S Hassan - 1990 - equip.org
After reading Combatting Cult Mind Control I feel more comfortable with the fact that I myself 
fell for the Watchtower Society's deceptions and remained in that system for 13 years. I can see 
now that I was not simply “taking in knowledge” at my “free home Bible study” and at ... 
Cited by 139 - Related articles - View as HTML - Library Search - All 7 versions


[PDF] from spiritself.netJ Marks - 1980 - spiritself.net
The Search for the Manchurian Candidate (c)1979 by John Marks Published by Times Books 
II....................................................................................................4 2. COLD WAR ON THE ... 
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TG Gutheil… - Hofstra law review, 1983 - ncbi.nlm.nih.gov
1. Hofstra Law Rev. 1983 Fall;12(1):77-120. "Mind control," "synthetic sanity," "artificial
competence," and genuine confusion: legally relevant effects of antipsychotic
medication. Gutheil TG, Appelbaum PS. Program in Psychiatry ... 
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[CITATION] Mind control

P Schrag - 1978 - Pantheon
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MH Shapiro - Southern California Law Review, 1973 - ncjrs.gov
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J Silva - 1991 - books.google.com
WHAT MIND CONTROL HAS DONE FOR OTHERS... —A marketing company used it and 
cre- ated 18 new products. —14 Chicago White Sox players used it and boosted their 
scores. —Performing artists Vicki Carr, Carol Law- rence, and Loretta Swit have spoken ... 
Cited by 50 - Related articles - Library Search - All 7 versions


G Thomas - 1989 - getcited.org
... Journey into madness: The true story of secret CIA mind control and medical abuse. Post a
Comment. CONTRIBUTORS: Author: Thomas, Gordon. PUBLISHER: Bantam Books (New York).
SERIES TITLE: YEAR: 1989. PUB TYPE: Book (ISBN 0553053574 ). VOLUME/EDITION: ... 
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TR Boulette… - Community Mental Health Journal, 1985 - Springer
ABSTRACT: This paper describes one variation in the battering phenomenon which was initially 
observed among low-income women. The strategies of coercion and deception utilized by the 
abusive male in these relationships are described and compared with similar strategies of ... 
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HM Weinstein - 1990 - getcited.org
... Psychiatry and the CIA: Victims of mind control. Post a Comment. CONTRIBUTORS: Author:
Weinstein, Harvey. PUBLISHER: American Psychiatric Press (Washington, DC). SERIES TITLE:
YEAR: 1990. PUB TYPE: Book (ISBN 0880483636 ). VOLUME/EDITION: ... 
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[PDF] from weebly.comW Bowart… - 1978 - openeye.weebly.com
CONDITIONS OF SALE: This book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not, by way of trade 
or otherwise, be lent, re-sold, hired out or otherwise circulated without the publisher's prior consent 
in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a ... 
Cited by 37 - Related articles - View as HTML - Library Search - All 5 versions

Patents Patents 1 - 10 on neurological weapons. (0.10 seconds) 
[APPLICATION] Iconographic medical and population survey and system and method for using ...
US Pat. 9966319 - Filed Sep 28, 2001
Weapons attack icons 60 preferably comprise a first icon 61 indicating a ... 
from a neurological disorder, and was a victim of a chemical/biological weapons 

Method and apparatus for the destruction of suspected terrorist weapons by ...
US Pat. 6354181 - Filed Dec 9, 1999
... the chamber which no known biological or neurological agent can withstand. 
... A device for the destruction of weapons by explosion, comprising: a ...

[APPLICATION] Conformer-specific antibodies and method of use, thereof
US Pat. 11473460 - Filed Jun 22, 2006 - 
Such diseases include, by way of example, prion diseases, neurological diseases, 
... pathogenic viruses in biological weapons, suspected biological weapons...

[APPLICATION] Monitoring for and detecting microbes used in bioterrorism
US Pat. 10449460 - Filed May 30, 2003
... anthrax was developed as part of a larger biological weapons program by 
several ... Prominent neurologic findings in all forms of botulism include ...

