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I have been informed via direct communication military technology that if I don't show up at Unislim I will be deprived of fifty points from my social credit score system.   Many individuals wrongly believe that the worldwide social credit score system is only being used in China at the moment but that is not the case for a selection of individuals who are being subjected to non-consensual wirelessly enabled neuro experimentation of whom I am one. 

A social credit score system is in widespread use across parts of China at this time.  Chinese people are automatically awarded points for paying their taxes on time, for working, for keeping themselves trim,  for paying money to charity, for doing some voluntary work and for a wide variety of other reasons.   They are deducted points for challenging government dictates, for littering, for forgetting to return library books,  for being rude to government staff,  for being overweight and for a wide variety of other similar reasons.  Millions of Chinese citizens have already been blacklisted for losing too many points from their social credit score system to the extent that many of them are no longer allowed to use public transport or allowed to use public buildings.  The worldwide social credit score system has already become active in two or three cities within the United States and Canada. 

Who is responsible for setting up this social credit score system in parts of the world and why are they being allowed to set up what is an enslavement system for the people of this world?

I am a targeted individual of non-consensual wireless experimentation for seventeen years.  Up to a million people throughout all parts of the world are wirelessly connected to a non-consensual  monitoring, manipulation and control system similar to the one I am non-consensually attached to.   The reason that it is not being stopped is primarily because the flicker rate of smart phones is being used to send subliminal messages of apathy into the minds of those who use them.  Government staff are all under similar mind control because they are officially required to use smart phones during working hours.  

Any Irish politicians who claim the 750 Euro mobile phone allowance every eighteen months are under serious mind control if said mobile phone is a smart engineered phone and those politicians should not be allowed into public office.

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" Mobile phones are microwave mind control weapons. Mobile phones can easily be used to control the behaviour of the phone user. Scientists have found the specific brain rhythm for docile, submissive behaviour. Microwave carrier beams are perfect for transmitting the excitation potential of docility to the mobile phone user in order to keep them servile in times of trouble.
Some CCTV cameras have microwave telemetry devices that can be used to braodcast the correct frequency to control all aspects of human behaviour.

Transmission of sounds and speech and mind control commands directly into the targets brain using microwave carrier beams is now common practice.
Microwave weapons can be transported in vans or they can be carried around in a suitcase and they can be used against good living individuals while they are inside their own homes. "
Microwave weapons are impossible to detect unless you have a detector.
Frequency counters which the general public were using to detect the use of microwave weapons in the United Kingdom were all bought up the the British government and a modified model which most probably has a digital filter so that the microwave weapon frequencies can not be shown, is now being sold
by Tim Rifat.

Psychiatrists who refuse to confront the widespread existence of wireless weapons and who continue to confuse wireless electronic harassment with mental illness are under similar electronic mind control. Telephone towers containing microwave transmitters are placed closed to police stations, radio stations, government offices and universities where the occupants are continually bathed in low level microwaves which are damaging to health. We are slowly being enslaved by the fact that more and more power is being placed in fewer and fewer hands. The dark new world order criminal cartel are using microwave mind control weapons in order to make us subservient to their rule. We must eradicate microwave transmitters from our environment as a matter of urgency?

For further information please read the article "MICROWAVE MIND CONTROL" by Tim Rifat


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