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My name is James Lico and I have been a targeted individual since August of 2010, after filing an EEOC charge against my employer. I am a full time human rights activist now, working against government sponsored human trafficking of people targeted by private military contractor handlers. What I am talking about is wireless electromagnetic torture aka "No Touch Torture". Private Military Contractors (PMC's) are doing this to thousands of Targeted Individuals (TI's)

please see my website and

thank you

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Man you can tell the perps when they are typing. Guys, to those who are real TI's please note that the internet host a web of deception, is cooked and full of lies for TI's. There are people who are paid to spread disinformation, spread fear and lies. If you are a real TI then chances are you are internet harassed as well, meaning hacked. Also because these Org's are working in concert with the big providers on the net you are likely being censored, and search engines are being blocked from real, accurate and helpful information. There are cases on the books, get to the library, law library and research the law books. Buy some law books, get familiarized with the laws in every state, and research cases that involve your circumstance.  

If you are doing all of your research online exclusively, good luck because we are being censored to find the websites, foundations, organizations, and information that they want you to find. Which is unhelpful. Have you ever wondered why not one of these organizations ever offer any help, for shielding, legal information or otherwise? Ask yourself the big, crucial questions. We are being hoodwinked at every turn. Find you a secure place to do your internet searches including secure technology.

There is absolutely nothing they can do, or will do to stop you from defending and helping yourselves. Remember, they are the criminals and committing federal, state and local laws, not you. We are purposely made to feel like we are the criminals and should be in hiding and fear. Fear their as*** NOT, YOU are not the criminals, they are. Regardless of whatever your past is, you are not committing the crimes, they are and need to be brought to justice. Remember who and what you are dealing with. These websites are not what you think they are and are filled with disinformation, fear mongering spreading perps. I know that we being censored. I know that the people, websites, orgs are all cooked to make you feel helpless, and hopeless that nothing can be done. BS. Laws are being broken, laws have been broken for 50 years or more. Research those who were apart of age old programs. Go to the library, do the research. Go to the law libraries even if you have to travel to do so. Find the information. These criminals online are protecting their own self interest and that is not to ever get caught. This network may be huge, but you can fight and get them one person at a time and don't let these disinformation, fear mongering/puppets tell you anything different. To keep us scared, hopeless, not saying anything, and not fighting back is what they want. They are the criminals (REMEMBER THAT), not us, not the real TI's. Of course we are suppose to fight back, sue, litigate. If they threaten you, report it. If they do physical harm to you, report it and prosecute. The fact that there are too many of us hiding, not fighting, not reporting, not documenting, not doing the research is why our plight has been unsuccessful. We need to mobilize, to fight and support each other from every city, state, and country. It's time out for being complacent and complicit to their criminal actions, harassment. Help is out there you have to get out to find it. Good people are out there we have to recognize them. And btw, most of the perps who are around you doing their criminal activities to you are drug addicts, have criminal backgrounds, etc that can be used against them. Find their weaknesss just as they do you.

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Former perp handler claiming I'm the perp

I got an email from james lico last night, i was just one of the people he sent it to.  He claimed I was a perp roommate he had!  what a joke!  I thought about sending a long, rambling explanation to everyone he mailed it to, then decided I have thought about him enough.  He was another in a long line of bad mistakes.  One I won't make again. 

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I was lying in bed last night, unable to sleep due to the DEW (!) that keeps me awake, and thought about what my handler (when I still thought he was a TI) told me about psychopaths/narcissists.  He said that they don't really know how to relate to others, that they don't understand it when people cry at a funeral or when they weep for joy.  He said that they learn how to mimick these things by watching and imitating others.  And I got all choked up, I felt real pity for the people that are doing this.  THEY can't feel!  At least anything real.  What an awful way to go through life - having to pretend to live. 


And I also thought about the man that carried out the set-up, and the man that I lived with that was my handler for six months.  Mike or Mark or whatever your real name is, and James, I feel so bad for you.  You are living a pseudo life.  I believe it's karma that gave you the infirmities you have.  You must have done something really bad in your previous life to have gotten what you have now.  I shudder to think about how what you are doing in this life will get you in the next (will you get a next life?). 

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James F Lico is a handler / perp

Take my word for it.  I lived with him for 6 months, still talk to him (that's how desperate I am for someone to talk to that believes me!!!).  But every time I talk to him, whatever I say is used to modify my targeting.  I told him I found a way to calm myself and get the ringing out of my ears, and voila!  the next day they amped up the gang stalking and had my son call me and get me all emotional, and it was back!


If you ever come in contact with this man, run the other way.

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Grandniece perpetrator

Almost every night for the past week or so, I've awakened at about 3 am to my knees and hips involuntarily jerking - keeping me up when I have things to do the next day.  And the person awake at that time, with her cell phone in hand, is my grand niece.  I'm afraid she's the next psychopath to enter the fray.  She plays a good little christian girl.  If this is christianity, I don't want any part of it anymore.  This is what the church is teaching our youth.  Do I hear everyone weeping for the future?

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I had dinner with my church friends and I met 2 Japanese men who were staying at the church convent for 5 days since Friday. I saw their passport pictures on Friday, so it seems they came on that day.

While talking about them with my church friend, she said that they were studying at a university in Bologene(? my friend pronounced like this
not Bologna). But the group left soon after the mass. After that, I was asked by the couple of people at the church if I understand Korean. I have no idea why they ask me about that many times and the Korean mass was held while we suppose to have English one.

I saw Korean group came by a yellow rented big bus and held the mass in Korean. I had no idea why there were Koreans showing today. These people might be the same people who came and held mass few months ago. I saw a man with tick black glasses and the group was organized by a man with very little hairs - nearly bald. Most of them were women.

While eating dinner with others including these Japanese men. I learned that they made the trip while they are attending university in Italy and seeking job. Their names are Ogawa Hiroyuki (小川X之)and Ryota (亮太) whose last name is not sure. They seemed to be armature on investigation but they seemed to be asking questions about why I stay in Egypt and what I would do later and why I wanted to study Arabic and wanted to know my knowledge level about Islam. I gave them general answer about myself, and told them I don't know anything about Islam. I never learned about Islam and this country's majority is Islam but I belong to the minority part. The question about Islam was that they don't make profit from something... I don't really know because I did not understand what that is for and what Islams do at all.

What I learned from they were:

* They learned about the convent from a priest they knew.
* They are attending a University in Italy.
* Ryota spent 2 years learning Italian in Japan and 6 months studying Italian in Italy.
* Ryota might stay India in the past and possibly knew Hindi as he knows lots about Indian food and drinks.
* Both of them speaks Japanese without specific dialect.
* They seem to have more Japanese friends as they manage to speak Japanese fluently.
* In their passport pictures, they have long hairs like the length around their shoulders.
* They are non-religious. But they say they are Buddhists when they are asked about their religion.

I don't know how they decided to visit Cairo for sightseeing only 5 days while they were looking for their jobs? Also, why they decided to stay in a convent rather than cheap hotels starting from around 15$ to minimum of 5$? Perhaps they might find a national security jobs in Japan in future :)

By the way, this happened right after Japanese Embassy checked the residency status of registered Japanese in Egypt. The mail was sent on Nov 3rd, and the Japanese men showed up on Nov 5th.



※ 本メールは緊急情報ではありませんが、在エジプト日本国大使館



ア インターネット(在留届電子届出システム(ORRネット))
イ 在留届用紙に記入して大使館窓口へ届け出られた方

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