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just a quick comment and a reply to sue

Hey sue. It is great to hear from you. I became fully controlled in March of 2015. movement, walking, and talking. they made me fall off a balcony and break my spine and pelvis, and heelbones. since the beginning, but so much more now, they try not to let me relax or rest. It is really unfortunate you are going through all of this. if you want to know my opinion on something interesting, I have a feeling that the secret government, mind-control affiliates, etc. are experimenting with the hallucinogen salvia divinorum, a bit like they did with LSD. I have experience with this drug and I currently believe that they are so naive in assuming they can play around with this drug that it will kick them in the behind. a five-minute trip basically separated my single life into two parts and I wasn't wuite me for more than a year. add 3 times the potency and amphetamines and I can tell you, they have no idea of what they are dealing with. it may look dumb when people do it on youtube. They've observed. I've experienced. Trust me, they're DXM and antipsychotics mean little by comparison to this drug. Lurasidone, however, is an antipsychotic I have tried that is quite powerful. stay away at all costs is my recommendation!I hope to hear from you soon. I love you!while Benadryl, Gravol, and salvia made me very insane,cigarettes, DXM (as cough medicine), and antipsychotics were bad for mind control.the kind of antipsychotic drug that ends in "done" such as risperidone, paliperidone, and lurasidone, in my opinion, is a very bad way. stay away at all costs unless you really, truly think it will help you. Lurasidone was hell.They are known, respectively, as Risperdal, Invega(?), and Latuda.Love, Daniel
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Psychosis is active, must try my best

Hi everyone. Email: - contact me any time.I thought it would be good to let everyone know, I feel as the the psychosis i experience has turned into an episode during parts of my day. This site has helped me. It was pretty amazing to find others like me when it seems almost no one understands me, truly, in the world around me, offline.I used drugs this month and am paying the consequences. It is extremely difficult for me to listen to my mom, who has been grounding me, letting me function, for 1.5 years or so. My social life became great too.Thanks Sue, Qijia cheng, david of tomorrow and labrat for the support you gave me. Just wonderful.Long story short, I feel as though I've lost a battle of great importance. So easily, too. My first blog post explains the part of my psychosis and brainwashing that is most important, or acute. My drive to do things is very erratic, and I am beginning to feel as though I may become catatonic sometime.Love, Daniel.
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