I have become forceably brain to brain interfaced with unknown criminals who have access to all my personal data which they steal from my brain and body. This situation has been ongoing for many years. These unknown criminals overwhelm me by forcing me to listen to their voices which I hear coming from inside my own head. They also force me to see visions, and to feel sensations on my skin. They forceably move a selection of my muscles against my will be transmitting electrical signals to the motor cortex of my brain. They deprive me of sleep frequently. They achieve all of this from a distance by wireless means without allowing me to know who they are or where they are located. As a consequence of this ongoing and unendurable stress I often scream as loudly as I can in order to alleviate the stress that I am feeling. I live alone in a rural location and I don't have any near neighbours so I do not disturb anybody by my ongoing screaming.
Today the 28th of August, 2020 at approximately 4.20 pm Irish time I heard the following conversation being conducted by the brain to brain interface criminal operatives while they talked among themselves and I heard it coming from inside my own head as follows
'I can make her scream all I like.'
'The screams will be deleted at the end'
'There is no such thing as blame here'
'There is no one watching. We can do what we like.'
Later on today at 6.52 pm Irish time I heard the following voice coming from inside my head which was transmitted to me via brain to brain interface as follows:
"I am pulling my team out of here. This is not a stable lady."

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