Yesterday in the factory where I work at the moment (just to gain money for living, BMW-Faurecia-Triangle recruitment, Banbury, UK) people around me got crazy. It is not really news for me, everyday surviving traning is it since my age of 14(?) or earlier. I cannot really remember.

One guy made a slip-knot when we had to stop for a while, and in a theatrical situation he hang it just next to me on the stands...

On the way home a track tried to hit me at a roundabout.

I want to stay human. I will try to stick to my believed values all the time whatever happens around me or even in my mind. I hear messeges in my mind, around me. These sounds are always trying to drive me. When I say drive, that means to controll me through my mind. It is about psyhology, and hypnosis, directed listening.

I do not take anything seriously. I am prepered to die. I do not afraid of death sometimes I think it would be more easyer to be dead. The only question is: What can I do in the time until I have got to be alive?

I read Robert Duncen's book: Project: Soul Catcher Volume 2. I know a lot of these technics and practices from my life. I know what is written in this book is thue. But the technic is more advanced than that.

Last time i wrote about Bert (not herbert!) Hellinger's idea of morhpogenetic field. It is related to Nicola Tesla's Zero-Point Energy or Jung's collective subcounstiousness.

We have to lear how to wake up from hypnosis. R.D.Lang, a scottish anti-psychiatrist, psyhologist, thinker, gave exercises for his pupils. He went into hypnosis with them and gave some "driving scripts". For example: "If anyone touches his/her nose you will feel warm in your face (turn into read face)." or "if anyone asks your name your hear rate will increase and you feel exited...". The hypnosis was earesed from the pupil's memory, to not remember it after the session. The job was to wake up, get out from the hypnosis and tell it to the "master"... :) We can practice this every day.

We got to understand what hypnosis is.

Everything is hypnosis. When I write to this forum, when I talk to someone when I see something everything is hypnosis. There are good ones and bad ones. If I know I am in a Hypnosis which is bad for me or for someone else - I can wake up from it. If I leared how to wake up from it.

Look up any literature or article or stdudy about hypnosis. They never teach anyone HOW TO WAKE UP FROM HYPNOSIS!

Why? Guess!

Through ECHELON (HAARP based satellit system with the possibility to drive, manipulate human brains) it is very easy to hack into anyone's mind and a good psyhologist with good knowledge of hypnosis and building rapport - you can build shooting crazys, suicide bombers, layers to make through some big plans for your busineses...etc.

But these power sourcec have not got endless power!

We can wake up. Hard I know, but we can. And we can help each other to stay awaken.

One good technic is to ask yourself what are you doing right now? Is it under your concious mindful decision what you do. Is it based on your consiously have chosen values? If not: does not mater if the action, thoughts are not your or yours. Get out from it, stop it. Do something else, think something else!


And therfore there is no need to differentiate between others thoughts and our own thoughts.


If we decided to live on the base of money, than everything comes after it. We have to stick to that. We will kill, steal, lie, and do anything to gat money. If we decide to live on the base of love. We have a bit more difficult problem. We have to find out what is love? Is it an emotion? Is is love if I feel love for you, but I punch in your face? Because I think it is good for you. It makes you stay on the good way, what I think is good of course.

Is love action? Is it love when I buy a lot of things for you but never sit down and listen to you, with no expectations?

What is love for me?

Love is rather action for me than an emotion. It has to be. But the action should come from the emotion of love. That is the best. But love is action first. I had got enough food in my childhood. It is love! To provide enough food it is love. I did not felt loved. I just know today it is love.

Other values helped me to survive: honesty (first to myself), openmindedness, clarity, letting-go, willingness, self honesty, courage, trust (not in anyone!), self-forgivness(!), discernment, seeking and listening, love and self-love.

There is a community of ACA (Adult Children of Alcoholics) who are practicing a 12 step program. That program is very good! That program can teach us to live our life as a human instead of zombies. There are good rules how to filter out the bully technics from the community meetings. No crosstalk, everyone speaks about his/her experiences only! No comments, and there is no money - wich can make any community split. And there is a common goal: to stay sober (wich has a spacial meaning there), and help others to get sober (aweken).

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