Stimulating a beneficial human response by using visualization of medical ...
US Pat. 5546943 - Filed Dec 9, 1994
Of course, the patient can also be provided with weapons that do not have ... 
step of biofeedback wherein the patient's neurological system responds to the 

[APPLICATION] Inhibition of a novel calcium injury current that forms in nuerons during ...
US Pat. 11008258 - Filed Dec 10, 2004 - Robert J. DeLorenzo
... various weapons), interference with oxygenation due to chemical weapon 
agents, ... Medical and neurological diseases that commonly cause injury to the 

[APPLICATION] Compositions and Methods Related to Adenovirus Based Delivery of Antigens
US Pat. 11764719 - Filed Jun 18, 2007
... the threat posed by biological weapons and have provoked discussion of mass 
... and (f) it has the highest rate of neurological disease among apparent ...

Plasma furnace disposal of hazardous wastes
US Pat. 6552295 - Filed Dec 20, 2000 - Research Triangle Institute
Given that many of neurological bio-hazards, such as sarin are in liquid form, 
... Chemical weapons materials for disposal comes in a variety of forms. ...

Omni-directional treadmill with applications
US Pat. 7780573 - Filed Jan 31, 2007
Non-attached weapons might have electrical or pneumatic attachments, and non-
contact ... and rehabilitate individuals with neurological and spinal deficits. 

System and method for detecting, collecting, analyzing, and communicating ...
US Pat. 7725565 - Filed Nov 19, 2008 - Georgetown University
... and the immense former 25 Soviet Union biological weapons program. ... was 
preceded by neurological symptoms in cats that ate contaminated fish, ...

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Device and method for determining and communicating the remaining life of a ...

US Pat. 6820019 - Filed Jul 31, 1999 - Medtronic, Inc.
power source in an implantable neurological tissue stimulator. Basically, the 
invention contemplates a method, performed in a system without human ...

Taliscanin and other aristolactams for treating neurological disorders ...
US Pat. 4782077 - Filed Aug 20, 1987 - Monoclonetics International, Inc.
Primary Examiner— Stanley J. Friedman Attorney, Agent, or Firm — Eric P. Mirabel 
[57] ABSTRACT A method of treating neurological disorders, in particular ...

[APPLICATION] Methods of treating neurological disorders
US Pat. 10052691 - Filed Jan 18, 2002
Steven R. Gullans, Natick, MA (US); Satinder Sarang, Boston, ...

Advanced drug delivery system and method of treating psychiatric ...
US Pat. 5326570 - Filed Jul 23, 1991 - Pharmavene, Inc.

[APPLICATION] Scoring of sensed neurological signals for use with a medical device system
US Pat. 10687389 - Filed Oct 15, 2003 - Medtronic, Inc.
The system comprises a monitoring element that receives a neurological signal 
having at least one event to be scored. The medical device system identifies ...

[APPLICATION] Uridine administration improves phosphatide synthesis, synaptic transmission ...
US Pat. 10944269 - Filed Sep 20, 2004
In one embodiment, the neurological disorder is a memory disorder. ... In 
another embodiment, the behavioral syndrome or neurological syndrome follows ...

US Pat. 11766886 - Filed Jun 22, 2007 - MEDTRONIC, INC.
40A shows a process 971 for determining whether to enable the cardiac or 
respiratory detection algorithms for neurological event detection. ...

[APPLICATION] GLYT1 Transporter Inhibitors and Uses Thereof in Treatment of Neurological ...
US Pat. 12524589 - Filed Jan 30, 2008
Uses of the compounds as medicaments, and in the manufacture of medicament for 
treating neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders, in particular psychoses 

[APPLICATION] Methods for diagnosis and monitoring of neurological disease by detection of ...
US Pat. 10543486 - Filed Jan 27, 2004 - Bayer College of Medicine
The methods of the invention also provide a mechanism for monitoring progression 
and treatment of neurological disease. CD CO CO £ 'H CO a CD CD CO co c CO ...

