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t takes at least four generations of eating a healthy diet and living in a health giving way before you can correct the faulty genetics which you inherited from your ancestors. If your ancestors of four generations ago were gluttons and ate too much junk food you are definitely more degenerate than some of your fellow human beings now because of their practices.
If you eat junk food your descendants will be degenerates directly because of your behaviour. Some of them will undoubtedly be psychopaths, sadists, or serial killers. They will have crooked teeth and crooked bones. They will suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and other chronic illnesses. We are all degenerates now because the food pyramid is wrong. Please read my post from yesterday which I have enclosed here below.


If you breast feed your baby and align with nature and natural law then four generations later your descendents will not have developed crooked teeth or crooked bones, and they wont have become psychopathic or homosexual and they wont have developed irritable bowel syndrome and your female descendants will not ever menstruate. We have been falsely let to assume that having crooked teeth and needing to wear braces is natural when it is not. We have been falsely let to believe that outward manifestations of menstruation is natural but in fact the lining of the uterus is naturally absorbed back into the body in women who have not degenerated. We are not being told the full truth about how far we have degenerated over the past few hundred years or more. For further information please read a book called “Pottingers Cats” by Francis M Pottenger which is widely available at online book stores.
Leslie and Susannah Kenton, in their book, Raw Energy went a long way towards proving that menstruation is a consequence of diet and not a natural phenomenon. I found some of the following information at this youtube link where the speaker claims that bleeding during menstruation is unnatural. Monkeys, apes, gorillas and even some rodents and bats have monthly menstrual cycles but they do not bleed because their endometrium is being reabsorbed back into their bodies. The structure of the bodies of monkeys, apes and gorillas are close to the structure of human beings. The reason the bodies of women who eat a western diet shed their endometriums is because our bodies have become toxic due to eating too much protein as well as due to eating processed foods and even some non-food items which are being dressed up as food and included in the public food supply. Ancient African women did not bleed during menstruation. If fact ancient women of all races did not bleed during menstruation. Female bleeding during menstruation in western society has become so common place that it is considered normal but it is not natural. We have degenerated in a myriad of ways since we begin eating the western diet. The food pyramid needs adjusting.

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American friends

American friends:

Soy Catalonia, SPAIN.

The old Europe has had an eternal enemy from ancestors: the barbarians.America is very young in modern history.There has been a battle between very primitive people and among people who wanted to conduct civilization.Russia was BULLIED and contained by the czars.Then came the day of the Revolution and the Bolsheviks won the tyranny of the Tsar, creating the proletarian dictatorship.

A Bolshevik is a "hard-headed" type,who has not fought to change their mind.The French for example have created numerous intellectual movements to gestate freedom.

A lord or lady is a Bolshevik "provincial subject" who aspires to be more asshole his tyrant.They mourn their slavery to the tsar.but when they have to create freedom and slavery.They are like the legs of people that they happen to inheritance from a distant relative.And greed takes over your mind.This mentality has killed the Spanish state.

Second Spanish Republic began in 1931,Second Spanish Republic began in 1931 moved to the monarchy again ..

Spain has been psychically raped by people paid to gestate violence and reaching up to seek freedom annulling the monarchy.Europe has always been a tinderbox of sides who have used the military as a scientific psychotronic weapon.The mystery schools showed state secrets to the new rulers, politicians and personalities from a good family that could pay for services.As silly as USING MIND CONTROL.

At the time of the Franco dictatorship freedom of expression and freedom of women it was reduced.The power of guilt to shame women was used.Emasculating doctrine I was used to curtail freedom.

I am a victim of mind control and am being abused Radio Frequency over my body.I witness in my country of great violence allowed to extranger mafias.

I witness my country's permision to extrangeras people to work in neighboring apartments, CLOUDS ELECTROMAGNETICOS to keep kidnapped cognitive systems.The humblest workers are extrangeras people without family or ex-convicts.Your voice is your ratted.Latinos for example come from their villages with their families and are modernized in a very different country from yours where no military regime.Latinos for example come from their villages with their families and are modernized in a very different country from yours where no military regime.It is to maintain a herd.Spanish with Spanish, Latinos with Latinos, blacks with blacks, Moors Moors ... etc ..

And scientists are intercultural.They fit all 

with the top gestures.
Then there are the guys who are students and travel with their suitcases from one building to another in almost slums.I'm from Barcelona, and are GENTRIFICANDO the outskirts of the sea.
gentrification the same Catalan Barcelona.Or are scientists, doctors or staff computing.
or are neighborhood people (normal like me) who have joined in protective herds.
The police can not do anything!It is a higher interest rate.
It comes from the political sector, which contracts with multinational science extrangeras ...You can not go to complain that you are killing.And the murderers beer shouting eat in bars.Boasting new clothes and brand or vetoed know your science class.
Catalonia has always accept help from the Russians ...I think the US should know the history of Europe in all its richness and understand their president in condemning communism.And when one thinks of weapons.
Currently I'm starting to think like an American president,.The psychic rape and utilization of human beings like cattle ..TODAS NATIONS ARE RESPONSIBLE.
But Russia does not feel European, it is an ancient power which dominates.They have more Asian PRIDE.
I defend the Russian civil people because they are victims.
But psychotronic workers who work for the state or they are mercenaries, they retain that spirit BOLSHEVIK DOMINANT so belligerent and delirious ...
On the net you can not say anything bad about Russia.Everything should be addressed to accuse President of the United States and the CIA.
I am a victim of a woman: the Kosovo Russian ... very dangerous, a very belligerent sociopath.
She is a goddess for the group.
She is a goddess for the group.They are very dangerous.A sociopath is a writ woman asleep waiting to find a way to express your program.A sociopath is a creature that seems to have never broken a plate until you lock your operation.The witch hunt was a conscious act to stop the feet to the Communists.The use of psychotronic big way supports from qeu Einstein is promoting its patents particle accelerators ... etc ... throughout the mundo..Vino Barcelona and Madrid in 1923 ...Which will help us all it is to know the make of these particle accelerators that are enriched when they sold the material psychotronic the world.
"Priming PSYCHIC" a Bolshevik ... kill the citizen.Makes him a traitor to his country...· Behavior "salvage herd," is typical of a specific-profile.the ideas of savage people with cognitive neurostimulation neurotizadas psychopaths create human animals ...

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PSYCHOPATHS ARE WORMS (KissLingering the Sickness)

In Jesus name, I prey on you (instead of praying)
says the slithering Soil Aspic KissLingering the Sickness
behind his pen name and computer....
With them, it is always 180 ass backwards of what they say...

If you wonder what is to KissLinger, here it is:

They arent powerless Cap, they have power over our brains and bodies but not our spirits. Its funny , they boast themselves as big tough guys because they can torture me. I always liken it to me torturing a snail (like yeh, thats the extent of your stength) They pick on those who are defensless coz they cant stand losing. Am I scared of their torture? Yep! Would a snail be scared of mine? Yep! Coz its far from a fair fight. So I conclude they are bullies who only pick on the defenseless because thats as tough as they get. Do they pick on the higher powers of light? No way! They wouldnt dare because they know theyd in a nutshell, theyre weak pathetic beings.

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