Physical health changes

Since gang stalking and mental torture began last year, I've been experiencing better heath.

I used to have high blood pressure, tachycardia, nosebleed, eye floaters, swollen and painful fingers during very cold days, dizziness during physical effort, numb limbs, and pains and stings all over the body (heart, liver, pancreas, stomach, kidneys, lungs, neck, head, bladder, testicles, penis and rectal pains). These have occured constantly in a 4 years period.

I also had a lot of panic attacks in 2009, but unlike the symptoms I have listed, the panic attacks were produced by hign anxiety levels, while during the other symptoms there was no anxiety involved. The panic attacks started one morning when upon waking up I felt my heart tingling (something that I feel on a daily basis now). That's why I'm inclined to believe that all these symptoms were the product of their manuvering.

As I was saying, since last year I've been experiencing better health (low blood pressure, normal heart rate, and all the other symptoms are gone). Also, I can't even remember when was the last time I caught a flu. But the most notable change is that my eyes are always wide open and I blink much less often now.

They do fake heart attacks from time to time, when I refuse to do what they want. (for example, one day last year I said that I would not return to the industrial farm I was working at, so they faked a heart attack to make me change my mind). So far they have faked about 4 or 5 heart attacks.

Has anyone else noticed physical/health changes since they began being stalked/tortured?

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