Microwave energy plus metallic particulates equals fire. Microwave transmitters combined with the metallic particulates from chemtrail geo-engineering which have become imbedded inside our muscles has given rogue intelligence agents the capability to spontaneously combust any and all of us at will. I believe we could all be burned to death during the night if a rogue intelligent agent raised the level of microwave energy which is now being emitted from telephone towers. ... Said microwave transmitters have been set up to have far more capability than necessary. Why is this the case? Solution - Urgently ban telephone towers and all related paraphernalia.

The eternally naive have not confronted the vast capabilities of twenty first century technological capabilities. There are so many metallic particulates in our air, water and soil because of many years of illegal spraying of the skies over our heads with illegal and immoral substances that the skies and water could be now made to catch fire if extra microwave energy was directed at a lake or at the sky. Fire in the sky could be used as a psychological operation in a future war. Knowledge is power. Disassemble and ban telephone towers combined with both microwave transmitters and millimeter wave transmitters as well as all related paraphernalia urgently.

It is believed by most that the existence of satellites is a hoax.  All data is being transmitted by undersea fibre optic cables.  What were originally believed by many to be satellites are in essence stationary drones which can and are being regularly shot down.

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