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Artificial intelligence in interaction with the lhuman brain

© Copyright. by Gina Rydland
published: 10.04.2010

Most human rights organizations, healthcare personnel, politicians and lawmakers are unaware of what types of HE (Human Experimentation) that are in operation. Even fewer know how to handle it and what it means to their respective profession. A broader investigation is needed to reveal the consequences for the victims and society in general [1].

Some consequences became evident in my conversations with targeted individuals (TI). Years of repeated firing of the neurons and the aggressive stimulation of the hormone system exhaust the body and brain. Subsequently many TIs loose the ability to secure their economy and maintain a stable platform for their life. In addition altered perception on the subconscious level, with preprogrammed trigger points, will surface in the conscious mind and result in changes in personality and behavior. The trial runs of the fluctuating modified behaviors show a variation in duration depending on intent, choice of design and the individual brains response. The rapid variation in mood, perception and behavior creates physical and mental stress in the subject.

Modified behavior can be observed as original personality traits being reinforced or weakened. A common alternation of perception is expressed in the mind of the victim as faulty conspiracy theories. In this state the brain seems to be unable to discover the obvious logical flaws in the stories. Many subjects wholeheartedly believe in what they "preach" while others understand that their perception is wrong but for shorter or longer periods have no control over their will to stop advertising their new world view. The same person may experience fluctuations between both examples. Each individual's personal interpretation of what is happening to them influence the desired results and challenges the design of the experiment.

The subjects ability to understand the nature of direct telepathic communication with AI varies, as does the ability to distinguish between induced and own thoughts worked on by the subconscious. Keeping the presented ideas close to the persons own perception makes it more difficult to detect the mind intrusion.

In cases where the TIs are religious, "spiritual guides" or a "God" may be used as a representation in both the subconscious and conscious state when sending and retrieving information within the brain. Victims of the the alien abduction program experienced telepathic communication with an extraterrestrial life form. In newer more advanced projects characters reflecting the subjects own memory bank, perception, fears and desires are used rather than a fixed set of preprogrammed representations.

Many TIs report that when a communication bridge is opened between AI and the neural network of their brain they experience two or three individuals talking amongst each other, one of them having a conversation with the subjects brain. As in AA (Alien Abduction) the virtual characters interacting with the individual may be combined with a controlled set of emotions and imagery of a suitable environment to go with it. The contact occur when the TI is awake.

Imagine the implications for the TIs when family and friends are confronted with one of their loved ones change in personality and behavior. Such changes will most likely be interpreted as the person struggling with psychological issues and TIs are in danger of wrongfully being diagnosed with a psychiatric illness. Victims aware of the fact that they are being used as guinea pigs will see this as another act of abuse adding to the trauma. However programming may be used to dampen normal reaction patterns derived from the abuse. Stimulation of the hormone system as a part of the programming may even give some subjects a feeling of wellness, willingness and pleasure during abuse. These effects are not permanent at least not at the early stage of the experiment and may result in shifts between the original and the artificial reaction pattern. As a result symptoms of trauma may surface in the conscious mind.

Public healthcare, the social services and the justice system encounter the consequences of human experimentation with satellite to brain technology on a daily bases. Unknowingly the society carries the economical and social burdens caused by the industries classified experiments on humans. Consequently TIs unable to finish their education, maintaining a job, struggling with behavioral problems or becoming violent may result in a overall more dysfunctional society.

[1] Human experimentation for the sake of technological progress?!

Direct Human Brain - AI - Interface System technologies

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