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#1094 Bioethics Commission off camera observations

  If you watch the Bio ethics commission you will see these people talk all about this subject at length and yet dance around many subjects or details. Dr. Amy Gutmann started the Commission saying that clearly the Guatemalan tests were wrong and there will be no debating that non-consensual human experimentation, "is wrong". Everyone of the sitting commettee members agreed.  Still Dr. Farah a speaker denied subvocal speech recognition is mind reading when asked by the Chair Dr. amy Gutmann. They broke after this exchange between DR. Farah and the Dr. Amy Gutmann. I then walked up to them as Dr. Gutmann walked away say, "We will discuss this later". I don't think she was happy with Dr. Farah twisting the truth. I then spoke to Dr. Farah who denied knowing about millimeter wave surveillance and V2K. I explained how they are used as a remote lie detector, but she claimed to know nothing about it.
    You will then see Dr. Farah push for brain imaging or FMRI to be used as a lie detector in her closing remarks. Dr. Gutmann then points out that brain imaging for lie detection is only 90% accurate. She states that that would mean 10% of the innocent people would be found guilty who were innocent and 10% of the criminals would walk away.
     I want you to look deeper and see that the Chair Dr. Amy Gutmann is the eighth president of the, "University of Pennsylvania". She is the Boss of a few of these people at this meeting. They very likely have had these areas of contention for some time.
Dr. Farah also of the, "University of Pennsylvania" is the Director, Center for Cognitive Neuroscience and and the Director for the Center for Neuroscience and society: as well as senior Fellow, Center for Bioethics. If you are catching on it has been these peoples jobs to look at the ethics of looking into our brain...........At the University of Pennsylvania!
    On the legal side and also from, "University of Pennsylvania Law school and School of Medicine. was Dr. Stephen Morse, J.D., Ph.D. Professor of Psychology and Law in Psychiatry.
    To Top off the list Dr. Moreno was in attendance also from the, "University of Pennsylvania". I asked him about using millimeter wave with V2K as a lie detector. He said he didn't know of the technology so I said, It is, "Voice to Skull", the,  "Voice of God Weapon", "MEDUSA", "The Microwave Hearing Effect", "The Frey Effect"..." He said Oh I think I heard of that one. He then left.
     I'm unsure of how this will end. Billions are being made on the non-consensual human experiments done on us. National security is a good excuse to not speak about some things but clearly they are denying subjects that are not a national security issue like MEDUSA and its microwave hearing effect, The Army listed V2K on one of its sites till it was curriusly taken off. "Subvocal", was meantioned as, "Mind Reading" and I credit Dr. Amy Gutmann the Chair for actually bring that up. Then though Dr. Farah says it is not mind reading it is just muscles that twitch to the unspoken thought, and that mind control is a million years away. Clearly the desire for federal grants, power and control is stering this commission away from the truth or at least the whole truth.
    As we the TIs were speaking a man and Dr. Moreno were standing over by the door way and Ken Rhoades over heard the undisclosed man say, "They are catching on".

"Moreno has been a senior staff member for two presidential commissions and has given invited testimony for both houses of Congress.

In 2005, Moreno joined the faculty at Penn as part of President Amy Gutmann’s Penn Integrates Knowledge (PIK) Initiative.

Moreno is the editor or author of 17 books including:

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Selected articles

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