Fire (4)

Microwave energy plus metallic particulates equals fire. Microwave transmitters combined with the metallic particulates from chemtrail geo-engineering which have become imbedded inside our muscles has given rogue intelligence agents the capability to spontaneously combust any and all of us at will. I believe we could all be burned to death during the night if a rogue intelligent agent raised the level of microwave energy which is now being emitted from telephone towers. ... Said microwave transmitters have been set up to have far more capability than necessary. Why is this the case? Solution - Urgently ban telephone towers and all related paraphernalia.

The eternally naive have not confronted the vast capabilities of twenty first century technological capabilities. There are so many metallic particulates in our air, water and soil because of many years of illegal spraying of the skies over our heads with illegal and immoral substances that the skies and water could be now made to catch fire if extra microwave energy was directed at a lake or at the sky. Fire in the sky could be used as a psychological operation in a future war. Knowledge is power. Disassemble and ban telephone towers combined with both microwave transmitters and millimeter wave transmitters as well as all related paraphernalia urgently.

It is believed by most that the existence of satellites is a hoax.  All data is being transmitted by undersea fibre optic cables.  What were originally believed by many to be satellites are in essence stationary drones which can and are being regularly shot down.

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Many  human beings have secretly been wirelessly tethered to a computer network by both their brains and spinal cords in the last ten years.  This has come about through spraying the environment with copious amounts of nano technology which we later inhale and ingest and which then lodges inside us.  This nano technology links us by a continuous two way stream of low frequency electromagnetic waves to computer technology which is being both monitored and manipulated by a selection of  personnel  within some government departments, at a high level,  namely the secret police, and  the military..   These criminal military and intelligence  personnel are now able to remotely monitor and measure all of the electromagnetic activity in both the brains and bodies of all human beings and all other living things on a continuous basis throughout each day.     These high level personnel  fuse their data  with personnel  in similar positions throughout the world.  The offices where worldwide data is fused  are sometimes known as fusion centres.

All high lever criminal personnel who have access to mass remote human and animal  manipulation technology can now   kill anybody they wish on a whim, provided that person uses a digital media screen on a regular basis and provided these high level criminals have obtained a record of the targeted individuals unique brain signature.  They can also force sounds, visions, voices, pain signals, as well as  neuro manipulation inside the heads and bodies of any targeted individual.   Whole groups of individuals can also be manipulated on a whim by these criminal neuro weapon operatives, simply by changing the vibrational frequency which is used in technology near each targeted individual.  This technology includes smart street lighting which has the capability of transmitting various vibrational frequencies to a whole town to render half of the towns people sleepy while the other half could be rendered aggressive or agitated, depending on the vibrational frequency being transmitted from all of the televisions, smart phones, advanced computers and street lighting in that part of the town.

Remote Manipulation weapons have been developed to mind control the minds of the general population into a state of happy apathy and into a state of  total and absolute trust in any information that comes through a government department.   Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the majority of civilians,  a selection of individuals have been selected for in-home psychological torture experimentation.  The majority of civilians refuse to believe their stories, and choose instead to believe that these targeted individuals  are mentally ill because their government tells them that this must be the case.

I myself am a targeted individual of Remote Neural Monitoring and Manipulation. On one occasion in the distant past a technologically induced voice of a woman coming from inside my cranium nagged and insulted me to a point where I reached a level of deep despair. When I asked why she was provoking me she informed me that she was being paid per insult so that a team of neuroscientists in the next room to where she worked could gauge and measure the reaction inside my brain every time she provoked me to react strongly to her insults. She further informed... me that she gets paid directly by cash so that she has no way of knowing who is paying her salary. Further to that conversation a voice who I believed to be a neuroscientist spoke to me from inside my head. He informed me that the neuroscientists and other technical experts were asked to accurately gauge the strength of my emotional feedback each time I was emotionally provoked by said technician. He informed me that the stronger each reading of my emotional reaction was the more unstable I was deemed to be. In such a case I would then be targeted and harassed even more until such a time as I learn to stabilise my emotions which means that I must eventually make my emotions totally quiet. This protocol is being enacted on all targeted individuals throughout the world in order to gain knowledge as to how to create a docile society in the far distant future. If we refuse to dismantled all mobile phone masts as previously discussed in the future artificial intelligence will be made to harass and taunt all children until such a time as they learn to dampen down their emotions and become mindless drones for the rest of their lives. In my case they were having no success whatsoever. We learn very valuable lessons from our ability to feel emotions.

In recent years, many young healthy celebrities have died suddenly in mysterious circumstances.  They normally die on a Saturday night so that their deaths can be announced on the Sunday morning newspapers.  Whenver this happens, neuro weapons research teams would be on duty to monitor the brains of the population in order to measure the emotional reaction of the population of each country concerned with the death.  It is in the interest of the would-be enslavers of the human race if we failed to exhibit any emotional reaction to shocking news.  In that way we would be much easier to control.

We aught to urgently ask our political representatives to outlaw all microwave transmitters, 5G millimetre wave transmitters, telephone towers and all related paraphernalia that is currently enabling this wireless mind control combined with wireless in-home physical torture before we are all permanently enslaved.  Please do so urgently.




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GSS will be honoring Cynthia Goldman LIFE

Cynthia Goldman was Assassinated by strangulation and house was set on fire. She was an active participant in Targeted Individual conference calls and projects concerning the community. She was a beautiful person both inside and outside and we will be honoring her tonight.  

This is an emergency conference call and will be dedicated to her life. We ask you to be respect and give this time to her. Thank you.

GSS conference calls are held on You can call in at 724-444-7444. Code: 83319 # pin: 1 # 

We will be setting up a secondary conference call at:

559-726-1200 code: 251496. Thx u 4 ur cooperation at this most horrific time.

Thank you for your cooperation at this most horrific time of our lives.

Chris J. Brunson

The call will not be recorded in her honor.

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Occupy Sacramento got behind our cause and Jesse Beltran has been able to speak at several Occupy rallys about our situation.

I contacted several Occupy chapters in different cities about getting members of Occupy to file suit with us “to give us a huge amount of people”

They actually contacted me back and told me that i would need to speak in person at one of their general assemblies, and if the general assembly was ok with it they would get involved.

i dont live in or near any of the cities that contacted me back.

If you live in a city with a Occupy group or near a city with a occupy group “you can check on google search engine, just put in the town name and occupy”

Please contact them to speak to their general assembly.

This would be huge for us.

With just one Occupy chapter behind us we would have several thousand extra people filing with us.

And we would try to get them to get the other Occupy chapters behind us too, that would give us a huge number of people in the suit, like way way overkill.

And also, each occupy chapter has their own attorney who handles things for them, with Occupy on board, their attornies could file for us, probably pro bono, and in each of the cities their chapters are in.

That would be huge, way beyond 4,000 cases filed and repp’ed by attornies in about 15 cities.

This is the kind of overkill slaughter we need.

Try to get Occupy on board.

Let me know what happens


Also, just a reminder, our conference calls are every Sunday and Tuesday, at 6pm west coast/pacific, 7pm rocky mountain, 8pm central standard, 9pm east coast

the next one is this Sunday

the number is 712 432 3900 call number 101016

If you haven’t joined our group yet please do, it’s


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