The govt. officers., usually block the patents of electronic devices which will be useful to them and under many cover like 'national security' or 'it will not work' will prevent it going on the market. Then they will duplicate it and use it among its members. They will also spread misinformation rumour around the very existence of these tools, so that people will think that those devices do not really exist and even less, suspect that they are used in the streets and even in the restaurants by the police assistants.  These devices used on rebellious people are brain damaging tools, which can cut the right brain power from being accessed when the devices are on. These devices are commonly circulating in the west and in many ashram in India ,including ours. They are used by the infiltrated members of the govt. which are scouting some sannyasins as part of their folk. They are often masked in ordinary cell phones covers. One cell phone-looking device, can play back previous recordings of  emotions to the brain, influencing emotions.  This is a handy tool that the officers use to cause dissent among family and friends.  That type of phone device ,can cause you to have a fit of rage when your friend has just made a ordinary comment and create an unnecessary show of yourself. The trick is that the rage was previously recorded and now is re-played by the transmitting device.  (does that sound similar to the scenario that some banned people has got from the inner circle? hhhmmmmmm !  The IC is using those tools since their alliance with the Police of Pune, years before) . Brain wave scanners concealed in their modified phones pass the target brain frequency of distress to a central computer located in central India, which record it and pass it on to other agents . Those freq. will be transmitted using  cell phones, since they are prepared for that function  .It can make you  fly into a rage, become fearful or depressed. There are so many types that Socrates team need your help to look in the patent office via computer and find out the most interesting ones.  So again :

To do a search at the U.S. Patent office use this

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