From John J. Williams

I am an owner of Lone Star Consulting, Inc. (, El Paso, TX), and we are and have been doing R&D into mind control and electronic attack technologies since the late 1960s. We are a small family-owned and operated business. We are being increasingly overwhelmed with customized device projects for mind control and electronic attack detection systems and countermeasures. We have found that particularly since 9/11, there has been a great increase in the needs for our detection and countermeasure technologies.
We are the only ones we know of who have the experience, expertise and wherewithal into both mind control and electronic attack weapon systems, and countermeasures and detection systems who actually design and make such devices sold to the general public. And it is not easy when powerful interests who heavily profit by electronically controlling and victimizing people want to put you out of business.

Mind control and electronic attack weapon systems are virtually ideal means of injuring and destroying people. If someone stabs or shoots you, you have the external physical proof of the crime. However, if someone electronically attacks you and thereby severely injures you, externally you will likely look fine, but internally you may be heavily damaged. The harmful signals were transmitted to you remotely, silently and likely concealed and from a great distance away (with today's tracking and tracing technologies, you can't even avoid being targeted). Once the signal is gone, how can you prove that it ever existed without the use of highly specialized detection equipment of the types that we make? And how can you countermeasure such attacks - often also requiring highly specialized countermeasure equipment of the types we make?
Even after decades of blatant mind control and electronic attacks and likely 100,000s of victims worldwide, the Government still refuses to even acknowledge that such technologies exist or move to protect people from it. Everyone is on their own! Easily verified: Go to a police station with a mind control or electronic attack complaint, and chances are excellent they will commit you to a mental ward while your perpetrators are slapping their knees laughing at you. How many police stations do you know of have the required expertise, detection systems and forensic lab capabilities to even investigate such crimes, much less prosecute them? I use the term, "crimes" loosely, because in many jurisdictions there are no laws against mind control and electronic attacks.
Some criticize us for not doing enough to bring public and political attention to this clearly horrendous and increasing threat. Again, we are just a small business barely able to keep up with the onslaught of business we now have. We would very much like to expand our operations to document many cases nationally so we have a solid database that no one can refute. However, even though we design and build much of our own equipment - no one else makes the devices we need - we would need much more equipment and personnel to do this - all very expensive propositions, likely even $Millions. On our website, we recently started asking for donations and bequests to help us expand to this level, but no donations or bequests so far. So without the funding to expand to these new levels, we simply don't have the resources to change anything politically to get required laws passed and to fund law enforcement into taking these attacks seriously.
Incidentally, years ago, I used to regularly "rant and rave" to Government officials and politicians to do something to stop mind control and electronic attacks on the general public, but it all fell on deaf ears. I got few responses, and most of the responses I did get was to the effect that nobody is being electronically attacked or mind controlled.
Thanks for your support.
John J. Williams, M.S.E.E. Lone Star Consulting, Inc.         

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  • For the past ten years, it was hard to get lawyers to help; even we could get some lawsyers who were willing to help, but it was hard for us to get evidences.

    While we are trying lawsuits, I encourage the route to appeal,which is a administrative procedure,and that is exactly a way one lawyer does not dare and does not have the energy.

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