Elected governments and their government staff combined with ancillary staff throughout the western world have been rendered useless because they continue to hold smart engineered technological devices close to their brains and spines on an almost daily basis.

All smart engineered technology has a strong capability to entrain the brains of the users into whatever emotional state that mass mind control operatives wishes the users brains to be entrained to.

An offer of advi...ce was received by European governments from an unknown source within the European Union, suggesting that, in order to enhance the capabilities of government, governments in general should distribute smart engineered technology, free of charge, to all government staff, both senior and junior, combined with ancillary services staff. Smart engineered technology combined with both microwave transmitters and millimeter wave transmitters which are sometimes known simply as 5G are all trojan horses. They are the linchpin which is being used to technologically enslave many human beings throughout the world. We must repeal their use now as a matter of extreme urgency.

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