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腦控空間本周新聞 (2019-11-04至2019-11-10)

1.         本周腦控空間有人提出, 懷疑腦控機被人作了手腳, CT 片沒法顯示受害者痛症. 正常情況下, 當受害者被電子武器摧殘而引起的痛症, 腦控機CT片會將痛症位置顯示為紅色, 但有多部機同時不能顯示,  但當腦控賤人遙控電子武器令我身體發熱時, CT片能顯示為紅色, 奇怪!


2.         溫哥華時間119日下午時份, 腦控空間有人見到有位姓麥的剛剛被處死, 據稱是同背後指使遙控電子武器有關. 相信中國政府已在竭力打擊電子武器摧殘罪案.


3.         自從被腦控以來, 我的樣貌每天不同, 本周我的聲音也隨住不同人併芯片而改變. 令我不勝其煩.


4.         本週腦控畜牲仍然同我併芯片飲食, 當我在家煮食時, 他們關閉我味覺掣, 嗅覺掣, 令我食而無味. 但當我出外用餐時, 才開我的味覺掣, 嗅覺掣.


5.         本週變態逐臭賤人經常將放屁者, 口臭者, 身體發出異味者同我併芯片, 精神虐待受害者.



Mind Control Space News this week (Nov. 4 to 10, 2019)



1. This week, someone suspected that the mind control machine was being rigged. The CT film could not show the mcrowave symptoms. Under normal circumstances, when the victim got pains by electronic harassment, The CT film will display the pain position as red dot, there is not only one, but few more machines can't display too.  but when remote control electronic weapon makes me hot, the CT film displayed my whole body in red. It is unusual, may the perps want to omit some evidents that show in mind control machine.



2. On the afternoon of November 9th, Vancouver time, someone in the brain control space saw that a surnamed Mak being executed. It is said that related to the remote control of electronic weapons. I believe the Chinese government was strived to combat the crime of electronic harassment.



3. Since I being mind control, my appearance is different every day. This week my voice also changes every time, depends on who mapping me. It makes me feel anxious.


4. This week, the animal perps still mapping me for eating. When I cook at home, they turn off my taste, smell, and make me tasteless. But when I gone out for dine, I have my taste back.


5. This week, the metamorphosis chip controller mapping me with someone who in farts, bad breath, body odors, used for physical and psychological abuse.

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