karma (2)

Sooner or later Karma will strike

Keep in mind that the perps and their complices are not only committing a crime against you, but against the whole humanity, because the technology and methods they use on us today, will be perfected and used on the next generations. So apart from being evil they're also retarded because their descendants might be the targets of tomorrow (since no one is irreplaceable).


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I was lying in bed last night, unable to sleep due to the DEW (!) that keeps me awake, and thought about what my handler (when I still thought he was a TI) told me about psychopaths/narcissists.  He said that they don't really know how to relate to others, that they don't understand it when people cry at a funeral or when they weep for joy.  He said that they learn how to mimick these things by watching and imitating others.  And I got all choked up, I felt real pity for the people that are doing this.  THEY can't feel!  At least anything real.  What an awful way to go through life - having to pretend to live. 


And I also thought about the man that carried out the set-up, and the man that I lived with that was my handler for six months.  Mike or Mark or whatever your real name is, and James, I feel so bad for you.  You are living a pseudo life.  I believe it's karma that gave you the infirmities you have.  You must have done something really bad in your previous life to have gotten what you have now.  I shudder to think about how what you are doing in this life will get you in the next (will you get a next life?). 

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