pinhole (2)

My own phone did not recognise me because I was wearing plastic pinhole glasses which cost five Euros.  If that is the case we can easily protect ourselves from weaponized digital media screens.   I can not be accessed from a wireless technological point of view by unknown neuro staff who have been tasked by criminals to Remote Neural Monitor me either.   Please let me know all information about this subject matter.  The human eyes are key to whether we can be electronically captured and then wirelessly technologically enslaved or not.   Let me know what you believe about this topic?  Thanks.

P.S.  Pinhole glasses are very uncomfortable to wear long term but are ok for using your computer on occasion.  I switched on my computer and typed this post while wearing them but you wouldn't feel like wearing them for more than half an hour per day normally.

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It is being claimed that Remote Neural Monitoring and Remote Neural Manipulation can only be used against targeted individuals provided those targeted use digital media screens on a weekly basis.  It is being claimed that  digital media screens are needed to insert digital messages into the dna of the targeted individual through their eyes.  

There is a way for anybody who is subject to Remote Neural Monitoring to safely use their computer.  Please wear pinhole glasses whenever you are using your digital media screen.  You will not be able to see the screen aswell as normal but it is a small price to pay for  protection from remote neural manipulation and eventual neuro enslavement.  I have begun to wear pinhole glasses whenever I am using my computer and I can type easily while wearing these pinhole glasses.  Please hang glass prisms from the ceiling of your bedroom and wear glass prism jewellery while in bed.  This will help to distort the signals of the neuro weapons operatives somewhat. 

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