"I am going to cite you for wasting food". That is what the voice to skull staff member communicated to me a short while ago when I was alone in my own kitchen throwing away some pop corn for the reason that I became a carnivore approximately one month ago. I responded as follows:-
"Run and tell the slave master that I have been wasting food."
This is what it is like to be a wirelessly connected slave. My neurological system has become harnessed to a control, enslavement and genocide system from implants which I have inhaled and ingested. I am observed and monitored and manipulated constantly throughout each day and night. I have no mental or physical privacy because there is a three dimensional embodiment of me at an unknown location where I am under close observation on a constant basis. This capability is classified but it is in widespread use throughout most of the world in preparation for worldwide enslavement of most of the worlds citizenry by means of harnessing the neurological systems of all future slaves to a super computer where they can be manipulated at will by unknown others who appear to be under duress themselves.
Please act now to disassemble all the infrastructure which would allow your impending enslavement.

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