The deep state and their allies are so keen to indulge their inflated egos for the next few decades that they are willing to turn this beautiful paradise planet into a mind controlled and body controlled hell for all eternity  in order to do that.  They are willing to place all of their fellow human beings on a system of remote neural monitoring where we are all wirelessly tethered to supercomputers from microchips which would be encased inside their brains and spinal cords.  This wireless tethering has already happened to millions of human beings throughout the world but psychiatrists are unwittingly covering up the situation by erroneously diagnosing all patients who complain of being wirelessly tethered to a computer network of criminals as being mentally ill.  Remote Neural Monitoring is being powered by microwave radiation.  We must ask the police to disassemble, destroy and ban all microwave and millimetre wave transmitters now.  The existence of satellites are found to be an elaborate and easily proveable hoax.  All worldwide data is instead transmitted via undersea fibre optic cables.

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