[APPLICATION] Use of xenon for the control of neurological deficits associated with ...
US Pat. 10512758 - Filed May 1, 2003
ASSOCIATED WITH CARDIOPULMONARY BYPASS (76) Inventors: Nicholas Peter Franks, 

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 System and method for secure offshore storage of crude oil natural gas or ...
US Pat. 11732033 - Filed Apr 2, 2007 - 
New types of sensors and non- lethal weapons developed after the 9/11 attacks 
... intense focused audio beams such as LRAD, and microwave equivalents 64 can 

[APPLICATION] Laser beam transformation and combination using tapered waveguides
US Pat. 11371891 - Filed Mar 9, 2006
Relevant Background [0004] Directed energy weapons (DEW) based on delivery ... 
similar to phased arrays used in microwave radar as well as radio-telescopes. 

[APPLICATION] Wireless surveillance system
US Pat. 11392376 - Filed Mar 28, 2006
Backup communication links such as microwave links might be provided for the 
laser ... and destroyed even from the central station using GPS guided weapons

Image processing for vehicular applications
US Pat. 7596242 - Filed Oct 5, 2006 - Automotive Technologies International, Inc.
38 can also be microwave or mm wave radar sensors which transmit and receive ... 
MIR can be used to detect the presence of weapons on a person that might be ...

[APPLICATION] Slow motion detection system
US Pat. 10076817 - Filed Feb 14, 2002
... such as providing targeting data to a weapons system. ... wireless, cellular
, cable, laser, satellite, microwave, or other suitable carrier means, ...

[APPLICATION] Dendrimer Based Terahertz Generator
US Pat. 11862474 - Filed Sep 27, 2007
... radiation is through upconversion of lower frequency microwave oscillators. 
... such as inspection and screening, detection of hidden weapons on humans, ...

[APPLICATION] Satellite based data transfer and delivery system
US Pat. 10328451 - Filed Jan 14, 2003
... A Simulated Area Weapons Effects Display Arrangement 95-1642 VENE ... AND 

Imaging-infrared skewed cone fuze
US Pat. 6817296 - Filed Aug 4, 2001 - Northrop Grumman Corporation
... and (4) Non-Spinning or Slowly-Spinning 15 weapons. 2. ... and antiaircraft 
missile technology combined to produce the fixed- 25 angle microwave fuze. ...

[APPLICATION] Ultra sensitive silicon sensor millimeter wave passive imager
US Pat. 10689720 - Filed Oct 22, 2003
... application for home defense for remote weapons and explosive detection. ... 
on a single silicon wafer, obviates the need of any microwave mixers. ...

System for a recipient to determine whether or not they received non-life ...
US Pat. 7089210 - Filed Dec 12, 2001 - Pitney Bowes Inc.
"Lambda Technologies' Variable Microwave Systems Adapted to 'Zap' Bioterrorism 
Threat", Nov. ... "Sensors Detect Biological Weapons", www.photonics.com/ ...

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GC Berkhof - Netherlands International Law Review, 1989 - Cambridge Univ Press
... Second, weapons based on new principles of physics, which could have an equally
revolutionary effect on warfare at the turn of the century. They include high-powered lasers,
particle beam weapons and radio frequency or microwave weapons. ...


BВ Haberland - Michigan Journal of International Law - HeinOnline
... One example would be acoustic weapons that only irritate the target and render it unable to
respond to the attack. Another example is the microwave beam that causes a burning sensation
on the target's skin, but the sensation disappears as soon as the target steps out of the ...
Cited by 1 - Related articles


MN Schmitt - Michigan Journal of International Law, 1998 - papers.ssrn.com
... stand-off sensors such as aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles carrying various sensors
(multispectral, passive microwave, electronic intelligence, etc.); 3) in-place sensors, such as
acoustic, gravimetric, biochemical, and ground-based optical; and 4) weapons sensors, such ...
Cited by 65 - Related articles - BL Direct - All 5 versions


BH Weston - McGill Law Journal, 1982 - HeinOnline
Page 1. Nuclear Weapons Versus International Law: A Contextual Reassessment Burns H. Weston* ...
I alone, of course, assume full responsibility for what is written. Page 2. NUCLEAR WEAPONS
V. INTERNATIONAL LAW Synopsis Introduction I. Clarification of the Problem ...
Cited by 58 - Related articles - Library Search - All 2 versions


DP Fidler - Michigan Journal of International Law, 1999 - HeinOnline
Introduction 52 I. "Non-Lethal" Weapons: Concept, Purposes, Types, and Controversies 55 A.
The Difficult Concept of "Non-Lethal " Weapons 55 B. Reasons Behind the Recent ...
Cited by 20 - Related articles - BL Direct - All 4 versions


