coming from. There are at least five hundred thousand of us, non-consensual victims of wireless neurological experimentation throughout the world, and some claim the figure is alot higher. This can be made to happen to a small child or a baby. When will our government take action to have it stopped.
Yours Sincerely,
Gretta Fahey, Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland
Landline Home Phone Number 0949360901

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