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1.            身為香港人的我, 自不免被人問及對當前香港暴動有何見解? 之前我已對此事提出我個人意見, 當前的暴亂既不是暴民之錯, 也非警務人員之過, 只是政府低估了腦控對社會所造成的傷害, 對排山倒海的暴動束手無策. 同時也表達了政府非主要的腦控技術控制者,  那麼直正最強腦控在哪裡


                要解決當前危機, 唯一辦法就是將警察和暴民的腦波調整到和諧”, 據說只需三天時間, 所有暴力即可平息. 但那麼直正最強腦控在哪裡


              有傳最強的腦控本身已腦殘, 好像不懂聽人話, 一意弧行, 威脅政府, 释放一批用腦控技術殘害百姓, 祸國殃民的罪魁禍首, 政府對此無理要求, 採取強硬不妥協的態度.


              相信暴動會持續, 直至找到最強腦控機,  醫好腦殘控制人為止.


2.            腦控空間有一賤人, 名叫蔡志恆, 假冒是我哥哥, 懷疑將我溫哥華地址作為他的住址證明, 事源我收到一封信, 收信人是  ”Choi Chi Hung”, 據了解, 此人逾期居留, 藏匿於溫哥華. 請亲朋好友, 小心被騙.


3.            變態控芯片賤人長期將我同多人併芯片, 令我腦部很多雜音, 經常嗡嗡聲. 當併我芯片者處於高噪音的環境時, 我同時也受到高噪音滋擾, 當併芯片者處於同我不同時差的國家時, 我日夜都受到噪音滋擾而不能入睡. 變態賤人實行長達8年的睡眠剥奪, 精神折磨, 其行為無法無天, 人神共憤!


另一方面變態控芯片賤人將我的咀嚼聲無限放大, 令我尷尬;  將家居生活背景聲音放大, 例如煮食的聲音, 以此製造高音貝, 影響他人生活. 特別加拿大人, 大家已習慣寧靜的生活, 被莫名其妙的噪音, 搞到煩躁不安, 他們的目的旨在製造種族歧視, 民族糾紛. 實在是可惡兼可恥! 民族敗類!


4.            本週變態控芯片賤人利用味覺操控, 當我所飲所食非賤人所好時, 變態控芯片賤人關閉我味覺掣, 本週另有新招, 我所食的食物只有咸味, 就算食麻辣也只有咸味, 沒有辣味. 此教懂我原來腦控機不只有味覺, 嗅覺掣, 還可以操控五味, 咸甜酸苦辣.


 Mind Control Space News this week (Nov. 11 to 17, 2019)


1.            As a Hong Kong native, some people always asked my opinions about the current riots in Hong Kong. I have had write my opinion on my blog before. The current riots are neither the mob's fault nor the police officers. Only the government underestimated the harm caused by brain control to the society, and inabilities to over control the technology. Such seems to tell all of us that the government was not a main controller of brain control technology, so where is the main brain control, that we are look for? 

                The only way to solve the current crisis is to adjust the brainwaves of the police and the mob to "harmony". It is said that only need three days, all violence can be quelled. But where is the main brain control machine?

                 It is said that the main brain controller who got early psychosis. He seems does not know how to listen to what do human said. He threatens the government, want the government releases a group of criminals who use brain control technology to harm the people obstruct national affairs and bring woe to the masses, the government has rejected to compromising such unreasonable demands.

                I believe that the riot will continue until the main brain control machine found and heal the patient of the controller.

 2.            There is a perp in the brain control space, named Choi Chi Hung, He fake as my brother, I suspected whom use my Vancouver address as proof of his address, since I received a letter, the recipient is "Choi Chi Hung". As known such perp who has overstayed and hiding in Vancouver. Warn to my friends, don’t believe someone who name “Choi Chi Hung” , be careful to be cheated.

3.            The metamorphosis chip controller within my chip for group stalking in long time, which makes my brain a lot of noise, often snoring. When someone mapping me in a high noise environment, I also suffer from high noise nuisance. When someone mapping me in outside country with different time zones, I am harassed by noise and can't fall asleep day and night. The metamorphosis chip controller used sleep deprivation, psychological and physical torture for over 8 years, their behavior is lawless, caused to popular indignation!

                 On the other hand, the metamorphosis chip controller enlarger chewing sound when I am dining, making me embarrassment, magnifying the sound of the home life background, such as the sound of cooking, to create a high-pitched sound, affecting to the others.  Special Canadians, everyone already used to a quiet environment, and suddenly suffered nerves by the inexplicable noise. The mind control perps’ purpose is to create racial discrimination and ethnic disputes. Shame on you all perps, you are the national scum!


4.            The metamorphosis chip controller uses the taste manipulated. When I eat some food which the perps don’t like, the metamorphosis chip controller will be shut down my taste. This week, there are new tricks. The food I eat was only salty flavor, even I eat spicy food, it is only salty, not spicy. That means the mind control machine got taste manipulate function.


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