928 F. 2d 1175 - Court of Appeals, Dist. of Columbia Circuit, 1991 - Google Scholar
... cocaine or drug paraphernalia in the house or weapons in the barbecue. She had not gone into
the kitchen on the evening of January 12th and had not seen the scale on the counter or fragments
of cocaine on the cutting board. She had last used the microwave oven three or ...
Cited by 51 - Related articles - All 2 versions


R Serrato - HeinOnline
... Altmann begins by identifying real application areas such as sensors, lasers, microwave weapons
and electromagnetic acceleration of projectiles with specific military risks.12 Even when he simply
characterizes the nature of current technological change, without getting into ...
Related articles


857 F. Supp. 105 - Dist. Court, Dist. of Columbia, 1994 - Google Scholar
... on which defendant was charged with distribution of crack, she was prepared to sell cocaine
powder to an undercover law enforcement officer but, upon the officer's insistence that she first
convert the powder to crack, she complied by "cooking" the powder in a microwave for a ...
Cited by 46 - Related articles


[PDF] from af.milLCJC Duncan - Naval L. Rev., 1998 - litigation-essentials.lexisnexis.com
... vehicle disablement; delaying enemy advance or attack; disabling vessels, submarines and naval
mines; and counterproliferation of weapons of mass ... Materials (airborne materials designed to
clog the air filters of combustion engines) 58 * High Power Microwave Fields (pulsed ...
Cited by 27 - Related articles - All 7 versions


519 SE 2d 347, 336 SC 140 - SC: Supreme Court, 1999 - Google Scholar
... Furthermore, he said that cocaine was usually kept in refrigerator or the microwave oven of the
residence. In addition to its specificity, the affidavit was confirmed to the extent that the weapons
described by the informant matched those that had been stolen from the Atlantic ...
Cited by 18 - Related articles

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Patents 261 - 270 on NON-LETHAL WEAPONS. (0.17 seconds) 



Irritant dispenser and method
US Pat. 5842602 - Filed Mar 26, 1998
... lethal force, weapons such as 15 handguns and knives are considered
unacceptable modes of deterring assailants and non-lethal devices have
proliferated. ...

Portable electromagnetic stun device and method
US Pat. 5625525 - Filed Jul 11, 1994 - Jaycor
The current supply passes a current non-lethal stunning. ... The TASER weapon
employs two darts that are fluid stream to the living animal, ...

Electrical weapon having controller for timed current through target and ...
US Pat. 7234262 - Filed Dec 2, 2005 - TASER International, Inc.
A weapon for applying non-lethal electrical pulses to disable an attacker is
also 35 known. The conventional weapon launches a first dart and a second dart.

Method for producing a less lethal projectile
US Pat. 6862995 - Filed Dec 1, 2003 - James T. Kerr
Various non-lethal projectiles have been generated before and since then and ...
a projectile found in a gun or weapon, such as a conventional 65 handgun, ...

US Pat. 3830214 - Filed Jan 14, 1972 - MB Associates
In the subject inven- and more particularly to a high impact, non-lethal ... use
of deadly weapons, such as fire- for the launching of the projectile, arms, ...

Autonomous weapon system
US Pat. 7210392 - Filed Oct 17, 2001 - Electro Optic Systems Pty Limited
This function is fail-safe so that the weapon will disarm itself on failure. ...
suppression with area fire, interdiction and non-lethal intervention. ...

[APPLICATION] Weapon for preventing locomotion of remote living target by causing repeated ...
US Pat. 10016082 - Filed Dec 12, 2001
While various method of applying lethal electrical impulses are well documented,
a weapon for applying non-lethal electrical impulses to disable an ...

[APPLICATION] Projected polarized field propulsion apparatus
US Pat. 11058809 - Filed Feb 15, 2005
[0022] Another objective of the present invention is to provide non-lethal
weapons for — hopefully — defensive purposes — by affecting the nervous systems

[APPLICATION] Radioactive material modification apparatus
US Pat. 11059012 - Filed Feb 15, 2005
[0025] Another objective of the present invention is to provide non-lethal
weapons for — hopefully — defensive purposes — by affecting the nervous systems

System and method for secure offshore storage of crude oil natural gas or ...
US Pat. 7628208 - Filed Apr 2, 2007
New types of sensors and non-lethal weapons developed after the 9/11 attacks may
be used. For example, new surveillance radar, intense focused audio beams ...

