PSYCHOPATHS ARE WORMS (KissLingering the Sickness)

In Jesus name, I prey on you (instead of praying)
says the slithering Soil Aspic KissLingering the Sickness
behind his pen name and computer....
With them, it is always 180 ass backwards of what they say...

If you wonder what is to KissLinger, here it is:

They arent powerless Cap, they have power over our brains and bodies but not our spirits. Its funny , they boast themselves as big tough guys because they can torture me. I always liken it to me torturing a snail (like yeh, thats the extent of your stength) They pick on those who are defensless coz they cant stand losing. Am I scared of their torture? Yep! Would a snail be scared of mine? Yep! Coz its far from a fair fight. So I conclude they are bullies who only pick on the defenseless because thats as tough as they get. Do they pick on the higher powers of light? No way! They wouldnt dare because they know theyd in a nutshell, theyre weak pathetic beings.

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