XinJiang, a large part of western China is considered to be the worlds largest open prison.

There is an all pervasive social credit system being implemented where each individual gets credit points or debit points for everything they do, everything they purchase, whether they pay their taxes on time, or even how many steps they take when out walking, among other things.  Algorhythms decide your fate based on the amount of credit points you gain. 

The people of XinJiang live in a digital totalitarian state. This social credit system is due to be implemented across the world if we fail to disassemble and ban microwave transmitters which currently provide the wireless capabilities to hold this social credit open prison system in place.   A system called Remote Neural Monitoring where each individual is wirelessly connected by their brains and spinal cords to a computer system is being set up throughout all European countries right now.   Many unwilling Europeans are already wirelessly linked to this Remote Neural Monitoring system without their permission.   Dark occultists are and never will be part of the system. They plan to be our slave masters. Ban microwave transmitters now.

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