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HK Florig - Spectrum, IEEE, 2002 - ieeexplore.ieee.org
Microwaves can now be generated with such high powers that both the United States and the
Soviet Union are weighing their military potential. The biggest fear is that an enemy might use
high- power microwaves (HPM) to jam or burn out the electronic hardware upon which ...
Cited by 24 - Related articles


M Abrams - IEEE Spectrum, 2003 - ieeexplore.ieee.org
For the wired world, the allure and the danger of high-power microwave weapons are both very
real. By Michael Abrams. ... In fact, all you need is a reasonable grasp of physics and electrical
engineering to appreciate the ingeniousness of microwave weapons. ...
Cited by 39 - Related articles - BL Direct - All 4 versions


G Ni, B Gao… - Microwave Conference Proceedings, 2005. …, 2006 - ieeexplore.ieee.org
The development of modern electronic technology, especially the continuous breakthrough of
the key technologies in micro-electronics in recent years have made large-scaled integrated
circuit and super high speed integrated circuit widely used in various weapon systems, ...
Cited by 6 - Related articles - All 5 versions


[PDF] from psu.eduRCJ Hsu, A Ayazi, B Houshmand… - Microwave Symposium, …, 2007 - ieeexplore.ieee.org
... Abstract - High Power Microwave (HPM) weapons and other sources of intense microwave power
pose a growing threat to modern RF receivers. ... (HPM) weapons and other microwave based
directed energy weapons, popularly known as the e-bomb, pose a serious ...
Cited by 7 - Related articles - All 3 versions


E Van Keuren… - Security Technology, 1995. …, 2002 - ieeexplore.ieee.org
Page 1. Use of High Power Microwave Weapons ... Easily Manufactured Explosives As discussed
in this paper, the destructive power of High Power Microwave (HPM) generators allow them to
be used as effective weapons by both law enforcement and criminal organizations. ...
Cited by 2 - Related articles


RJ King, JK Breakall, HG Hudson… - NASA STI/Recon …, 1984 - adsabs.harvard.edu
... DIFFERENCE THEORY, VULNERABILITY. Bibliographic Code: 1984STIN...8520229K.
Abstract. Advances in the development of high power microwave sources have increased
the potential for future deployment of microwave weapons. ...
Cited by 7 - Related articles - All 3 versions


[PDF] from oneheartbooks.comD Pasternak - US News and World Report, 1997 - oneheartbooks.com
... instance. "Once you are into these antimateriel weapons, it is a short jump to antipersonnel
weapons," says Louis Slesin, editor of the trade journal Microwave News. ... The US Air Force expects
to have microwave weapons by the year 2015 and other nonlethal weaponry sooner. ...
Cited by 12 - Related articles - View as HTML - All 6 versions


RE Richardson, VG Puglielli… - IEEE Transactions on …, 1975 - adsabs.harvard.edu
Title: Microwave interference effect in bipolar transistors. Authors: Richardson, RE; Puglielli, VG;
Amadori, RA. Affiliation: AA(US Navy, Naval Surface Weapons Center, Dahlgren, Va.), AB(US
Navy, Naval Surface Weapons Center, Dahlgren, Va.), AC(US Navy, Naval Surface ...
Cited by 19 - Related articles - All 2 versions


RW McMillan, NC Currie… - Microwave and …, 2002 - ieeexplore.ieee.org
... These radiometric sensors also detect temperature differences between weapons and the human
body background. Holographic imaging systems operating at both microwave and MMW
frequencies have been developed which generate images of near photographic quality ...
Cited by 16 - Related articles


[PDF] from dtic.milC Wilson… - 2005 - oai.dtic.mil
... no effect on people. However, microwave energy weapons (HPM) are smaller- scale,
are delivered at a closer range to the intended target, and can sometimes be emitted
for a longer duration. These capabilities can cause a ...
Cited by 20 - Related articles - All 61 versions

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